The dollhouse

I really hope in season 7 we’ll have some flashbacks from the doll house. In season 6 episode one after they went back inside, A said to go back to the rooms to see their surprises. We still never figured out what the surprises were and each girl was screaming and pleading for a not to do this.

Meet the Drakes: Mary, Cece, and Wren

This theory… This theory is where I finally feel like all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and the bigger picture is falling into place.

With the reveal of “Archer” and the fact that he stole Dr. Rollins identity I started to think, just who is “Archer”? As a joke a while ago I said “Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Rollins was actually Wren in disguise the entire time?” This is no longer a joke. This is the reality. And this is where the story started slowly revealing itself to me.

While going through my theories I came across the mannequin family photo and I started thinking, who exactly is this family depicting?

The mother we know is Mary, the little girl is Charlotte, the father is most likely Peter, but who is the little boy?


Wren is that little boy. He is Charlotte’s brother. He is the other Drake child. And I have proof.

Something I remembered from a long while ago was a scene where Wren is coloring in a photo of a family, a mother, father, son and daughter. Initially everyone thought that he was coloring in a photo of Melissa and a possible family that he wanted… This is what I thought too… Until I saw this.

Everything… From the outfit to the barn. It’s the same. He is the other child in the video from the dollhouse, what we saw wasn’t a video of Jessica, Charles, Jason and Alison… What we saw was a video of Mary, Charles, Wren and another unknown child.

To make this a little less gross for you because I know you’re going to point to the incest card between Wren and Melissa/Spencer/Alison… I don’t think Peter is Wren’s father, I believe Wren said his father was also in mental asylums and judging from the British accent and the fact that Mary mentioned she was in Britain last episode I assume she met Wren’s father there. Slightly less gross but still gross lol(Freud would have a FIELD DAY with this family)

Now, to get to A.D., and Wren’s relationship to Charlotte and Mary, 1. Obviously Wren and Charlotte don’t get along with Mary for some unknown reason, they wouldn’t put her through all of this is they did love her. 2. I genuinely wonder if Charlotte is making Wren believe she is really dead as A.D., he wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing if he knew she was alive- which means she’s also setting him up for something.

This also proves that there was a grand plan at work since the very beginning when it came to the Drake family, Wren pretended to be a doctor and as Mona pointed out when he misspelled “diagnosis” she had a feeling he was shady. He was pretending to be a doctor so Charlotte could go in and out of Radley to visit Mona, hence why she had visitors passes- she was never fucking admitted while Mona was in Radley. She hadn’t been there in a very, very long time.

I think Charlotte views Mary and Wren as betrayers, we don’t exactly know why she wants them dead but she’s obviously setting them all up for something huge. I think Mary is going to die  in the 7a finale… A scene that keeps playing over and over in my head is the Christmas episode, when Alison is dreaming and she goes to the church, it wasn’t Jessica but it was actually Mary- I think she was apologizing to Alison for what Charlotte and Wren were going to do to her. The dark hair gave it away… Foreshadowing like a motherfucker.

I can’t believe everything is falling into place like this, everything is finally revealing itself as a masterpiece that has been in the works for a very, very long time. And I can’t wait to see how it’s going to unfold.


Andrea Parker: “AD is uber A. My initials are not AD. Mary is not uber A but Mary is working with uber A”.


I trust what Andrea says because she is one of the only cast members to know the entire story of the show till the end.

Begining to think its Ali. The real Ali.


She’s only disappointing me this season. SHE WAS THE BEST AND THE MOST INVESTED. Now she’s barely there anymore, she’s only obsessed with Caleb and she lost her touch and her care. Troian is an amazing actress but her character’s going downhill and it pains me to watch it.