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You can answer this whenever. I see a character called Nuntius? What's his place in the story and relationship with lucelion? Relationship with brii?

Yes! He doesn’t play a very large role, but (for me, anyway) he plays the most important one.

I don’t frequently talk about my supporting characters, so I’ve written you an essay on his character below the cut!

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The illusion of a social preference for light music as against seriously is based on that passivity of the masses which makes the consumption of light music contradict the objective interest of those who consume it. It is claimed that they actually like light music and listen to the higher type only for reasons of social prestige, when acquaintance with the text of a single hit song suffices to revel the sole function this object of honest approbation can perform. The unity of the two spheres of music is thus that of an unresolved contradiction. They do not hang together. In such a way that the lower could serve as a sort of popular introduction to the higher, or that higher could renew its lost collective strength by borrowing from the lower. The whole cannot be put together by adding the separated halves, but in both there appear, however distantly, the changes of the whole, which only moves in contradiction. If the flight from the banal becomes definitive, if the marketability of the serious product shrinks to nothing, in consequence of its objective successes means it is no longer level the effect of the standardisation of only in imitation as such. Between incomprehensibility and inescapability, there is no third way; the situation has polarised itself into ‘individual’. The latter’s claims, wherever they still occur, are illusory, being copied from the standards. The liquidation of the individual is the real signature of the new musical situation.
—  The Culture Industry - Theodor W. Adorno

Finally made an aesthetics board for Ickle! I collected as many images as I could that capture the same sort of values, moods, and visual patterns as her. 

  • Elephants, again, because they’re strongly protective of their families and are icons of patience, resilience, and peace. 
  • Nani and Lilo because Ickle values her sister above everyone, and while she finds herself exasperated by her destructive antics, she loves her quirks and wouldn’t trade her for anything.
  • I very specifically chose a picture from a rural school, because Ickle’s intellect and care for education isn’t the kind that fits ivy league schools and blue ribbon prestige.
  • a good number of underwater shots because with her grace, personality, and lightness she’s meant to evoke the sense of being underwater, seeing light stream from above.
  • A shot from A Little Princess because if you’ve ever seen the film, Sarah’s effect on people is very similar to Ickle’s.
  • A few other shots of nature and related architecture that tie into Ickle’s structure and grace.

And keep in mind, this is the sort of moods that I keep in mind as her creator. If I was going to make a mood board for her by someone who doesn’t like her, or by Muddie, it would look VERY different. But from a creator’s standpoint, this is very much “her”.

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I do support the idea of the Coen Brothers taking their screwball style out of the 1950′s corporate world or some timeline in Minnesota - and maybe trying a concept that is inclusive of characters that don’t fit either the white male mold or aren’t incidental characters.

But they shouldn’t be remaking Do the Right Thing and we wouldn’t be talking about them if they’d started out making movies that were out of their wheelhouse & we responded with crickets.

They’re considered niche prestige filmmakers anyway, negging on the Coens isn’t going to change Hollywood.

And in case you haven’t noticed, they’re two white guys! Diversity has issues behind the camera too. Trying to begin a diversity effort with the Coen Brothers is… a bad start. The real starting point is the studios and the financiers. 

Mine For The Taking

 anon: Au where Jungkook is this cocky alpha who wants to claim Jimin as his omega but Jimin is stubborn and goes off and talks to other alphas, making Jungkook jealous and possessive.

anon: Could you write a possessive and jealous Jungkook over Jimin, making him remember “who he belong to”?? (rough and possessive Jungkook is what I live for seriously I’m fucked)

anon: Maybe a werewolf AU (Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics) with alpha!Jungkook and Omega!Jimin? With some Taegi somewhere? I know it’s wierd but I live for this AU >.<

Jikook!…. uh.. smut… fluff… ???? 


The Jeon clan is the most fear and most prestige clan in the whole nation. They’re the fastest, the strongest, the smartest, the richest, and the most satisfying lover. Anyone in their right mind would want to be mated with a Jeon and some even spend their whole fertile years trying their best to seduce one. With all this hype around the Jeon clan, you couldn’t expect Jungkook, one of the heirs of the main family in the clan, to be exactly humble.

Jungkook, to keep it short, is a ass. He is cocky with a strong air for arrogance surrounding him. Granted, alpha’s are naturally smug, but Jungkook might as well be the definition of full of himself. However, being naturally good at everything and every Omega (male or female) in a 10 mile radius is practically throwing themselves at him does inflate the ego. A lot.

So when cocky completely full of himself mega alpha Jungkook comes across Omega Jimin with the exception that he would come easily, Jungkook about keels over in shock alone when Jimin looks him up and down, scrunches up his (adorable) nose, and walks away. Jungkook is frozen as he watches Jimin disappear mind running a million miles a minute with his jaw drop open. Jungkook chuckle, getting over his shock, as he rubs his bottom lip.

Jeon’s live for a challenge.

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