A new day, a new homebrew! It’s taken me a while to get these finished, but they’re finally here. Sometimes, extraordinary events can happen in D&D. Sometimes a character has a sudden crisis of faith and falls from grace. Other times, they suffer a near death experience at the hands of a being they cannot comprehend. And some times (more often than not) you get that one fool who thinks making a deal with the devil is a good idea….

Prestige feats are special feats that are designed for such scenarios. Potent abilities that can be obtained through quests or life changing events. Whilst powerful, these new abilities aren’t completely beneficial - sometimes, it might have not been a good idea at all….


As part of Marvel’s upcoming ResurrXion line, original X-Man Jean Grey will do something she’s never done before: lead her own solo series. With “Jean Grey,” the time-displaced teenage version of the would-be Phoenix will headline her own comic, written by Dennis Hopeless with art by Victor Ibanez.