On one hand, One Direction’s new single “Drag Me Down” offers the “mature” sound that the group members has been boasting about in the lead-up to their fifth studio album. If 2014’s Four found the boys still dabbling in mid-70’s arena-rock, this quick, unfussy track is a graduation to the shimmering pop-rock melodies of the Police and Fleetwood Mac. However, “Drag Me Down” also teeters upon an age-old theme for pop groups: fan appreciation. On its first single without recently departed member Zayn Malik – and its first since its five-year anniversary as a group – One Direction romantically alludes to the diehard Directioners and their place in the group’s phenomenal run of success; it’s basically the Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life” with a slightly less bombastic guitar riff.

Not that that’s a bad thing: the lyrics to “Drag Me Down” coolly encourage enthusiasm and make up for the lack of showy instrumentation with some blazingly ostentatious metaphors. “I got a river for a soul, and baby, you’re a boat,” Harry Style declares unflinchingly on the first verse, while Liam Payne thumps his chest on the chorus with, “All these lights, they can’t blind me/With your love, nobody can drag me down.” The song hums along with a playful back-and-forth between the guitar and bass, and if the hooks aren’t as delectable as they are on the group’s past hits, they at least come close. The best news for One Direction fans is that the quartet does not sound incomplete: the group compensates for Malik’s absence by giving each member ample time to shine, and the harmonies admirably resonate on the call-and-response portions of the pre-chorus.

One Direction is prodding at some intriguing sonic textures here, but they’re far from unrecognizable. For those worried that a four-member incarnation of the group can’t get the job done, “Drag Me Down” assuages those fears by keeping the overall quality level high.


One Direction Plot Post-Zayn Future With New Song 'Drag Me Down'
Pop-rock track is first song from band following Zayn Malik's departure

One Direction surprise-released their new single “Drag Me Down” Friday morning, the boy band’s first single following Zayn Malik’s departure.

The pop-rock track shifts the band’s sound from the softer folk of their last album, Four, back to the more upbeat, electronic heavy elements of their first two albums. “It’s the first song from the new album that we’ve been working very, very, very hard on,” member Liam Payne said in a video the band posted on Twitter following the tune’s release. “We can’t wait for you to hear it.

The track comes on the heels of former member Malik’s announcement that he had signed a solo contract to RCA Records. Right before tweeting a photo of himself signing the contract in front of a RCA sign, Malik confirmed that the launch of his solo career is why he had left the band. "I guess I never explained why I left,” he wrote. “It was for this moment to be given the opportunity to show you who I really am!” He ended his tweet with the hashtag “#realmusic.”

Malik quit the band less than a week after exiting the tour due to “stress” back in March. For most of the year, One Direction have been touring the world in support of Four, beginning the North American leg in early July with support from “I Love It” duo Icona Pop.

Member Niall Horan teased the inclusion of new songs in their set list for their North American tour in an interview with Rolling Stone. “We have a few surprises,” he said in June. “Most importantly, we will be rehearsing new songs which we are very excited to perform live for the first time.” However, the band has yet to share a release date on their fifth LP.

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“Basically when you’re dissecting somebody’s voice, you kind of wanna think about two people who they sound like and then find the middle. Usually the middle of those two people is the exact voice. If you take Jay Z’s voice, Jay Z sounds like Christopher Walken, but he sounds like a cool Christopher Walken. So if you take Christopher Walken and you take a real swaggered-out Brooklyn accent and you put those two together, in between that you will find Jay Z’s voice. It’s scientific — you really gotta do an equation in your head.”

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self-incrimination is a dark road to go down with one’s thoughts, because it sort of loops around.

if you feel angry at yourself because you have thoughts that you think shouldn’t be there, whether that’s sociopathic taboo-stuff, or mental health problems, then youre gonna exacerbate the problem by being mad about it or trying to repress the thoughts. 

just let ‘em loose. and then like with any other thoughts you will eventually get bored of thinking about that crap, and finally be able to get on with your day.

see, nobody told me this, so i always thought i was going mental like the rest of my family has. because i’d have dark thoughts and get so weirded out by them that i couldnt get them out of my head.
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