Fresh Romance #1 (2015) cover by Kevin Wada  // Rosy Press

School Spirit is a lighthearted take on classic high school romances with two queer women in the lead. Because Malie and Justine want to keep their romance a secret, they pretend to be competing over the same guy, Miles, but Miles also has a secret.

Ruined is a classic Regency romance, with lots of attention to period details. Catherine and Andrew are getting married - but neither one of them is happy about it.

The Ruby Equation is a story about love in a coffee shop - where barista Ruby is on a mission to help people find love so she doesn’t have to deal with people anymore.

Written by Sarah Kuhn, Kate Leth, Sarah Vaughn

Art by Arielle Jovellanos, Sarah Winifred Searle, Sally Jane Thompson    

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(posted Thursday July 2, 2015)

Edit: available until  July 8

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anonymous asked:

i just genuinely dont understand people who can look at generations of oppression and pain and death, then look at "wow straight people, even the ones who mean well, say stupid stuff sometimes and it upsets me so im gonna vent about it on my blog" and then go THATS THE SAME THING YOURE TREATING STRAIGHT PEOPLE EXACTLY THE SAME AS HOMOPHOBES TREAT GAY PEOPLE EXACTLY THE SAME ITS EXACTLY THE SAME THERES NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL

ikr i swear it’s like they WANT to be systematically oppressed for their sexuality

@ annoying straight people, let me tell you: oppression is not a fun time.


Just giving the camera on my phone a whirl! Here’s a time lapse of me sketching this out.

Fucking fucking fuck
I am the one to blame
Fucking fucking fuck
Put my head in shame

I screwed up
Yeah, I did it again
Now you won’t speak to me
Please tell me this isn’t the end

I said some things
And I meant it all
Because you are the only one
For whom I would fall

If I had a nickel
If I had a dime
For everything I messed up
Every time

I’m sorry
my apology is there
And I’m giving to you
Regardless if you care

The worst thing I did
That’s a year in the past
And if we were again
I would make it last

I beg and I pray
For you to come back
But you’re happy up there
So how can I do that?

You have him
Your family and friends
And I’m still here
And will be waiting until the end

I can’t help but hate him
I doubt that’s a surprise
But it’s because I’m jealous of him
He gets to took into your eyes…

—  Billionth journalist

anonymous asked:

actually i've heard glorf WAS in lotr. he was supposedly one of the elves holding the banners when arwen and aragorn kiss in minas tirith at the end of rotk. it might just be a fan theory though so don't quote me on this...

It’s true. It was this guy. But it wasn’t so much Glorfindel, he was a background elf named Glorfindel, if that makes sense. And in fact, I kinda hate having this guy just standing in the background more than the lack of the real Glorfindel. No offense, but this guy looks WAY too young and innocent and just.. idk babyish to look anything like Glorfindel. Glorfindel is thousands of years old, and while elves don’t age like that, this elf in the picture doesn’t even look like he is passed what would be his majority yet. He looks maybe like an adolescent tbh.

Just. I would have KILLED to see the REAL Glorfindel. The powerful, returned-to-life, badass and beautiful, sacrificed-himself Balrog Slayer Glorfindel. Not this.