*pregnant by john

Can we talk about this picture for a sec? Just a real quick sec?

It’s a picture of Mary and her cousin Elizabeth, the Visitation (obviously). Yes, it’s from the Nativity Story movie.

But look at those two. We know that John literally jumped in his mother’s womb when Mary approached (Lk 1:41). Can you imagine, especially you mothers, the child inside you leaping at the sound of somebody’s voice? Even as a teeny little baby in Elizabeth’s womb, John knew his Lord and Savior was approaching.

Can you imagine Mary, with her quiet faith and just starting to accept that fact that God was inside of her? Here is her cousin, much older than she, running up to her saying, “Most blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb. And how does this happen to me, that the mother of my Lord should come to me?” (Lk1:42-43)

Obviously they are both filled with joy and we can imagine Elizabeth reaching out to feel her Lord in Mary’s stomach. Look at how beautiful and tender and joyful that moment was. Pure joy radiating on their faces.

Both of them, docile to the Lord’s will. Complete trust, even when circumstances are unusual (Mary’s virginal conception and Elizabeth’s aged one), in their Lord. Neither of them seeking their own gain, but all for the glory of God.

Look at Mary’s face. She knows she carries God in her womb. We can imagine that when she was with Elizabeth, she started to understand more fully the magnitude of who was inside of her. What sort of impact Jesus would make. It probably started to hit her that her Son would change the world. Forever.

I don’t know about you guys, but I LOVE the Visitation.

Absentee Father

* Lafayette x Reader
* Modern
* Part 2 of Absentee Father

    [Part 1]

    A/N: This is freaking long. I probably could’ve made it into another two parts but oh well. Here’s the awaited Part 2 of Unplanned Parenthood. I hope you enjoy!

    Word Count: 5,097


    You sat on the couch surrounded by your friends. A year ago, your boyfriend, Lafayette had to return to France. Only a week after he had arrived, there was an awful earthquake. You had never been able to get ahold of Lafayette nor could you get any information on him. It was a few weeks later that you found out you were pregnant. Alexander, John, and Hercules helped you through your pregnancy. And now, three months later, you held your daughter in your arms. You named her Marie de Lafayette. The three of you were waiting for a documentary about Chavaniac, Lafayette’s home. It was a report to cover the earthquake and how recovery had gone so far.

    You and the guys decided to watch it, to see if there was any news. Marie whimpered suddenly, it was as if she knew what you were about to watch. “Shh.” You whispered. “It’s ok sweetie.” You soothed. Alexander grabbed her pacifier from the end table and gave it to you. So you offered it to her and she, of course, quickly took it.

    You all settled into silence as the documentary started. The voice-over speaker began talking about the beauty of the small farming village. “Chavaniac has been around for centuries and prided itself on keeping its heritage.” The screen showed different ancient houses from the village. You recognized a few.

    Once, after knowing Lafayette for a few months, you had asked Lafayette about his home town. The two of you had stayed up all night that evening talking about it. Lafayette had excitedly showed multiple pictures he had on his laptop. Beautiful houses, large and ancient. You stared in awe at all of them, especially his. It was a long brick building with two short, cylindrical towers on the ends. It was clearly two levels as there were two different rows of windows, all equally spaced. There was a circle drive, with a statue in the middle, and a pathway up to brick steps that led up to the door. He told you how he inherited it from a long line of family members, the main reason he still had property in France. He didn’t eat to get rid of it because it meant so much him as well as his family. Sometime after beginning your relationship, he vowed to take you there on vacation sometime.

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    John Laurens x Reader 

    Note: This is my first request and was so much fun to write! (Requested by: @ladytwice) Hope you enjoy and please feel free to send some requests!

    Request:Haven’t had the time to answer your ask yet but YES STEPH YOU GO!! Now, what d'you say about a Laurens imagine? Definitely fluff because we’ve had enough Laurens angst on this website. Maybe something on marriage? Like, getting married? Or discovering reader is pregnant? Idk. Surpriiise meeee! Love ya, babe <3

    AU: Modern (wow i really should write in another time period or something)

    Word Count: 618

    Originally posted by hopeanddoubts

    John taps his foot impatiently as he waits for you to get home. Ever since he found the positive pregnancy test in the trash he’s been filled with nervous energy.

    He can’t believe this is happening, he’s going to be a father! After spending most of his childhood and teenage years looking after his four younger siblings he can’t wait to have a baby of his own to dote on and protect.

    All afternoon his thoughts have followed a similar pattern; he’s wanted kids his whole life but is he really mature enough right now to have one? He realises that even if he isn’t, he’ll still be there to take care of this child. He knows you’ll be a fantastic mother and if either of you ever need any help he can always rely on his friends to come and help out.

    When he hears the door open he shoots up from his spot, bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet as he figures out how he’s going to bring it up to you.

    “John I’m home!” You call out as you slip off your coat and hang it on the hook by the front door. “John?”

    John bursts out of the bedroom and runs towards you, a wide smile on his face as he pulls you into his arms and lifts you off your feet.

    “Why are you so happy?” you ask him as he twirls you around before placing you back on your feet, his arms staying firmly around your waist.

    “You’re pregnant” he says simply. Your eyes go wide as he says the words. He’s not supposed to know yet! You were trying to find the best way to tell him, how does he already know? “I found the pregnancy test in the trash” he explains.

    When you look into his eyes you can see just how happy he is about the news. You’d been so worried about how he would react; he’s always said he wanted kids but not until he’s at least 30 and now you’re five years early.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asks as he carefully tucks a stray piece of your hair behind your ear.

    “Before I took the test I was worried that if I told you I thought I was pregnant you’d be upset if the test came out negative so I figured I’d just wait until I knew for sure. I spent all of today trying to figure out how to tell you” You tell him.

    As you explain your actions to him he bends down to slide an arm under your knees and the other goes behind your neck as he pulls you up into a bridal carry. You giggle as he presses kisses all over your face and carries you to the sofa.

    “John! I can walk on my own you know” you point out as he carefully places you on the sofa and pulls a soft blanket over you.

    “No I don’t want you exhausting yourself! You have to protect my unborn child” he exclaims and you roll your eyes at his dramatic declaration. “Now what do you need? Coffee? Tea? Anything? Oh crap I have to find out what you are and aren’t allowed to have now that you’re with child” he mutters as he turns and walks off towards the kitchen, not realising you never told him what you wanted.

    “A glass of water would be great thanks babe” You call out to him, a smile on your lips. 

    As you hear him mumbling things from the kitchen about baby proofing the apartment, all of your fears float away… of course he’s going to be a great dad. 

    Pregnant? No, no way! (Sherlock x reader)

    //I apologise if I screwed something up. But here’s my first one!! Yay!! Also its   bit short, they’ll longer I do believe.
    Prompt: pregnant? No, no way\

    “John, can I ask you something about Sherlock?” You say. You had invited John over for lunch a couple of days ago just to catch up, but now you had a different reason. You had taken a pregnancy test this morning, just to be sure. And well..

    “About Sherlock? Why don’t you ask him yourself?” He says obviously confused. Well it is John.

    “Because I don’t want to freak him out.” You respond.

    “(Y/N), its Sherlock.” He says.

    “I’m pregnant.” You blurt out wanting to get this conversation over with.

    “What?” You hear a voice say from the door.

    You turn to see Sherlock standing in the door in shock. Not a face Sherlock usually pulls.

    “Sher-” you start, but he runs out the door before you could say anything else.

    John gives you a look.

    “This is why I wanted to ask you!” You say and bolt out the door to find Sherlock.


    ‘After the tone-’ you hang up on the answering machine before it could sass you. You had been all over London looking for him. You even called Greg, but he didn’t know where he was.

    “Goddamnit, Sherlock” you mutter before walking up the starts to 221 B to give up for the night. He had to show up eventually, right?

    You walk in the door and see Sherlock walk into his room. Luckily, you were just able to step in front of him before he could get in the room.

    “Sherlock, what the hell?” You say. “You can’t just run off like that. Especially with this!”

    “You’re pregnant? No, no way.” He says and runs his fingers through his curls. He starts pacing around, worried.

    “God, I never asked for this.” He starts rambling.

    “Well I didn’t ask for it either. But I blame you. You forgot the damn condom.” You accuse. After you said that, you immediately want to take it back.

    He looks at you with this look- it was terrifying. He was outraged. His eyebrows furrowed together and his eyes became dark. He was absolutely pissed. He walked into his room and slammed the door.

    “Well there goes talking about it.” You sass towards the door. You decide to go to John and Mary’s for the night.


    “Good morning, (Y/N)!” Mary says way too cheery.

    “Morning, Mary.” You start, but John cut you off.

    “Sherlock called.”

    He handed you the phone to listen to the message.

    “(Y/N), love, I am so sorry about last night. I was scared- hell I’m still terrified. But, god, I can not wait for this baby. Their going to be beautiful, and smart and, god, I love you! (Y/N) please forgive me, I’m sorry, I will make it up to you. Just, please, baby, come home.” He hung up.

    “Im going home.” You say and walk out the door.

    *8 ½ months later*

    “I told you she’d be beautiful, (Y/N)”

    Irish Twins - John Shelby

    Originally posted by unintended-yuzuki

    Request: Can you do a peaky blinders where you and john are married and have like lots of kids together and you find out your pregnant are is worried he would get angry so you consider getting an abortion but don’t do it but he finds out and thinks you ARE getting a abortion and you can make the rest I don’t mind , love your peaky imagines 💛

    Request: Can you do a John shelby imagine where are Grace’s sister and you’re pregnant with John’s baby. 

    Irish Twins - John Shelby

    Ever since you were young girls you and Grace talked about your futures together. You and Grace were the only girls in your family. Despite being younger you remained the more sensible of the two. While she got mixed up with Tommy Shelby and ran off to America and had Charlie you were busy a proper wife. You had moved with her to Small Heath in 1919.

    She joked with you that despite your insistence that you were different from her you had fallen for a Shelby as well. It was true. While Grace was playing head games with Thomas Shelby you were being reeled in by his brother John. At first you were wary to tell your sister about your infatuation. You knew how she felt about the Shelby brothers because of what Inspector Campbell said. Regardless John was charming and handsome, he would stop around to the dress shop you worked at and offer to walk you home every evening. The woman who employed you had the good sense to mention John was a widower with children. The information didn’t deter you though.  

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    I really liked this request, found it interesting that the anon wanted the read insert to be Grace’s sister. I feel like Grace gets so much hate, and I’ve been guilty of not loving her. But, I hope I did this request and Grace justice. (Also, John has no previous children in this).
    Requested by Anon
    Imagine (Reader) is Grace’s younger sister who is pregnant with John’s child and is scared to tell him.
    Warnings: Swearing, Fluff, (I was feeling a little daring and added some very light smut).

    Here’s (PART TWO)
    You waited outside your sister’s apartment. It was a rainy, and humid afternoon. Your feet ached so bad, it almost took your mind of the fact that you were about to tell Grace that you’re pregnant. Surely, she would be supportive, and help ease your mind. You had been to the physician 3 days ago, you knew you were pregnant before you even walked into his practice. You had been about 4 months late. He gave you some tablets to help ease your aches, and to keep your immunity boosted. He scolded you for not coming in sooner.

    You spotted Grace hustling down the street with a maroon hat on and a cream colored dress. She was always so put together. You were somewhat of the wild one. You envied Graces ability to be so…well, graceful in almost every situation.
    “(Y/N), you’re going to get sick, girl. Get inside.” She shook her umbrella out and ushered you inside with her.

    “What are you doing here? I thought you’d be off gallivanting with John Shelby…” she said, emphasizing ‘gallivanting’. Though you didn’t see her face, you knew she rolled her eyes.

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    • my brain: that woman is a mirror for John and Mary, she is pregnant, the relationship is unhappy, sister ursula is compulsive heterosexuality in the way the think she is "in charge" but she isn't and mary synthea is a mirror for Euros in a scenario where she is not treated for her psychological issues and now dead, that woman is miraculously pregnant, like Sherlock and John will be together, even though it seemed hopeless, and that baby...
    • me: wtf dude we're watching a diFFERENT SHOW CHILL

    Arthur is at The Garrison and misses a big thing that Y/n (his wife) planned. So Y/n drops a bombshell on him in anger

    Arthur needed to have some peace. Last night he had a massive fight with Y/n and she was not happy. She was saying how he never thought for himself and that Arthur could still have his own ideas and be smart like Tommy. Arthur didn’t think so. But then, he never does.

    Sitting in the booth with John, Finn and Michael Arthur downed the last of his whisky before sitting back into the bench with a hand on his head.

    “What’s wrong with you?” John asked breathing in his cigar.

    “Yesterday I had an argument that topped all others. Y/n was so pissed with me.” He said rubbing his head.

    “Trouble in paradise eh?” Michael remarked.

    “Something like that.” Arthur mumbled. “I mean. She’s good for me and she doesn’t hold me back from any of the business and she doesn’t ask to know everything. But she worries. Of course she does. I just don’t know why it got so bad.”

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    chrissyteigen: John and I are happy to announce that we are pregnant :) As many of you know, we’ve been trying to have a baby for a while now. It hasn’t been easy, but we kept trying because we can’t wait to bring our first child into the world and grow our family. We’re so excited that it’s finally happening. Thank you for all your love and well wishes. I look forward to all the belly touching! Xx

    👪 Happy Father's Day 👪
    • ~~
    • Sherlock: *strolls into the lab* Molly, did you know there is an entire day dedicated to fathers?
    • Molly: *smiles* Yeah...
    • Sherlock: *sighs* And all we have to do was lie there.
    • Molly: *giggles* There's a Mother's Day, too, you know.
    • Sherlock: *gesturing* Yes, that makes sense. A never ending job.
    • Molly: *leans over the bench* So, you don't want your present, then?
    • Sherlock: *glances at her baby bump* That'll be a trick.
    • Molly: *rubbing her stomach fondly* It's getting quite difficult to explain.
    • Sherlock: *raises an eyebrow* You want people to know?
    • Molly: *shrugs* Wouldn't be so terrible. My Mum might kill you, though.
    • Sherlock: Nothing compared to what Mary's going to do.
    • Sherlock: ...
    • Sherlock: *swallows* You're quite sure I'm the father?
    • Molly: *gives a half-smile* 'fraid so.
    • Sherlock: *nods* Fine. We'll tell them tonight *kisses her quickly; leaving the lab*
    • Molly: Sherlock?
    • Sherlock: *at the door* Hmm?
    • Molly: *smiles* Happy Father's Day.
    • Sherlock: *smiles cutely* I can get used to that.
    Sex Education

    John Laurens x Daughter Reader 


    Warnings-Embarassing comments…and sex ed..


    You sat next to your boyfriend Philip. Alexander the one who had caught the two of you having sex, stood next to your father John Laurens.

    “You could have gotten her pregnant Philip!”

    John looked  at Alexander and cocked his head, and motioned to you two. Alexander took a while to understand but then he finally did and nodded. 

    The two of them sat in front of you. 

    “Philip when a man and a women love each other they..”

    “Have sex, and if they dont do it safely then the girl can get pregnant, and the way to prevent that is to use condoms..”



    You blushed and look at your boyfriend…”How do you now that?”


    John and Alexander then rushed out of the door, looking for the man who poison their children..


    John ran to lafayette, Alexander stopped to catch a breath…”John why do i feel like your daughter is having sex with my son now?: