*prays really hard to the tv gods*

Digimon Tri dub a success!!!

I just got back home from seeing the Digimon Adventure tri: Reunion dub, and it was AWESOME!!! There was literally nothing, save the unfortunate attempt to update the original English opening, that stood out to me as being in any way bad.

Voice Actors: Let’s summarize by saying that the second Tai spoke, I almost cried. Welcome back, Josh Seth! It’s so good to hear you on the screen again! And while they didn’t get all the original voice actors back, there wasn’t a single new actor who didn’t feel like as good a fit for their role as those returning. Izzy and Sora…Tentomon and Gomamon and everyone…hearing their voices again was like suddenly being a kid in front of the TV for Saturday morning cartoons. In a case of perfect nostalgia, it felt like home.

I still can’t say I understand why Michael Reisz wasn’t asked to return if he was apparently willing, but lemme allay some fears and say that Vic Mignogna did a great job in his place. I like him, but he’s done the Edward Elric voice for so many roles lately that I was really, really worried about his replacing Michael, praying hard that he’d do differently for Matt…and he did! Little less FMA, little more Princess Nine/Saiyuki. (Thank god!) Joe’s voice was probably the most notably different from the original actor, and yet it still fit. A little higher than expected, but not in a wrong way. It was easy to hear it as an older, more mature Joe. I went into this expecting to dislike at least one or two of the new castings, ‘cause I’m a stickler for originals like that, but I was entirely satisfied with the acting and directing we got for this dub.

Music: Yeah, the “updated” English opening…it didn’t go quite as well as updating “Butterfly”. I think they tried too hard and ended up missing what about the original song was so catchy. (Hint: it was not the techno beats.) I actually felt like it damaged the atmosphere of the opening scene ride-along with Tai a little bit because it just didn’t really fit the same tone as what the animation was doing. However! That said! They kept in “Brave Heart” as an insert song, in all its Japanese glory! Kids, listen to crotchety anime grandma: were this the 90s that song would’ve been LONG gone, so count your lucky stars. It was such a treat to get it left in and it did its intended job as background music for the scenes in which it was used!

Translation: You know what was a great improvement in the Tri dub? All that “haha, it’s only anime” attitude that got applied to 90′s kids anime dubs back in the day did not meet its old actors at the recording studio. Having seen the Japanese before seeing the dub, the scripting was pretty spot on. Unlike the original dubs, there’s minimal danger of story plot points or character defining dialogue getting lost in translation with Tri. They didn’t prioritize catchy one-liners over accurate dialogue. Sure, they nipped and tucked and tweaked lines in certain areas to make the scripting work, but it was pretty minimal and the changes were totally passable, in this fan’s opinion.

Extras: People in our small audience were being like those chumps who still walk out of Marvel movies before the end. They specifically told us to stay after! Lemme tell ya, YOU MISSED OUT. They gave us a solid 5-min preview clip of “Confessions”! Not a trailer, an actual clip! It didn’t reveal much, but hell it was still worth it.

Basically what I’m getting at here is that they did completely right by this dub. They made good decisions, and it’s clear they treated both the show and its fans with respect. This was not half-assed and the dub is better for it. When this comes out, everyone should take the time to watch it.

Count me in for the one-night dub release of the next chapter. I’m ready!

Austin & Ally Season 4!!!

Well, we did it guys. Austin & Ally is coming back for a season 4.

It’s a coincidence that it was announced today, because last night I prayed really hard that if we could get a sign that A&A might get a season 4, I told God I wanted to come back so bad and would cry for days if we didn’t. Then I woke up this morning, to missed calls, voicemails and texts messages from my cast mates telling me the good news. It’s funny how things work out the way they do.

In the article Yahoo Tv posted, it said “The fans spoke- and Disney listened” That sentence couldn’t be more true. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how bad you want things, it’s what the people around you want too, and you guys have been showing us since day one, how much you love our show, and I told you I wasn’t kidding when I said your hard work and dedication hasn’t gone unnoticed. Even after we asked you guys to trend, you still kept doing it and tweeting Disney and sending your comments in and just showing how much you appreciated us and the show. That means a lot to me. I’ve wanted to be on Disney Channel since I was 8 years old and now to say I’ve been on a show that is going for that legendary 4th year is unbelievable. Literally, there is no way we could make it without you.

I love all of you so much!! Thank for watching and continuing on this crazy A&A journey with us. Whether, it’s with the show or with our own projects, (I’ve been loving all of the Mall Cop 2 support), you guys keep proving why you’re the best fans ever.

So let’s continue with airing the rest of our amazing season 3 and getting everyone pumped for season 4!