The evolution of Chris Pratt and his ever moving hips


Hold on to your butts: Chris Pratt predicted his Jurassic World role back in 2009

Chris Pratt is popular not only because he offers up the perfect blend of charm and kindness, but because he’s an everyman hero for all of those who’ve ever wanted to go from schlubby bit player to ripped action star. As further evidence of that, the YouTube channel Parks and Rec Clips unearthed this behind-the-scenes segment Pratt filmed for the Parks And Recreation second season DVD circa 2009.

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It Was The 4th Of July (Owen Grady x Reader)

Warning: Partially NSFW 


The first time you saw Owen there were fireworks.

Not the metaphorical kind that have been made so cliché by countless movies and books, but the real kind that explode into the night and light up the sky. It was on the first night that Jurassic World had opened its doors. Despite the fact that you worked as a waitress at Margaritaville, you’d been asked beforehand to help put up the numerous banners and decorations welcoming the guests and reminding them that this was the start of a new scientific—and entertainment—era; as if people didn’t already know. It’d been obnoxiously busy that day with people packed in the park like sardines, but the fireworks show somehow made everything worth it. They were beautiful and captivating, and the only thing that made you shift your gaze from the explosions was Owen.

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