side note: this whole fandom thing that’s become popular where you say that hating an interracial ship is only problematic if it’s because of the person of color in the ship is so????! Because who would ever admit to that? There’s only a handful of people that would ever OPENLY admit to disliking either a character of color or an interracial ship because a person of color is one half of it. I don’t get this weird fandom politics game where we pretend we don’t know what microagressions are.

Ex: I don’t need you to tell me you hate ( insert POC) on a show because he or she is a POC or because he or she is shipped with a white person you not being able to come up with any legitimate reasoning for HATING either the character or the ship and using coded language when discussing your ire is enough lol stop trying to deflect from real issues by acting like every instance of fandom racism is gonna simply be people using slurs it’s much deeper than that and we can peep that shit easier than white fandom can.

When the eventual Stan Lee biopic finally gets made, they should have cameo appearances from everyone who played a Marvel character.

WES: Loyal, honest, noble, tries to do the right thing, won’t stop until he knows the truth House: Hufflepuff

LAUREL: cunning, quiet, loyal, intelligent, ambitious House: slytherine

CONNOR: playboy, cunning, tries to do the right thing, ambitious, tries to protect those he loves, manipulative House: slytherine

MICHAELA: smart, knows her worth, will fight anyone, hardworking, focused House: ravenclaw

ANNALISE: strong, hardworking, manipulative, intelligent House: slytherine

ASHER: susceptible to emotions, acclimatized to comfort, knows his worth, tries to keep people happy House: Hufflepuff

BONNIE: strong, cunning, brave, will kill to protect loved ones, quite House: slytherine

FRANK: cunning, intelligent, manipulative, will kill to protect loved ones House: slytherine