So @hardwick just sent me this selfie of the @Marvel gang onstage at Comic-Con. With @steveagee @zoesaldana @prattprattpratt, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, @lupitanyongo @pomin8r @karengillanofficialBenedict Wong, Rachel McAdams, @joe.fria Kevin Feige, @trosemore and I think that’s Mads Mikkelsen back there. #marvel #sdcc


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EW Star Portrait Studio at SDCC 2016 (Marvel Casts)

  • Black Panther
  • Dr. Strange
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Captain Marvel

Chris Pratt Talks Sex Scene With Jennifer Lawrence E! News

Chris Pratt is the perfect gentleman.Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t have had her first on-screen sex scene with anyone better.

Werecreature - Part I

Steve was an odd person in life, even before they ever visited The Craftsman, he knew the transformations were temporary and he surely enjoyed the fact that he got to spend an entire weekend as a model, even if he had to turn back and head back to his job. But ever since then, something strange and almost alluring had been troubling him for the past few months. Steve realized that almost every full moon, upon seeing a celebrity, a hot guy on television, the internet, anywhere, he would begin transforming into that person for the night, enjoying his new body, his new lust before finally transforming back at dawn.

At first it caused many sleepless nights, but then it seemed to not only become a liberty, but an issue. He had to be careful, not to end up transforming, enjoying the night and having to lead almost a double-life between himself, a boring office worker, and male models, strippers, and celebrities that he adored, people he lusted for and people that lusted after him in those forms.

It was one night, when Steve had decided to go see a movie, it was innocent, just the latest geeky sci-fi film and he already browsed through most of the actors throughout the day, they were cute but nothing he would ever go after, nothing that he would be compelled to transform into, thankfully. Steve almost felt slightly guilty, but found himself plopping down, a big bucket of popcorn in his lap as he rolled his eyes at the fact that there were advertisements.

At first they were boring, typically romantic films or things he could handle as he focused on eating his popcorn, but toward the end he realized something as the screen cut to black, a voice arose and the scenery began to fade in for the trailer of another advertisement. And at that moment, Steve felt his heart skip a beat as he witnessed the face and body of Chris Pratt.

“Shit,” he whispered as he quickly tried to see if there was any way he could leave, but with the erection that was already settling it was far too late. Steve closed his legs, quickly moving his bucket of popcorn lower to cover his erect and now growing dick, throbbing against him as pre-cum was already settling in. He tried his best not to look at the screen, but the few glances he did see clearly appealed to Chris Pratt’s muscular body, his deep commanding voice, and even one romantic cutaway showed him undressing with the presumptive romantic lead.

Steve whimpered slightly as he raised his popcorn bucket to look down, clearly seeing his dick outlined, but also feeling as if his legs were growing stiff, he stuffed popcorn in his mouth, trying his best to stifle his moans and groans as his calves began to grow and thicken, defining themselves with a muscular stature whilst he felt his own feet begin to burst out of his shoes, shredding them, his toes popping out one by one. Steve felt himself groan slightly louder as his dick almost began to pop a button off his pants. He blushed even more as he attracted one glare from someone only sitting a row in front of him, failing to notice his changes as he glanced down.

It was getting worse as the advertisement was nearly finishing, his biceps were flexing on their own, growing muscular as he felt like his arms were under a different control, he was no longer stuffing popcorn into his face anymore, as he continued whimpering glancing down, attracting a few more glances from some rows ahead of him, whether out of annoyance or concern for his wellbeing.

Steve simply tried his best to smile at them, pretending to focus on the movie as his fingers began touching, carefully able to get round the entire box of popcorn as a ring appeared on one of his fingers, his dick only continued to throb against his pants, suddenly the button flying loose and his dick nearly falling free, poking its head out of his pants as he so desperately tried to cover it up. He was thankful that he was sitting in one of the back rows with virtually no people on his own row or nearby him.

His groans and whimpers were now becoming a nearby pestering annoyance as almost every minute he would get one glance or glare from a member of the audience nearby, he almost shut his eyes, nearly letting himself go as his hands forced him not to have anymore popcorn, his fingers now moving on their own and slowly coming down to tease the head of his erect large dick as hair began to grow on his abs, all over his arms and the back of his large hands.

It was coming soon, he could feel it, the movie was already beginning but his mind wasn’t paying any attention, only focused on his bare feet on the ground, his hand rubbing at his own cock as he felt his mind, and mind alike begin to mould and serve itself like any other celebrity. Steve was biting down on his lip as hard as he could before he suddenly was forced to yank back control for one second, forcing his hand into his mouth as he was blushing furiously, whilst the new well catered light brown hair and beard came in on his chiselled jawline and thin handsome features, he felt himself cum, he, Chris Pratt, was cumming and jizz splattered in a mess among the popcorn.

Steve thankfully didn’t have anyone turning around, more than likely used to his intermissions by now as he looked down at himself, as Chris glanced down at himself. He felt himself clothed, inanimate clothing from The Craftsman, as usual as he could hear the many voices groaning at his every move in his mind and rubbing against his now limp yet large penis. Chris was dressed in a suit, and as he began leaving, he prepared himself for the multiple fans and cameras coming out to greet him, giving his award-winning smile as the mess in the movie theatre, including Steve was left behind, as Steve realized he was still in control, he walked out before suddenly hearing a fan yell out his name, calling him Chris Pratt and begging for an autograph.

I could get used to this, thought Steve, or now as he was known, Chris Pratt as he began submitting himself to the celebrity lifestyle, enjoying every minute of it.

The night was still young he figured, as he signed an autograph instantly and glanced at the flashing cameras, there was so much for Chris Pratt to do.


Sir Roger Pratt.  Horseheath Hall, 1665; Kingston Lacy, 1665; Clarendon House, 1667.  

First at Coleshill in Berkshire in the 1650s, and then at Horseheath in Cambridgeshire and Kingston Lacy in Dorset, both of 1663-5, Pratt established what he called the ‘double-pile’ house–a compact rectangular block with sets of rooms back to back–as the model for practically all the gentlemen’s seats built in England until the arrival of William and Mary. As he put it, 'the double pile seems of all others to be the most useful … for that we have there much room in a little compass.’

–Gervase Jackson-Stops, The English Country House in Perspective 1990


Chris Pratts Son Jack Has An Amazing Vocabulary Find Out What He Just Told His Dad! E! News

cowgirl326  asked:

Casting live action is soo hard- but..Chris Pratt as Dagur the Deranged? :) Just an idea that's been floating in my mind for over a year since season 1 of Race to the Edge.

Ooooooh. Thanks for sharing! I’ve actually never once thought about who I would live cast as Dagur, so this idea is interesting. He might be a little old now but I think as far as acting goes Chris Pratt could DEFINITELY pull off the creepy, silly, unhinged, and humorous personality that we love so much in Dagur (imagine THE LAUGH). Has Chris Pratt ever had red hair for a role? I’m not sure, but I’m sure the Hollywood glam squad could make a patchy beard work. I’m definitely going to look at pictures of Chris Pratt now. For research purposes, obviously:

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When brother Hiccup shows up at the party:

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