Um, long natural hair is not the only natural hair worthy of praise.

S/O to y’all with the big chops, twas and twist outs that don’t touch your shoulders. We see you!

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back in the old days: *gets 2 minute video of the boys* are you serious? come on they can do better than that


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Why is there somewhat of a negative image of the Philippines among other asian ethnicities?

There isn’t just a somewhat negative image of the Filipinos. There are whole websites and memes and artwork and yellow/brownface against Filipinos that portray our people so rudely that it makes my blood boil thinking about it. If we’re using the argument of the many kinds of Asian ethnic groups vs that of Filipinos, there is an embedded factors of colorism/shadeism and white/European colonialism that go hand in hand. 

From a historic standpoint, most indigenous Filipinos (from Aetas to Austronesians, in any case) were black and brown. When the Spanish came to colonize us and the Japanese and the Americans, they brought along their oppressive standards and subjugated our people to a life of servitude and self hate that’s still relevant today. 

Nowadays, you see Filipinos being praised for their “resilience” and “compassion” and “welcoming spirit” and at the same time, you see our people mocked, either by fellow Filipinos or non-Filipinos, for the way we speak, how we’re “not Asian enough” because we’re too brown or black to be considered “Asian”. Other Asian groups benefit from Filipinos being mistreated whether it’s a financial gain or a superior power type gain (politically, socially, economically…). 

We’re hated on so much and with a disconnect to our ancestors and way of life, there isn’t a majority of Filipinos who will fight back or care. After hundreds of years of being mistreated, many just want to quit and can you blame them? That’s why they find this high road of “oh, if I marry a white/Japanese/Korean person, our kids won’t have a bad life” and these sick people take advantage of that and fetishize us. Anyway, I’m done on this. Y’all can comment and let me know since I always brush over some extra stuff.

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Wow, Nicki. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in you.

I don’t understand why Nicki felt the need to mock Drake/throw shade at him when he never said ONE bad thing about her. In fact, he never did anything but support her EVERY FUCKING TIME he had the chance. He was constantly praising her, telling how good she is and telling people to buy her album, not to mention the multiple times he said she’s the queen of rap, defended her publicly (the Lil Kim thing), pulled out of Summer Jam when Flex dissed her and so many other things. They know each other for almost 10 years, you know? Now, she’s only DATING Meek for 8 months and already lets him influence her THAT much? Ugh. WHAT A SHAME. She used to say Drake and her are family. Drake and her are labelmates. They’ve been friends FOR A LONG TIME. And that’s how she treats him. It’s so low of Meek to use his super famous girlfriend tour TO SHIT TALK about Drake. GROW A FUCKING PAIR. And it’s disgusting how Nicki allows it.

Drake NEVER SAID ONE BAD THING ABOUT HER. I can’t stress that enough.

Nicki kept her 12 years relationship as private as possible and now all of suddenly she is all about showing her love for Meek, touring together, posting instagram pics of them together every 5 minutes, kissing him all the time on stage, etc. WHAT THE FUCK. I have one word for this: PUBLICITY. It’s almost like she’s trying to promote him??? Which doesn’t make sense. But really who knew Meek before he started dating Nicki? And don’t tell me the “if you didn’t know Meek before you don’t know rap” bullshit.


normally I don’t post stuff that personal to me but it literally infuriates me how men, get completely treated different to girls in cases like this (I’m a male, so I can’t even think to feel what it feels like youse) the Calvin Harris photos are from his shoot with Armani & the comments are the top rated, he gets nothing but praise & compliments. Then the next photos is Khloe Kardashian from her complex shoot, & her comments are nothing but negative & horrid. Makes me so sad & angry!

Okay, but Winry Rockbell is so important. Winry should be praised for her strength in Fullmetal Alchemist - she’s probably one of the strongest characters in the series, despite, or well especially, because she doesn’t use alchemy.

Alchemy throughout the series is used by characters as a coping mechanism and a solution for problems otherwise thought unsolvable. Vase shattered into a million tiny pieces? Solved. War? Bring in some alchemists and no one stands a chance. Your mom is dead? Want to bring her back? Not guaranteed, but if you want to try, the option is there.  Sure, when Ed and Al use human transmutation it back fires and everything is worse, but - as a whole, alchemy is used to fix things.

Winry does not have that luxury. When her parents die she does not even have the skills to attempt to transmute them. When Ed and Al are torn to shreds, she can’t draw a circle and make it better. Neither can Ed. She is completely helpless to the hand she has been dealt, and as a child, trauma like this can be the start of an adulthood riddled with questions and anxiety.

But, Winry does find a way. While there are many things that Winry cannot change, she cannot fix - she does find something she can do. She builds automail. Automail gives her the tools to make a difference - she is a main reason that Edward is able to continue life with the ease he does, and the strength to combat the forces which seek to take life from them. It’s almost a mirror to Scar’s brother’s sacrifice when one really looks carefully. Winry is Ed’s Arm. Winry is the catalyst for change.

In FMA we’re initially invited to use alchemy as our own coping mechanism in the fantasy. However, if one pays attention, automail is the metaphorical statement that we should rely on our own strength and the power of our loved ones to make changes in our lives. Even Ed declares it when he laments over not being able to save Nina - he’s just an ordinary human. When we are powerless, we can’t just clap and fix everything - but, if we take time and focus, we can build our own strength. With such focus we can also determine if things are capable of change. We learn the limit of our power and when it is time to ask for help. We’re all ordinary humans, after all. We should all try to be more like Winry.

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It's ok to say that Taylor Swift isn't as great as everyone says because it's true,but do keep Beyoncé also isn't all that amazing either. Great and talented but also overrated. To be honest all the today's "iconic" girls are. More studio talent then actual musical talent. Nothing truly raw. Beyoncé has a wonderful voice but it's not the best either. Just remember that. If you're going to hate on one look at the ones you praise too.

She’s the best and you’re bothered. The accolades says it all, her universal acclaim, her sales, her performances, her impact on upcoming artists, and etc. the only thing Taylor Swift has is sales and any white girl selling is not that impressive to me. Beyoncé in her 18 year career has done more than any of these bitches out here and most of your faves can’t stay relevant for more than 5 years. Bey has proven over and over, album after album that she deserves everything that is given to her, especially since she’s a black women in this racist and misogynistic ass industry. Kiss my ass. Bey is better than every bitch in the music industry walking. She’s the most awarded person that’s living, she’s the only female billionaire in the music industry, and she’s sold more records in her career (200+ million) than most of your faves can even think about selling. Don’t come to my inbox with this bullshit. Taylor Swift is trash. She has a non-existent iconography, her discography sucks besides some singles here and there, and her vocals and dancing are so on par it’s insane. Bey reigns excellence. And like I said before, she has proven that. Get the fuck outta here.

TV Insider | Samantha Bee: ‘Working for Jon Stewart Was Quite Literally an Embarrassment of Riches’

Since Jon first announced he was leaving The Daily Show, I have lived in a near-permanent state of misty. So when approached to write a tribute to him, I wasn’t sure my tear ducts could take another hit. Jon, if you’re reading this, go no further, because it’s about to get weepy, and I know you don’t really seek this kind of unabashed praise.

When Jon gave me my shot on the show, it was transformative. He took me from the brink of giving up show business entirely to a place from which a solid career could be built. Working for him was like working in the best comedy training ground a person could ask for. And though I mostly remember those first months as a general feeling of “Oh my God, don’t f— this up” and “Seriously, don’t f— this up,” Jon always had my back. I don’t mind saying that working my ass off with the single goal of making Jon laugh forged my comedy spine out of molten steel. …

As a boss, Jon explicitly urged—no, required—me to explore my passions as a performer, and when I fell apart from it or just needed to sit in his office and cry about it, he was patient and caring without fail. And did I mention how unbelievably supportive he was when I started having kids? I know—working for Jon was quite literally an embarrassment of riches.

So hearing the news that he was leaving The Daily Show was a bit of a gut punch, for sure. And while, yes, I had a job there and all that, my actual first instinct was to react as a fan, because I am a Jon Stewart superfan. It just feels so weird. I completely get [why he’s leaving], but it still feels weird.

And now here I sit dehydrating from all the tears, gently wizening like a raisin, happy for Jon, missing him already and forever grateful.

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I don’t understand why people put celebrities in general, but more specifically Nicki Minaj up in a pedestal. Her music isn’t remarkable or thought provoking or memorable or even good, and she “encourages” young girls by telling them to stay in school, but uses f-bombs and the like in between every word. THAT IS NOT A GOOD ROLE MODEL. This might sound racist/sexist and I don’t really care: people praise her because she is a black woman. That’s it. That’s how she makes a career out of mediocre material. That’s why she gets away with obviously pointing out Swift for things that she has no control over, and is praised by everyone, but if the tables were turned and someone did what she did, they wouldn’t hear the end of how awful of a person they were. That’s the only reason.