So, I know the drama with L and P’s avatars caused them to change theirs because they were exploiting a glitch, but for anyone who might want a nice avatar like that, you should look into making male snapper accents (specifically the face part) and putting them on male snappers.

This person did it and may I say, it is cute as fuck!!

They made a male snapper accent and it’s on a male snapper so they are not exploiting any glitches. 

This isn’t salt, and I’m not sure if people were aware of this already. But either way, can some skin artists open up custom avatar shops and make unique avatars for everyone? you’d make so much bank. Seriously though, I want one but suck at art, I’d order one from a shop in a heart beat. 

Praise God!!!

My sister’s situation isn’t much better but things are looking up!!

A GIGANTIC thank you to all the people who prayed for her and for all of those who had her in their thoughts! It was so encouraging to me and my sister both. I am so blessed to have so many people who are willing to pray for us and care so much for us. God is good and so are all of you! ❤️❤️❤️

I love LvE

I am actually really excited and happy that this dom battle is happening. Having lost to earth a few months back, I lost steam for pushing in general. However, this push is giving me so much motivation to fight hard for my flight once again. Amidst all the drama I lost sight of the true meaning of conquesting: train hard, work hard and last but not least, have fun with your flightmates. It’s not all about winning or losing but sadly, it took me way too long to realize this.

Now, I’m pushing harder than ever for my flight. The board hasn’t flipped yet; I know this means Earth is working as hard as we are too. Whoever wins in the end, you deserve it for all the hard work you’ve put through. And well, since I’m from Light, shoutout to K from the dom team for your inspirational post, since that got my rusty gears moving!