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Csak egy projektorra lenne szükségem & egész műsoridő alatt ritka Pepe képeket mutatnék PPT-n.


Woke up at 8:30am, put picture of my group members and me on our ppt,had breakfast and went out to get the campus bus at 9:50am. At the campus I met my Austrian friend by chance and we went to the Student Exchange Room together, but it was still closed. So I waited at a cooler place until it would open and meanwhile my friend went to his bureau. At 10:30am my Japanese friend came to open the room and I could sit down and puzzle^^ My Austrian friend joined me later on until lunch time. Then we went to the cafeteria until it was time for me to go to the library for the presentation. We started at a little after 1pm and all the presentations were finished at almost 4pm. Our presentation was in the middle. There were a lot of good ones, a lot of funny ones and a lot that brought back good memories and made me laugh and cry a little too. Our presentation was also a great success and everyone had fun answering our stupid questions XD After the presentations were over, my tutor who had been watching too, corrected my report for Japanese Song class and then I rushed to my class at 4:20pm. In Japanese Film class we saw a show about Japanese onomatopoia, which was really interesting and fun. After the class ended I made my way to Sendai Station by bus, and since I was a little early for my meeting with Usagi-san, I went to buy little letters and cute paper for my friends here, whom I want to write some messages before I go. After I was finished there I went to our meeting point although I was about 15 minutes too early. I was just so nervous and didn’t want to be late. At 7pm she came into my direction, pulling out a bouquet of roses behind her back! They were beautiful and had a wonderful scent❤ Outside she properly told me face to face ‘君が好きだ、付き合ってください。’, since the last time it was only via messanger X3~ She said she’s shy but actually I think that she is very corageous when it comes to being honest about her feelings. I really admire that. She invited me to a restaurant and afterwards to icecream.The whole time we talked a lot, laughed a lot and spend a wonderful time together❤ Around 10pm she accompanied me to the train and when we where passing a crosswalk, she said 'there’s one more think I wanted to ask you for today…’ and then took my hand and ran with me since the traffic light was about to turn red. Now that I think about it, she walked extra slowly as to have the opportunity of the turning traffic light to grab my hand. She’s so cute I just…don’t know what to say❤ Before we parted she asked me to tell her when I arrive home since she worried about me,I thanked her for the beautiful evening and then she went away. I sat in the train riding home smiling like an idiot and smelling my roses XD


kalokohan. itigil ang pagpapanggap jk so ayun, kasalukuyan pa rin akong nagrereview para sa quiz bukas sa bio sci. dalawang chapters yun. about tissues and integumentary system.

mas natatandaan ko talaga pag sinusulat yung mga terms at definitions idk ganun talaga yung way ko ng pagrereview hahaha tapos ano, nahanap ko yung ppt na ginamit nung prof ko sa lecture. tamad talaga… nagsearch lang ng ppt sa internet hahahahaha grabe diba :((((

ps: nakakairita ang comic sans :(((((

Day 452 - Manaphy | マナフィ

Manaphy has the ability to bond with anybody, instantly. It’s not just because of its charm, either. Manaphy has the ability to change one’s emotion. With a swift turn of its arm it can make even the most irritable person cheerful. A dangerous power in the wrong hands, luckily Manaphy is a kind Pokémon.

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Day 442 - Roserade | ロズレイド (Shiny)

Roserade is like a masked superhero. With its twin flower pistols, it can pin anyone down with the sharpest of petals. In the wind, its cape flows with grace and elegance.

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