I know that not many people take Geology A levels, (About 880 of the UK students do each year), which means there are zero revision guides available, and very little material to help for those who do. This masterpost will probably be useful for Geology at other levels, and possible Geography and Physics too, but I have no idea as I don’t take those subjects. If anyone else does take Geology, or knows of other useful links please message me so I can take a look!

  • Earth Structure ppt -  This powerpoint is super useful for recapping Earth Structure as it basically tells or prompts you about everything you need to know
  • The Geological Societies Plate Tectonics Website - This has pages about all the types of plate boundaries, plus examples, videos and fun facts, plus colourful graphics
  • Coolgeography.com - There’s quite a bit of overlap with the Geography A-level, so coolgeography is quite good for topics such as earthquakes and volcanoes, and has loads of case studies.
  • Earthquakes ppt - Another great powerpoint about Earthquakes, including hazards and  case studies.
  • National Geographic Education - This is quite good for different geological processes, especially seafloor spreading, and has links to recent relevant news articles to boost your learning.
  • Waste Disposal ppt - A third useful powerpont, this time about landfill and aquifers etc..
  • Sci-culture - This is meant for Chem, maths and physics, but has a few good pages that are relevant to geology, such as the formation of rocks (which is the link incuded).
  • WJEC and OCR exam board pages can be found here. Both have past papers, syllabus’s, and mark schemes. WJEC’s also has this very handy Revision Handbook which goes through everything you need to know.
  • More WJEC Past Papers can be found at Geologyrocks, which has some other useful pages.

I haven’t included the full range of what’s studied at A-level because time and we’re only 1.5 terms in. Hopefully I’ll keep adding stuff. Feel free to come and rant at me also about how strange your geology teachers are, because mine is so weird. c;