Your Destiny

Summary: At school, you feel something’s off and you can’t seem to figure out what’s making you feel so uneasy. The cute mystery boy you’ve been crushing on may be the reason (College AU). 

Word Count: 1,772

A/N: This story is inspired by a post I saw here and took a life of its own. 

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Something felt off when you got to campus that morning. You couldn’t ignore the feeling of uneasiness surging through you and the sensation grew as the day went on. At first, you thought it was the project you had to do for U.S. History. You and your partner Steve had to gather information and prepare a PowerPoint on the Howling Commandos. While the both of you were prepared for the presentation, you despised speaking in front of the class and feared that you would mess up your end of the project. However, the presentation went off without a hitch and the both of you aced the assignment. Nonetheless, the anxiety within you never dissipated.

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time to say up all night like a fookin idiot cause im getting anxiety over failing my excel, word , powerpoint exam/ test and now have to take a moduel or what ever for one of them online… god fuckin damn it, also stressing hoping i get the extra marks i need on a project i got to redo for profesional developmment since im 5 marks shy of passing.  Wish i had a shot glass so i could drink the rest of my sambouka and forget about this shit for a night 

This is the first motion/ GIF I made using After Effects.

By far I make gif and cinemagraph on Photoshop, but it couldn’t had this bezier curve graph on motion (only straightline, so powerpoint-y haha) also it’s too heavy when render such basic motion. I have vision of what kind of movement I’d like in the gif, but I can’t visualize it.

So after watching a tutorial on Tuts+ Youtube Channel (understanding basic AE)
I give it a go. In short: today I learn new thing :D

Animated version of this instagram post 


“There’s no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going.” - Roald Dahl.

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Which one of you bottoms? Yes, I mean that in the obvious sense, but believe me, knowing is a requirement if I want to get Clint and Bruce to stop betting on it in front of me.

Tony: “Nat, really? This is gettin’ ridiculous. How about I give the whole lots of you a gay101 with powerpoint presentation and graphic descriptions to explain that people can like both?”

Loki: “Just tell me if I should take care of it, no one will find any bodies I promise.”

Star Trek Advent Calendar

Day 2 – favorite film

The one with the whalesss.

I mean, who isn’t in love with Kirk and Spock having misadventures in the gayest city on Earth? 

And, side note: 

My favorite teacher in high school was a huge old school Star Trek nerd. He saw the original series back in the day and can still tell you the exact plots of episodes even though he hasn’t seen them in years. He even put star trek clips and stuff into his powerpoints. He’s a Pure Man™ honestly. Anyway, he was in the navy in the 80s and, you know how in The Voyage Home Chekhov gets on the battleship Enterprise because it’s a nuclear wessel? They didn’t really use the Enterprise for those scenes. They used my history teacher’s ship USS Ranger and my teacher got a photo with Walter Koeing and put it in his AP US History powerpoint (like I said, Pure Man™).


some of you might recognize this as not being the same post- i changed fixed some bits and stuff (i made the first one when i was 13 ngl) so i know it looks all weird and inconsistent but the info is better i swear



Just a thing I wanted to make representing the different boarding styles in SU

…(i may have gotten a few wrong)