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When Louis' free and able to share what he's been working on and his future plans, I'm gonna be front and center with my pen and paper, listening happily as he does his PowerPoint presentation with fancy green and blue lasers ...

Oh me too. I can’t freaking wait to see what he’s got in store. So excited.

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On a FreeHaikyuu!!! crossover Kuroo totally falls in love with Rei at first sight. He constantly teases him trying to get his attention, and when he realizes it isn't working he asks Rei about his interests. He gets a one-hour talk about beauty

one hour talk on beauty completed with powerpoint slides, mathematical equation and diagrams of various sports and how they’re beautiful


Kuroo does not know what he signed up for HAHHAA

I can’t believe I never thought about this actually

like, Kuroo is as much as a dork/nerd as Rei is, and they’re both quite smart

I think Rei will be surprised at how serious Kuroo can be about the mechanics behind sports and they can actually have quite a lot to talk about

Kuroo decides to put the moves on Rei one time and drops a line about how beautiful he thinks Rei looks (his heart is pounding the entire time, nervous about how the other boy would respond)

Rei seems surprise, and then he starts laughing maniacally and is so happy that Kuroo doesn’t know what to do next

thank you for this anon

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Trisha... I was in my war and terrorism class and we were talking about wwii and our teacher used a picture of Nix looking lovingly at Dick in his PowerPoint and I freaked out omg

Omfg I would have freaked out too, man. It would have been…startling? To see my faves in such a random way? But cool at the same time!!!! (I often forget that the BoB guys were actual people before they became characters.) What was the context? 

i have so many papers to write and powerpoints to edit but there’s just so much going on and i’ve worked 10 days in a row between 2 jobs im so tired


some of you might recognize this as not being the same post- i changed fixed some bits and stuff (i made the first one when i was 13 ngl) so i know it looks all weird and inconsistent but the info is better i swear


so you like fall out boy now? cool! here’s some fun facts about the band!


  • forgets lyrics all the time
  • sweetheart! 
  • is probably great at sex
  • ghostbusters & prince


  • used to be emo but now he’s happy u can tell bc his hair is bright 
  • probably a fucking furry
  • patrick is his #1
  • meme king


  • literally probably the funniest dude you’ll never meet
  • im so serious ive never seen anyone so skilled with deadpan humor
  • LOVES star wars
  • gets paper plate award for not participating group photos


  • xvx
  • sunglasses emoji
  • crossfit
  • comic books