Pls note Zesty is also available for PS3 but these were originally made for friend who doesn’t have a PS3

(also Alisha got armatization in the zesty anime tozx I know but it’s not available in game cri she’s so pretty)

here is the longest powerpoint because I forgot abt armatization and made a bunch of slides on it in my  Very Informative Powerpoints™ series on tales games~~ pls enjoy

me: im depressed
my virgo mother: i want 4 citations and 2 different visual graphs representing when AND why youre depressed on my desk by Monday. Keynote or Powerpoint is acceptable as a form of visual. APA formatting is a must.

anonymous asked:

Hi im scared of going to uni next year and was wondering if the notes are different from the ones in high school? sorry if this is a weird question but Im really curious. Coul d you take a picture of a page of your notes or something?

hey man, don’t worry about it! Note taking isn’t really all that different from high school except for the fact that I don’t really take notes on paper anymore and that I have to use shorthand more often. I always use my laptop unless my professor tells us otherwise, and if I use the computer then the prof usually has their powerpoints on the internet that i can easily download and take notes on there. Here’s some of my notes from research methods this morning!

「これからはコンピュータが必須だから情報教育を!」 ←分かる 「WordとExcelとPowerPointの授業が要るね」←えっ 「紙の教科書使って、紙のノートに鉛筆で写す形で授業な」←!? 「教科書にマーカー引けよ、ノートは中間で提出なー」←… まあこんなんだよね日本の大学。