i love the broadway fandom and how you can just say something like “THAT part in 96,000” or “THE part in non-stop” and everyone will know what you’re talking about

hamilton: my musical starts with a badass opening number talking about my life as an American hero! 

phantom of the opera: my musical starts with auctioning off my precious items which then leads into a badass musical overture! 

dear evan hansen: my musical starts with a kid obsessing over a girl he likes, which then slides into a song about the struggles of parenting! 

be more chill: my musical starts with a creepy theme, and then we open on a relatable anthem of people saying “na na na” over and over again, but it’s still a really catchy song! 

book of mormon: my musical starts with people explaining the religion they follow, backed by really bouncy, jazzy music! 

falsettos: bitch