Ruth Negga photographed by Victor Demarchelier for Town and Country Magazine

Zadie Smith on Ruth: “I watched her in Loving without sound through the space between two plane seats a few days ago and was struck by the mobility of her face. […] I couldn’t hear anything, but I understood everything that was happening.

At the Feet of Gods

Today was the first day I prayed with my new altar. And to be honest it was incredibly emotional.

I got prepared. I did this a day late cause I was busy and kinda lazy last night. So I did my usual preparations, presented some new things and knelt down, then decided to sit down on my prayer cushion. The moment I looked up and saw the light shining around my Theoi statues I started choking up. And as I started just talking to them I felt so moved and in awe. I’m pretty much 75% of my words were “thank you”. Just beyond what I can describe.

So, my gods, I thank you again for my life and opportunities. Glory to the Gods.