Y ya sé que no vale nada joder, pero estoy aquí. Igual estoy aquí.
I’ve reached 10,000 followers!

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Thank you to every single one of my readers for choosing to follow this blog. It’s been amazing making fun of/getting angry at/educating people about politics. Endless politics. This is the most successful thing I’ve ever done on the internet and it’s so rewarding.

Here’s to another several years of the whacky unpredictable rollercoaster that is Australian politics.

En esta galaxia yo sé, que siempre he sido un satélite más, orbitando alrededor de ti que, como planeta, jamás me considerarías de la manera en que yo lo hago. Y no sé en qué punto me perdí tanto, como para asimilar ésta realidad tan mediocre…No sé en qué punto dejé de orbitar por naturaleza, para hacerlo por amor.

When you’re having a crappy day and then a package turns up on your door from one of your best friends 😍😭😍😭😍😭

@queencaitriona has great timing because I remember when she sent me my birthday gift last year I was also having a crappy day and it completely turned my mood around. This time is no different. I honestly cried when I saw all the beautiful gifts she’d handpicked just for me. 

Julia, just like Lauren is another person who I’m so grateful to have in my life and who I feel like I’ve known forever. She’s literally a ball of positivity and sunshine and I will physically fight anyone who says otherwise. She was right there beside me in the trenches of this ridiculous fandom when everything was terrible and she never gave up on me. Ever. She was always there to pick me back up again, even when I didn’t want to keep going. I’ve never doubted her loyalty for a second. She’s the type of friend who will never let you feel like you’re alone or that your problems aren’t important. If you have a Julia in your life then you’re incredibly blessed.

Can you tell I love gushing about my friends??? I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that something as insignificant as a TV show brought such wonderful people into my life. How did I get so lucky?? Okay I’ll shut up now.

Thank you my beautiful Hulia Hoop. I’ve already put the pins on my bag and have the sign on my bedside table. The candle is lit (it smells amazing!!), the magnet is on my fridge and the scarf and socks will be worn tomorrow when I have to go out in this -3 degree weather. I love you so so much xoxoxoxo