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Mental Institute: BTS 101 | Pt. 5

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Genre: Angst, mystery, mental institute!au

Pairing: BTS x OC

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 |

Word count: 4780

Summary: “She was special. She was dangerous. Her parents admitted her into an abandoned mental institute. Little did she know it was a place where they experiment on people like her. Inside this institute she meets seven other boys who aren’t keen on her arrival. They believe there is something off and that she can’t be trusted. As the story continues, not only does she discover their reason for their stay, but she’ll end up choosing the one who gets to live.”

The next morning came soon and for once the sun shone brightly through the thick grey clouds. The rain has finally stopped.

Squinting my eyes from the sudden harsh light, I looked out of the window. I saw two figures outside playing football on the grass field. It was Jimin and Jungkook. They kicked the ball to each other and ran across the field to get to the goal.

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anonymous asked:

les Amis go to the fringe fest in Edinburg every year?? -m.a. (personally after seeing it last week I think mont would like the street acts)

Oh wow so after looking up what fringe fest is it actually looks really cool!

Okay so I have a few ideas:

Enjolras: Loves the overall feeling of community and support for local artists and performers that the festival brings out in people. He relishes spending time with his friends whilst they excitedly attend the festival and his face lights up everytime one of them gets excited over an act or a performance
Grantaire: Loves the art hub and one year gets the courage to be one of the portrait artists
Combeferre: Really respects the whole history of the festival and on the way there tells everybody little tidbits and fun facts about the festivals early days
Courfeyrac: Every year does a street performance, each one of his performances get more ridiculous and entertaining as the years go by
Bossuet: Is one of the living statues. (also is surprisingly great at it)
Jehan: Loves seeing the street acts and just the general atmosphere of the festival. Definitely drags Montparnasse along, who at first whines and pouts but then finds himself enjoying it quite a lot. His eyes light up like a child when he sees a fire breathing performer and the whole time he holds Jehan’s hand whilst Jehan tries hard not to smile too smugly

Reactions of Bleach characters...who were the victims of Kitty Photo Bombs

As requested by anat-astarte.:)

A “photo bomb” is when a person who doesn’t belong there pops up in your photo - typically in front of the people who are actually supposed to be in the picture. So let’s say the Bleach kitties - by which I mean Yoruichi and Grimmjow - decided to spend their time photo bombing people. How would their victims react? 

1. Byakuya & Rukia’s Family Portrait…photo bombed by Yoruichi

Byakuya: What is this?

Byakuya: The demon cat is in every one of these pictures!

Byakuya: But she was not at the photo shoot! I did not see her! How did she do this??

Rukia: Maybe she was using her super fast flash step to get into our pics without us noticing, Nii-sama!

Byakuya: …

Byakuya: I mean I totally saw her.

2. Aizen’s Throne Self Portrait…photo bombed by Grimmjow

Gin: Uh, Aizen-taicho? There seems to be an extra arm in this photo of you.

Aizen: Yes, it was Grimmjow’s arm.

Aizen: Tosen is on his way right now to cut it off.

Aizen: That Grimmjow simply never learns.

Gin: You’re a cold one, Aizen-taicho!

3. The WSRA Promotional Pic…photo bombed by Yoruichi

Soi Fon: Why is this picture in the discard pile?

Nanao: Because that’s the one where Yoruichi popped up and made a face right in front of the camera. You can’t even see any of us.


Nanao: …

Nanao: Why don’t you just take the photo, Soi Fon?

Soi Fon: All right if you insist.

4. Ulquiorra’s Selfie….photo bombed by Grimmjow

Ulquiorra: Grimmjow, please.

Ulquiorra: This selfie was supposed to capture the true essence of my lonely emptiness.

Ulquiorra: You giving me “bunny ears” does not quite depict the correct mood.

Grimmjow: Funny - the woman sure liked it when I showed it to her!

Ulquiorra: …

Ulquiorra: Why do you hurt me?

5. Ichigo’s Senior Portrait…photo bombed by Yoruichi

Yoruichi: It was just a joke, Ichigo! Lighten up!


Yoruichi: Did you tell them you’re just that much of a stud?


Yoruichi: Well then there’s just no helping you.

6. Ichigo’s Senior Portrait…photo bombed by Grimmjow

Ichigo: I finally got my makeup school photos!

Ichigo: Is that….Grimmjow’s arm?

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: Well better than a naked woman, I guess.

Grimmjow: You know my arm makes every picture better.

Nelliel’s Selfie with Ichigo…photo bombed by Grimmjow

Grimmjow: You get in my way, and I get in yours!

Nelliel: Man, Ichigo just makes the BEST faces when he’s being surprise-tackled!

Grimmjow: …please be more upset than that.

8. Ichigo and Orihime’s Selfie…photo bombed by Yoruichi

Ichigo: You see? You see that hand??

Ichigo: I didn’t dive into your arms, Inoue! I swear! Yoruichi pushed me!!!

Ichigo: And now we have this silly picture of you holding me!

Orihime: …

Ichigo: Are you mad? You’re staring at the pic so intently!

Orihime: Huh? Did you say something, Kurosaki-kun?

Ichigo: …

9. Bazz-B’s Selfie…photo bombed by Grimmjow

Bazz-B: Dude….not cool!

Grimmjow: Yeah, well, nobody replaces me as resident fan-beloved bad-ass!

Bazz-B: Nice eye shadow. Wanna take a pic with me?

Grimmjow: W-what??

Renji: He does that.

Urahara’s Selfie…photo bombed by Yoruichi

Urahara: This is my favorite picture now.

Tessai: Boss….it is a picture of you screaming in shock while Yoruichi-sama in cat form drops onto your face.

Urahara: So great.