need opinions on where to put a tattoo

so im gonna get the Aperture logo from Portal/Portal 2. im still debating whether or not im gonna just get the symbol or that AND “Aperture Laboratories”. I was thinking of putting it on the crook of my arm if it’s just the symbol. But rn im really leaning towards having it with the words and putting it somewhere near my waist. what d’you think?

if it’s with the words im gonna try and get the color as close as i can to that type of fluorescent blue and if it’s just the symbol i’ll make it the blue below:

I’ve seen examples of just the symbol and all of them were kinda “eh” to me so im probably gonna go with the symbol and “Aperture Laboratories”. can i get opinions on where to put it?

I’ve gotten into another musical, which is a vague way of saying that I have another musical AU for Portal. 

After another clinical reshuffling of the foster care system, Chell (yet again) has to try and forge herself in a new high school. Within the first week, she’s not surprised when she bumps elbows with a pair of biceps and a leer vaguely in the shape of a human being. For all the different schools, crowds, cliques, and so on, she found that three things always remained the same: there was always one stall in the bathroom that was out of order, pizza day was only great in theory, and, like a stubborn invasive species, there were bullies. 

Within four years and twice as many forays through the system, she’d learned how to adapt. 

An Out of Order sign neatly translated to Do Not Disturb if you needed a moment to yourself. There was a way to tuck your feet above the bracket of space below the door so as to not be caught. She was still working on a way to keep her legs from falling asleep. 

Bag your lunch. The siren song of pizza was a grim lie. 

Let them throw the first punch, then turn their momentum against them. 

The fight was messy and brief and fairly one-sided. He was on the cusp of two hundred pounds, but for all his advantages in the size department, the playing field went all but vertical with the shock of the lean, quiet girl attacking him with tooth and claw. 

Among the large and very much vocal crowd that ringed them was Doug––– gaped mouth as he watched his personal bully of four years not only being knocked down a peg but completely thrown from the proverbial ladder. 

And like the nerd he is, he sings about his feelings. 


Little illustrations from @scribefindegil‘s one shot Nomenclature. It comes from Snagder and her head canon that the only way Ford could have survived in the other universe was from the help of many different alien moms. 

This isn’t exactly what I imagine them to look like, but unfortunately I’m not great at drawing animals so creature design does not come naturally to me. But yeah the kittens fur have spots for additional camouflage, and they are meant to fade away as the rest of the fur darkens into the adult coat.


“Nono come on! Go on, shake it. It’s not hard, doesn’t take much effort, you’re probably using more of those muscles just to sit upright. Might as well just get it over with, yeah? Go on, Gimme five. Put it there.” ~The second strike~

Getting back into trying to finish reading this fanfic cause boy have I been putting it off for too long. Some really really old draws I did back when I first read this part. Very great visuals in this fic, I really like it!