Okay, I tried some outfits for Virgil and then I reached this… He has a overall with printed flowers on it and the standard uniform under it. I didn’t change his face (I can’t, I’m already used to It), just added a tiny lil’ ponytail.
Honestly… I liked, I guess. It’s fine to me! (Edit: he has a scar on the left hand)

Voice Actors Needed!

I’m currently working on an alternate story mod for the game Portal 2. This mod will have custom characters and lines, and will therefore need custom voice acting. So far, there are two major characters that need voice actors:

  1. GLaDOS
    The main antagonist of Portal and the first half of Portal 2. GLaDOS already exists in Portal canon, but since she has new lines, custom voice acting is necessary.
    1. Must be female.
    2. Should sound like or be able to make a voice that sounds like Ellen McLain (voice actor for GLaDOS in the actual game, look her up if you’re not sure what she sounds like)
    3. (Optional) Have decent knowledge of both Portal and Portal 2
  2. Aperture Scientist
    A new, currently unnamed character in the mod. They are a survivor of the GLaDOS incident who guides the player around Aperture in the acts following the first.
    1. No gender or voice restrictions for the most part
    2. (Optional) Have decent knowledge of both Portal and Portal 2

If you want to apply, you can reach me here on Tumblr, or on Skype (alexolin227). You can also email me at tdeary2000@gmail.com.

As a final note, I will not be able to provide any sort of payment for the voice acting. I know this may be considered a jerk move by some, but unfortunately I have no source of income at the moment so I just can’t afford it. Please keep this in mind before applying.

my dash is dead so im gonna follow like 40 more people. reblog or like this and ill look at your tumblr. (if you reblog it write in the tags about you or your content pls)

if you seem cool or like the stuff I do there’s a bigger chance I’ll follow you so here’s some things I’m into:
•rick and morty
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•tbh most cartoons
•dumpster diving
•people who are personal in general
•nude modeling
•don’t starve

DONT follow if:
•you’re homophobic racist transphobic or an asshole like that
•you’re otherkin/fictionkin
•you only post one thing ex: homestuck, fandom, aesthetic

Angellina and Lil with old timey dresses, requested by @daiseedraws! The colors are really to dark and bright but these were the palest markers I had.

Lillian hates the corset. And the cage. And the dress in general. Meanwhile, Angellina’s kinda used to them, since she’s from that time, kinda. She’s also ready to murder with that parasol, that’s her whole plan.