New animation is here! Happy Birthday, ya jerk.

Audio from Cromartie High. Custom Chell by Maxxy.

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These must be the events leading up to McGucket’s departure to form The Society of the Blind Eye. It will be SO satisfying to find out more about him on July 13th along with the two Stans!

“My name is Fiddleford Hadron McGucket and I wish to unsee what I have seen.  For the past year I have been working as an assistant for a visiting researcher. He has been cataloging his findings about Gravity Falls in a series of journals. I helped him build a machine which he believed had the potential to benefit all mankind. But something went wrong! I decided to quit the project, but I lie awake at night, haunted by the thoughts of what I’ve done.”


                                                      i’ve got something tell you, but it’s


                                      indie & semi-selective android wheatley from portal 2
                                                              a reboot of accxntbxyond.

Greetings, Aperchirp Science employees, Birdcage Johnson here. Just got word that there have been rumors going around the aviary that I am a lowly, filthy human and not actually a bird. Now, I know that the Hawk Party officials signed an execution order for all of humankind, so I just want to let you know this is not the case, and that if I ever get my hands on whoever started these ru–

(off-side mumbling) What’s that? (more mumbling) Ah.

My assistant, Greg, says–

(and some more)

–Greg the Parakeet says that I shouldn’t use human terms like “hands” when I mean to say “feathers.” Probably what got these rumors started. Silly me.

(and some more) …That partridge said he was gonna do what?!

Ahhhh, a-anyway, just setting the record straight, we are 100% birdkind up here, everybody.

(one last bit)

Birdie. Everybirdie. Look, just…let’s all just get back to bird science! Cave Jo–aah, Birdcage Johnson, we’re done here.

Greg, grab the multiverse portal thing and let’s get the hell out of here. God…bird science, pfft. What the hell was I thinking…