• Morrowind: You're a reincarnation of the mortal God, Nerevar, here to stop the fabled Dagoth Ur of the sixth house! You are revered from the Ashlanders, feared by the Temple! Only you can wield the fabled items required to destroy the Heart of Lorkhan!
  • Skyrim: You're the Dragonborn! You have the Voice, able to bring mortals to their knees in fear. You must stop the dragon, Alduin, dragon Lord of Time from ending the world as we know it!
  • Oblivion: ... Hey... We accidentally didn't think of a safer place to hide the most important item to stop the Oblivion Crisis than a wardrobe in a priory... Despite having a fortified garrison in the mountains... Could you get it back? Once you do, your friend Martin will defeat the main antagonist and you can get some cool armour or something. Maybe be called Champion of Cyrodiil?

Have you ever wondered how the Celts must have lived 3000-2000 years ago? Have you ever sat in a forest, feeling the carpet of moss beneath your fingers, and wondered if they had ever walked the same path at night and danced around a campfire with their tribesmen, the fire lighting up their joyful faces? How strange it is to realize that the starry nightsky we gaze up at is the same all ancient civilizations have spent their lives wistfully watching. They too lived, laughed and loved like us, suffered heartbreak, spent weeks or years wandering the vast stretch of the Earth trying to find somewhere to belong.

Today on the bus taylor swift was playing and it was trouble or whatever and my friend who actually likes taylor swift was singing along happily and whatever

and then it gets to the “cold hard ground” part 

and the entire bus screams like the goat video

and it was the most syncronized thing ive ever seen a group of teenagers do that wasnt planned