New Alpacasso

So the pics on TOM kinda make the reddish girly alpacasso look like the same color as the poppy colored alpaca from the PopN Ribbon series… What do you guys think?

I have the poppy PopN Ribbon in both the large size and 16cm and while I definitely loooove her I’ve been thinking lately that I really don’t need her in both sizes. I like having an orange-red color in both my large and 16cm rainbows but if I could swap one out for an orange-red girly alpacasso instead that would be great!

Honestly I’m still looking forward to the August tsuchineko more than anything but it looks like I might be getting a new alpacasso as well haha.

Apparently we unknowningly participated in the Mystery Flavor Challenge, by way of purchasing a bag of Dum Dums with three new flavors: Buttered Popcorn, Bacon and Pizza.

Because I assume they would appreciate feedback from four of their biggest fans, I am posting the results of the world’s cutest focus group.  Results are as follows:

Buttered Popcorn (yellow): “It tastes…kinda not good.”

Bacon (brown): “It tastes baconey?  Oh, and bad.”

Pizza (red): The only one who will eat it is the two-year old, and he seems completely indifferent.  However, it did make my four-year old cry at the idea of tasting it. “Why does it have to smell so bad?” he cried.

Final analysis:

I am completely on board with the whole new flavor concept.  If you are looking to shake things up a bit, might I suggest flavors like Toasted Marshmallow, or Butter Pecan, or any type of milkshake, perhaps. 

Or, you know, flavors that don’t make kids burst into tears.

This wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t for the fact that almost half of the bag of lollipops were wrapped in these mystery papers.  My kids now sniff all of the red Cherry and Raspberry flavors now before hesitantly putting them into their mouths.  And my kids eat anything.  Those pizza pops are like kid kryptonite.


And here it is! There’s no audio on it, so feel free to play your own music or something.

See the finished picture here!

2015ポップンログpt.1(仮) | ぺぱカト(ナディー) [pixiv]
1月~7月のお絵描きログ。キャラはつぎドカメインですがMZDやジェイドやタクトや美結もあります。ポップンログですが水鏡さんも連れてきちゃった、ごめんね水鏡さん。CPはちょっとだけ!多分。他には次のページで。 ありがとうラピストリア

uploaded a popn log!! i planned to make one in the end of 2015 just like last year, but i draw a lot already so im afraid it wont fit in the end of this year hahahaha check it out maybe youve missed some doodles (laughs)


¡Feliz Día Perú!
Nuestra cultura es tan rica e impresionante que motiva a muchas culturas extranjeras y nos homenajean de diversas formas, así que cuando digas que eres peruano hincha tu pecho con orgullo…
(Quito y Mónica, dos personajes inspirados en nuestra cultura dentro de un juego japones como es #popn music)