*political animals


Last December… that’s the last time i was really happy. Six months clean, longest time i had gone without using since I was a kid in the white house- The Fish Bowl ya know, as they call it. The bubble around the President’s family, all the eye’s, the judgments, the expectations, made me feel very alone. My twin brother could handle it, but me not so much. So.. booze, weed, pills, made me feel a lot better. And then I found coke. And then everything fell by the waist side. So my life’s been pretty much a blur, highs and lows. Mostly lows. I know there is no cure for this thing, but there is recovery.

I know this maybe a weird thing but I’ve always liked those political or just dramas centered in the White House because I love history and that’s one big house of history that not many people see the behind the scenes of it. I love watching the shows that center around the president and his first family. It’s not that I don’t find the cabinet stuff to be interesting, I just like watching the balance of family and work. One specific and I think important person in the white house I’ve never seen a fleshed out show about is the First Lady. I want a show about a FLOTUS who unlike the modern day ones (Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton etc) doesn’t have a law degree(not to say a law degree isn’t something to celebrate it is) and is a civilian, maybe she was a teacher or a stay-at-home-mom.  

Like if you ever seen Legally Blonde Warner tells Ellie if he wants to senator one day he needs to marry a “Jackie” not a “Marilyn” I want a show were a “Marilyn” or  civilian is thrown into the world of a “Jackie” I want a show where it shows the ugly sides of being in the White House as the First Family. 

Maybe I’m the only one. 


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