I want to know why the All Lives Matter crowd doesn’t have more to say about police killing this baby. Where are y'all now??? Y'all have so much to say when we say Black Lives Matter and when we are upset about police brutality against black people but nothing to say when a non-black person is unjustly killed by police. Apparently it was an accident but this is still just another instance of cops using unnecessary and excessive force. Rest In Peace, Jeremy 😔

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I literally just had to adjust a headline to ensure readers wouldn’t be confused about videos released this week of two different fatal police shootings of mentally ill black men in California

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I'm hearing people bitching about the new Tim Burton movie not having POC. He has since came out and said the story (an actual book) and setting (in Victorian-ish era I'm guessing) would make the cast predominantly white. Of course we hear the usual "uhh POC existed at the time too!" Like yeah, white people existed at the same time in Subsaharan Africa, but that doesn't mean we should include them in a movie about an African tribe if the story doesn't call for it.

I’m just so sick of art policing. Nobody is required to include a demographic in their art.

Friday Night’s Episode for Weekend Listening:

The first twenty is a walk through human tendencies to form Governments and the natural cycles between Tyranny and Liberty. Then we lighten the mood with some talk about plans for evolving the operation at the studio, and then watching a brand new Alex Jones flip-out.

Liam Scheff makes a return to the show after a long break. True to form, Liam takes us on a journey through history and the events of modern day to explain why there’s no use in for activism, why the political issue of Climate Change is a fraud, and facing the sobering issue of sickness and health. Liam hasn’t been feeling well lately, and I personally can’t wait to see him back to feeling like his old self.

Frank and Matt did a little overtime and talked about miracles, UFO’s, and placing bets on an afterlife. Hope you enjoy!

Protests against tuition fee hike sweep South African university campuses

Students protest at the University of the Free State

Student protests against a tuition fee rise are sweeping South Africa.

The government tried to push through a 10.5 percent hike last year, but militant demonstrations, shutdowns and strikes forced it to make big concessions.  

But Blade Nzimande, the higher education minister and Communist Party general secretary, has announced a fresh attack. He said it would be up to universities to fix their own fee increases for the 2017 academic year—with a suggested cap of 8 percent.

The protests have been met by police violence, attacks by security personnel, rubber bullets, pepper spray and mass arrests.

Some universities have ejected protesting students from their accommodation while others have suspended classes or brought forward scheduled breaks in order to shut down.

They include Rhodes University, University of Cape Town, University of Witwatersrand (‘Wits’), Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Durban University of Technology and Tshwane University of Technology.

Videos on the student journalism Oppidan Press twitter feed shows students being dragged and shot at by police officials at Grahamstown University.

Oppidan Press online editor Leila Kidson said, “The university has been on a shutdown. Management and students were having discussions which were going well up to when they basically just said no to all of the demands.”

When students blocked lectures in the law faculty “police started shooting and students started running back on to campus,” she said. “But even once students had run away, police continued to shoot over the hedge.”

Kidson added, “A student tried to jump over a wall, but he was pulled back and dragged by police. I saw students shot in the head and the arm.

“People were bleeding.”

Management at Wits are holding a referendum this week on whether to reopen on Monday “if the appropriate security measures are in place.”……

Continued at:- https://socialistworker.co.uk/art/43453/Protests+against+tuition+fee+hike+sweep+South+African+university+campuses

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Purity culture is wild man, like in high school I was convinced that sex is bad, if you have sex you're no longer the person you were, as if it taints you and makes you a bad person. Like sex was in the same level as underage drinking or doing illegal things. It was something 'bad girls' did, something that made you dirty. No wonder antis hate shipping, for them characters being sexual or shippers expressing desires makes something safe 'fandom' feel toxic/bad because anything sexual is bad.

I will forever count myself lucky that I escaped purity culture(there’s no telling how it would have messed me up considering what happened in my childhood)

And it’s not that anti’s think all sex/shipping is bad. But just like purity culture saying sex was only good if in the sanctity of marraige anti say shipping/sex is only good if within the confines of X, where X is a set of random arbitrary rules they’ve decided on based on the age, race, gender of a potential ship. And just like the puritan and primarily xtian fundies behind purity culture who think only their interpretation of the bible is correct Anti’s think only their interpretation of the canon is correct. If they decide a pairing is abusive, no-one is allowed to think differently. If they decide a pairing is good and healthy, no-one is allowed to look at it different and think it might have problems.

The combination of purity culture and social justice has created a nearly perfect wank shitstorm.