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I could see the fires as soon as I left the First A.M.E. Church in Los Angeles on that spring evening 25 years ago. I was a correspondent for Time magazine, covering the reaction to the stunning, April 29, 1992, acquittal of four white Los Angeles police officers charged with the brutal, videotaped beating of black motorist Rodney King.

There was no “Black Lives Matter” movement then. But when I arrived at First A.M.E. — the designated meeting place for community leaders and others concerned about what might happen if the police officers were found not guilty — news of the verdicts was already spreading through the city and the frustration and anger among the hundreds of people packed into the church pews was palpable.


Watch: This video of Black parents talking to their kids about police brutality will break your heart

Though this shouldn’t have to be the case, teaching their children to deal with the police is often a lesson that Black parents have to instill in their children at an early age. A heartbreaking new video released on Monday shows just what those conversations can look like. 

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Last night, MSNBC held a town hall in Chicago and it was just as great as you think.

I don’t think I’ve seen a better example of the need for a Class & Race approach to politics in a long time.


They’re called the Mothers of the Movement. We often hear about those killed by senseless violence — but we rarely hear about the families the victims leave behind. Frankly, the Mothers of the Movement would rather just be moms.

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Merriam-Webster just threw some serious shade at United Airlines for its deplaning debacle

  • No one knows how to read quite like the dictionary. On Monday night, dictionary Merriam-Webster used its Twitter account to shade United Airlines in response to viral footage of security guards dragging an elderly Asian man off an overbooked United flight. 
  • Gate staff kept asking passengers to volunteer to leave the overbooked flight in order to accommodate staff who needed to board the plane. 
  • When no one volunteered, despite being offered compensation, the airline chose people to volunteer — and deplaned Bridges with brute force, leaving him bloodied.In their Monday night tweet, Merriam-Webster reminded United what it means to “volunteer." 
  • ”‘Volunteer’ means 'someone who does something without being forced to do it,’“ the tweet from Merriam-Webster reads. Read more. (4/11/2017 10:07 AM)