god who fucking cares if someone is proud of their european heritage who fucking cares if they’re multi ethnic ohh noooo they have ancestors from multiple european countries oh no they’re interested in their family history!! god no!!! how dare this white person. how dare they.

this assumption that people just go on about that to make themselves look interesting or something?? that’s literally what you do with anything else. any fact about yourself. why do people give so much of a shit. if they’re not really into their family history it’s just a fun fact if they are why is that?? bad???

unless they’re actually trying to exploit minor non-white heritage they don’t care about otherwise i don’t see why it’s such an issue with people. you’re allowed to be proud of your family no matter how mixed you are. no you shouldn’t pretend like you actually grew up in that culture or something if you didn’t but you can still be proud and interested.jokes always carry the undertone that “if it’s not a big enough percentage you’re not actually x!!” like holy fuck how dare your ancestors intermix with other peoples?? everyone has an exponential amount from so many possible cultures but they’re still your family! 

like i get that people can try to exploit their backgrounds for bad reasons but when you generalize it into these stupid ~white people~ jokes you’re relaying back the moral that all of these people no matter their intentions are stupid and you’re creating a hostility around being interested in your fucking heritage especially if you’re mixed which is so. so dumb. and counterintuitive. ugh.


Edmund’s just gonna drape himself across his best friend’s lap now. Ignoring anything that the other demigod may have been doing. It’s ‘give me attention’ time… It’s really not that different than when a cat does it, actually. “Polluuuuux…”

i mean i think it’s great that a lot of people on tumblr are motivated to make an effort to support inclusion and diversity but imo like … there’s just … not that much effort in it

like i’ve noticed that it’s become increasingly common for tumblr artists to diversify their characters and crowd scenes etc but something i kind of role my eyes at is that in general, there’s basically no cultural dress represented except for the hijab. because it’s well known in the west bc of policy debates/in general has become like symbolic

it also bugs me that i feel like there’s this sense that you can just make a “muslim” character without an ethnicity? obviously you can focus on their religion if you want but i almost never see any reference to any culture other than islam. as if islam doesn’t encompass billions of people and a hell of a lot of distinctive ethnic groups with their own individual cultures that just happen to share a religion. (lmao or the whole arab=muslim thing?? which … is really dumb …)

and like, dress is moderated by that culture too!! not all muslim women wear hijabs, depending on their heritage (and personal choice, sect, class, a bunch of other factors all interacting etc) or obviously, there are many other different head coverings worn throughout the islamic world

i just feel like very few people actually make the effort to learn about the groups they’re trying to give representation too. or learn about the OTHER groups that exist outside of their own activist knowledge. cultural dress is so so diverse and prevalent and all i ever see are hijabs. not even male muslim dress …? or markers of any other religious, or ethnic culture. if representation is so important to you, learn about cultures that aren’t just hot sj topics (and actually learn for yourself the realities of those that are)

Yellow & Grey Italy Love
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Asamblea Extraordinaria: El Senado aprobó esta tarde el retiro de los pliegos de los dos candidatos a la Corte Suprema de Justicia de la Nación que había propuesto la administración kirchnerista y dio ingreso formal a los postulantes sugeridos por el gobierno de Mauricio Macri. En la primera sesión del año conducida por la vicepresidenta Gabriela Michetti. (Emiliana Miguelez)