bullshitsalad asked:

hi you wanted manson asks so here u go bc i like finding things out abt other fans. 1) rate each album out of 10, 2) fave lyric(s) of all time, 3) fave era, 4) what merch do u own/want, 5) have u ever seen them live if yes PLEase tell me how it was

Hi!! and ye!! 


  • PoaAF: 8/10
  • Smells Like Children:7/10
  • Antichrist Superstar: 10/10
  • Mechanical Animals: 10/10
  • Holy Wood: 7/10 but 10/10 if ur feeling low
  • TGAOG: 9/10 could be a 10/10 if ur feeling it
  • EMDM: 8/10
  • THEOL: 9/10 when you’re feeling it 6 maybe 7/10 if you’re not
  • BV: 6/10
  • TPE: 9/10 also could be a 10/10 if ur feeling it 

2) idk!! there are so many!! rn i think maybe ‘you and i are underdosed and we’re ready to fall, raised to be stupid taught to be nothing at all’ mainly because one of my favs is i dont like the drugs 

3) either Mechanical Animals or Antichrist Superstar 

4) i have a couple of posters (& the holy wood flag), 2 of the 4 manson figures, all of the cd’s except born villain, Rock is dead & personal jesus records. some picture type poster things, loads of t-shirts etc. 

i want the other 2 manson figures (holy wood & disposable teens), the bv cd some more records too tbh and maybe some singles cds more posters too tbh and probably more but i cant think rn lmao 

5) no, sadly i haven’t seen him live yet but im going to one of the concerts in November!! yay!! ill tell you about it after ive been if you would like (and if i remember lmao) 

thank you for this ask!! :)