Diaplushie: Rejet Fes 2018 FOCUS Sakamaki Edition

( @fyeahdialovers thank you for sharing the original chibi!(。・ω・。)ノ)

Took me 4 days and I finally finished! I took longer time on purpose because I wanna see can I do it better than last time, and hell yas this is the best one I have ever done so far in my opinion! The mini hat doesn’t look that big in real life tho _(:з」∠)_ Just like always you can take off the hat, jacket and clothes separately~ ( ´▽`)

I experienced a surge of post-Thanksgiving day gratitude when I received these two absolute BEAUTIES in the mail today. Feast your eyes on Pinkie Pie and Apple Jack in their full Rainbow Power magnificence! 

My profoundest thanks to @egalgay for her extraordinary work. Her skills are beyond my comprehension.

…of course, you know this means that I’m going to have to collect the entire set of Rainbow Power Mane Six ponies.  😉