「 We love music♥ 」 New Snow Miku Skytown Goods Revealed

These goods will be available for purchase December 17th, 2016. Prices do not include tax and these goods are exclusive to Snow Miku Skytown. Artwork by  ふじのきともこ

Pens: 720 yen each

Mirror: 800 yen 

Snow Miku Mascot: 1,500 yen 

Jumbo Snow Miku Plush (60cm): 15,000 yen 

This little Cyndaquil heads off to his new home this afternoon!

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It’s not too often I get an order from someone I know in real life.  This lady here was ordered as a gift for @lollyce from my bud @kyveri of her OC Felidae.  This is such a cute OC doe I can’t get over it (○゚ε゚○)  My only regret is that I didn’t have exactly the right color of powdered pigment for the gradient in her hair.  It’s supposed to be a more turquoise blue, but I only had a periwinkle sort of color :/  She’s still so adorable though, I love her little hair bun and her blue shoulder freckles that you can’t really see in this picture >.>
Anyhow, I was super glad to make this for my friend and I’m glad I was able to get it done in time for Christmas!