I’m so excited to be getting married next month and I want to celebrate with all of you! I’ll be having my biggest sale EVER on my Etsy shop! If you’ve been wanting something for awhile or want to get some early holiday shopping done, now is the time! Enjoy 20% off everything with the coupon code SAYIDO through October 15th. I’ll be adding more characters and goodies, so make sure to check back!


So I preordered one of the Dorian plushes from Sanshee, and he arrived today. He’s absolutely adorable, the details on his outfit are great, and his big head and tiny body do things to my rotted candy heart. 

But the best thing about this tiny stuffed wonder is the detail in his hair. They made a little flap so that it would fall correctly on his head. This is a great plan. It also means I get to do this: 

Behold the Greater Frilled Peacock. 

I can’t stop cackling.


FFXIV OC Plush- Serena 

Wow was Serena a handful!

Her entire outfit is lined and removable.She has jointed limbs to aid with getting clothes on and off. The pattern is by myself as are all the clothes.

Find extensive tutorials and walkthroughs in the Serena tag on my Patreon- learn how to pattern heads, make elf/pointed ears , clothes, gussets and see how I made her fabulous book!

Reblogs are REALLY appreciated please!

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