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200k hype! 

looking at word counts and things and as it turns out, when the next act goes up in a few days, we’ll be over 200,000 words! that’s batshit bananas. absolutely fucking mental.

i started this entire thing for nano in 2013. i finished the bulk of acts 1-3 during november, edited and completed the writing in december, and started posting from then until sometime in early 2014 until the story ended. act 4 was a slower process and something that i’m still a little salty about. it took so long to write for a multitude of reasons, and even now reading over it i feel like i can tell where the huge breaks in writing it were. but that’s just me; i’ll forever know where i left off in the second last chapter for about eight months, down to the line (it’s the bit where roxy and dirk are giving dave his mystery graduation presents). act 5 has happened quickly; the important part is that i’m enjoying the writing though. 

i’ve always known where the story goes; i know the major plot points and major conflicts. it takes a little bit of thinking and planning to come up with the minor, chapter-exclusive conflicts, but overall, there’s a structure and plan i’ve been following all along. some things happening in the next chapter (act 5 act 5) are things i’ve been planning since 2013. there are some things i’ve been planning since 2013 that won’t happen until act 6 or beyond, because reality hasn’t happened yet. some things i’ve wanted to add in for over 100k but the opportunity for the joke to pay off hasn’t arisen yet. 

i couldn’t tell you what the statistics for this 200k would be, other than that once act 5 act 4 goes up, we’ll be sitting just over 200k in length. i don’t know the hours, days, weeks that have gone into writing. i don’t know the exact amount of hours i’ve spent forcing lyra to listen to me go on and on and on about one event until i get all the details right. i don’t know how many times she’s pointed out the obvious, and it’s helped me get the mood of a scene right (but she is a maid of mind so she’s pretty good at guessing where i’m trying to go with an idea).

statistics are bullshit, anyway. i’m having a blast with all this. i can only sincerely hope you are, too. thank you. 

Our new light setup that was kindly donated to us. Even got a little fog machine…not that we need one…lol 😊🙌🎊🎊

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Found an old manuscript that I was working on, from my previous job. Tun often give such simple comprehensible answers. Very often sarcastic and must be digest with a grain of salt.

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“And that’s how you greet your best fucking bro of all time,” he said.

but what happened before he said that?

she asked, knowing it would only raise questions and inevitably cause disappointment in the completed chapter.