ravenglock  asked:

Turns out my mutuals have SHIT taste in carbonated beverages. COKE IS WHERE IT'S AT, YOU PLEBS. drpepisk2tho

yes! finally someone who knows what they’re talking about, honestly people who like dr pepper and think it’s great are so pretentious


ADDENDUM: everyone that reblogs this post is going to hell. i cant see my dash. also i hate daft punk daft punk blogs leave me be


I had planned to do this comic earlier but suddenly found the time to finish it after my game time (called PLEX) ran out. Buy your own PLEX, Lapis Lazuli, you lazy mooch!

This site is ruining kids lives because lonely 14 year olds are going to school thinking “This popular 22 year old maoist satire blogger who got a shoutout from dril once said my weird communist text post was funny, that means im funny” and suddenly they cant connect with anyone their age because pleb humor is below them and theyre brainstorming USSR puns during math class and now they cant do basic algebra