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    「   THEME #014: ORIHIME by angelicxi   」
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    ❥ the link to the code is in the sidebar desc.

We all have met fictional characters that stayed with us long after the initial encounter, that continue to inspire us or motivate us, sometimes in the most surprising of ways. The design for ORIHIME proves as much — drawing inspiration from the Bleach character of the same name (specifically, from her hairpins), I designed a quaint, easy-on-the-eyes theme that lets you stop & breathe. Aimed at personal and aesthetic blog types, it packs plenty customization options to truly make it your own.

[ + ]  everything auto-centers;
[ + ]  500px posts;
[ + ]  left & right sidebars;
[ + ]  the highlight of the theme — the flower detail on the left side, which is fully customizable: you can edit the border and each petal’s colors separately (I suggest using a gradient of shades, as shown in the preview, but you can have a pride flag on there);
[ + ]  a main title slot, independent of your blog title, editable via the customization panel;
[ + ]  a secondary title slot, which likewise can be changed via the customization panel;
[ + ]  a description slot — remember to properly wrap it in a paragraph tag;
[ + ]  NB: keep in mind that as of this theme, you have an inbuilt description slot in your customization panel that is separate from tumblr’s. I chose to add it in since tumblr is so prone to glitching;
[ + ]  home & ask + 3 extra links (though you can manually add more);
[ + ]  the sidebar text shadow can be turned on/off;
[ + ]  plain color background option;
[ + ]  texture/pattern background option;
[ + ]  gradient background option;
[ + ]  full wallpaper background option (don’t fret about size, I’ve set it to cover).
tip: tumblr is, as previously stated, very glitchy. in order for all the on/off options to work right, turn everything off first, and then turn on those that you want active.

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     Respect the maker’s work, please.
     This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
     It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.

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Hi wonderful people, I told myself when I hit 1K I would do faves again. Never did I imagine this happing so fast. I want to thank you guys so much for following me, that means the world to me. As in celebration for me hitting 1K I’m presenting you my very first favourites.


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  • Banner made by me photo from instagram @tammyhembrow 

Thank you all again for following me! Without you I wouldn’t have reached 1000 followers! I hope you all will participate! goodluck!

all the love -’Eva


Rescue Me by Bradypop

Lexa’s job as a small town deputy didn’t come with a lot of excitement or intrigue. Between wrangling up Mr. Bennett’s cows on the regular and getting the high school seniors to stop trespassing on the water tower, Lexa was helplessly bored. That was until an alleged domestic abuse case fell on her desk and suddenly Lexa was going out of her way to save Clarke and her daughter before it was too late.

Protective af cop!Lexa AU with mother!Clarke and asshole!Finn

Incredible commission by Turtleduckie. Check out more art and commissions by this talented artist here.

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{— moodboard gif hunt: shadowhunters pt. 2 —}

Under the cut, you will find #142 moodboard gifs with text out of Freeform’s popular show Shadowhunters. They are organised by character. I apologize for any possible repeats. None of these gifs are mine and so I do not take credit for any of them – all credits go to the amazing gif makers. If you want your gifs to be removed, feel free to messsage me. I will make more of these hunts if you guys appreciate them. Please like and/or reblog if you found this useful! {pt. 1}

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You have come to the right place if you wish to receive messages on your birthday. Here, too, you can wish to congratulate the birthday of the day and also meet new blogs. I’ve decided to make a post so that it can spread and everyone can share and join. The rules are simple and easy:

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  • Message me your name and birthdate.

After you have done this, I’ll place you here on the birthday list, and I’ll do my best to send messages of congratulations in your birthday. I hope you have an amazing day/night xx.


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Jungkook Patrick hybrid with bananna(s) and birb named Goob. Not much effort was put in to this masterpiece. Somebody stop me

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My second compilation of the ‘Yzma is Best Princess’.  This may be my last of the series for a while. I’m moving, and as much as I love making these and the lovely messages I get, I’m spending more time then I really can afford to on something that doesn’t pay bills.  Plus the more popular these get, the more time I spend reporting art thieves :/  I still have ideas for the series, but it may be a while before I convince myself I can do them.  Thank you to everyone and especially to those who have sent me lovely messages or were kind enough to put my text/source back when it was removed.  You guys are awesome :)

Watercolors, inks and a slight digital outline.   You can find prints and original paintings from the entire series here (I posted discount codes earlier):


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Goob n Bun. Binch.

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Click for better quality maybees

(Goobs the birb)

Under the cut there are 33 gifs of Faceless Scenes/People/Objects; 1. all the gifs below are size medium to small with no text gifs included; 2. none of the following gifs were created by me; if you are the original gif maker and would like me to remove your gif, please feel free to message me and I will do so; 3. if this gif hunt was useful to you, please like or reblog ➳

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