Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Storyline
When college senior Anastasia Steele steps in for her sick roommate to interview prominent businessman Christian Grey for their campus paper, little does she realize the path her life will take. Christian, as enigmatic as he is rich and powerful, finds himself strangely drawn to Ana, and she to him. Though sexually inexperienced, Ana plunges headlong into an affair – and learns that Christian’s true sexual proclivities push the boundaries of pain and pleasure.

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-02-13
Casts : Eloise Mumford, Jennifer Ehle, Emily Fonda, Jamie Dornan, Rachel Skarsten, Andrew Airlie, Victor Rasuk, Rita Ora, Marcia Gay Harden, Anthony Konechny, Max Martini, Dakota Johnson, Luke Grimes, Callum Keith Rennie, Dylan Neal
Duration : 125 minutes runtime
Rating : 5.7

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It’s convention season and anyone who has been to a convention has stopped by artist alley. Tons of artists of every kind sell their posters, prints, keychains, buttons, and more. We’ve taken that spirit online and have partnered with over a dozen artists by offering some of their fantastic artwork for sale over on Etsy and for a limited time you can take 15% off your order of $10 or more by using promo code ARTISTALLEY at checkout. This code is vald until June 30, 2015.

Below is a list of all the artwork and their respective artists shown in this post. This is just a small list of the artists we’re collaborating with. Be sure to check out their tumblrs for more of their artwork!

Scary-oke - Ryan Barr
Sock Opera - Majumi
Trust No One - Isaky-Chan
Land Before Swine - Magecom
Northwest Mansion Mystery - Becca
Pray for Mercy - Lira
Swiveled Greeting - MoringMark
He’s Watching - Owlanay
Playing with Fire - CherryVioletS

I want somebody to sleep with the rest of my life, and cuddle up during a movie, on a couch. Stay up all night talking about nothing. Get lost in the woods together. Challenge me, challenge him. Talk about dreams, make dreams. Have fights, the kind that only really matter just as long as you’re having them. Someone I can wrestle with, you know, play hard sometimes and not worry about breaking a nail or an arm. A guy who will bring me flowers, once in a while, maybe a rock too or a shell of some sort. Something he saw that made him think of me, made him think “this might make my girl smile” as he smiles to himself. A guy who wants me, maybe even needs me, just a little, enough to hold onto me with everything he’s got.

i turned over to Britains Got Talent and there’s a guy that is playing the final countdown through a comb

remind me why I live here…

Tilda Swinton might play The Ancient One in Marvel’s Doctor Strange

According to The Hollywood Reporter, another award-winning actor is about to get swept up in the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe. That actor is Tilda Swinton, and she’s reportedly “in negotiations” to join the Doctor Strange movie as the mysterious and magical Ancient One. In the comics, The Ancient One is a very elderly man (like, very elderly) who once held the title of Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme—which basically means that he was the best magic guy. Eventually, he has to train an apprentice to be the new best magic guy, and—at the risk of spoiling a decades-old plot point—he settles on a doctor named Stephen Strange.

Full story at avclub.com

Direct probing of brain reveals multiple regions cause tinnitus

Constant ringing in your ear? Scientists may be able to identify the cause of tinnitus, after peeking inside the brain of a man with the condition for the first time.

Tinnitus is the debilitating sensation of a high-pitched noise without any apparent source. It can be permanent or fleeting, and affects at least 25 million people in the US alone.

To understand more about the condition, William Sedley at the University of Newcastle, UK, and his colleagues took advantage of a rare opportunity to study brain activity in a man with tinnitus who was undergoing surgery for epilepsy.

Surgeons placed recording electrodes in several areas of his brain to identify the source of his seizures. The man – who they knew as Bob (not his real name) – was awake during the procedure, which allowed Sedley’s team to manipulate his tinnitus while recording from his brain.

First they played him 30 seconds of white noise, which suppressed his tinnitus for about 10 seconds before it gradually returned. Bob was asked to rate the loudness of his tinnitus before the experiment started, as well as immediately after the white noise finished and 10 seconds later. This protocol was then repeated many times over two days.

“Normally, studies compare brain activity of people with and without tinnitus using non-invasive techniques,” says Sedley. “Not only are these measurements less precise, but the people with tinnitus might be concentrating on the sound, while the ones without tinnitus might be thinking about their lunch.” This, he says, can make the results hard to interpret.

“What was nice about our experiment was that we could compare the brain activity associated with loud and quiet tinnitus without anything like attention or emotion muddying the waters,” he says.

High alert

Sedley’s team discovered that several kinds of brainwave associated with tinnitus were much more widespread than previously thought.

For example, Bob’s tinnitus was associated with more activity than normal in the primary auditory cortex – an area of the brain involved in the initial processing of sound – but also in other brain areas involved in the wider perception of noises, such as those that control attention, memory and emotion.

Working out why some people get tinnitus and others don’t is tricky, says Sedley. But there is some evidence of excessive amplification of sound in people with tinnitus, with the brain perceiving sounds that wouldn’t normally enter one’s consciousness.

“It’s like when you’re walking home on a dark night and you can hear every little flicker of sound that would normally go unnoticed,” says Sedley. “Maybe in people with tinnitus, this ‘high alert’ activity somehow kicks in, gains access to wider perception networks in the brain, and is difficult to dislodge.”

Noise reduction

Some treatments, such as nerve-stimulation devices that attempt to retrain the brain, can be effective for a small minority of people, but there is no real cure.

“What has held back treatments is that we don’t know what we’re trying to target,” says Sedley. “We would hope that a better understanding of the brainwaves that underlie tinnitus might help to refine or inspire new treatments.”

One frustration in researching a subjective sensation such as tinnitus is an inability to directly analyse the neural activity of the perception in humans, says David Baguley, a consultant clinical scientist at the Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

He says that Sedley’s team has undertaken a hugely innovative study, and while the work needs considerable discussion and independent corroboration, “it potentially represents a major development of understanding of tinnitus in the auditory brain”.

Journal reference: Current Biology, DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2015.02.075

Sex gets much of the blame for the abuses and misdeeds of humankind, so has often been suppressed in spiritual practices, even though it has a crucial role to play in the neuro-biology of human spiritual transformation. The result of the denial of the role of sex in spiritual processes has been less enlightenment in the world
—  Yogini
The Writer Michael Imagine Part Seven

The next day I find myself wondering whether me reading y/n’s diaries was a good idea. It’s her private thoughts.

It’s her past.

It’s hers; I should have waited for her to tell me.

“You okay?” Y/n asks sitting on my lap as I stare at the computer screen where the latest single was waiting for me to play it.

“Yeah, just thinking,” I answer smiling and kissing her delicately.

“About what? What’s troubling your mind?”

“A lot of things.”

“Such as?”

“Y/n, there’s something I need to tell you,” I begin before her phone starts ringing.

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anonymous asked:

why is a straight girl playing a gay muse i dont get it

ooc ;; what does me being straight have anything to do with what muse I rp as?

Carol Tea from Freedom Planet

seriously go play this game already

I tried to perspective really hard on this one, not sure if it looks right but I think the piece overall looks really good, I’m happy with how it turned out

might shade this later, probably woulda helped reinforce the idea of perspective if I had it here already but oh well

Creepypasta #492: The Watcher

You know what they say. Children have overactive imaginations. Well, some of them say that children are just ‘more attuned to the paranormal’, but that’s bullshit.

What I’m about to tell you isn’t bullshit. It really happened.

My name is Jake. When I was a youngling, I was always ill at ease. I was always looking over my shoulder. I would always check under my bed and inside my closet before I went to sleep. I believed then (and I still do) that the only thing that we know for certain is what’s right in front of our eyes. And even our eyes can sometimes play tricks on us.

My mother would always tell me the same thing. There’s nothing under your bed, sweetheart. Go to sleep. But I knew she was wrong. I could feel it. A presence. A gentle breeze or a shadow moving in the periphery of my vision. I could feel it watching me, in my bed, while I did my homework, as I watched TV. Lurking in the dark corners of my room. Hiding, ever present, always just out of sight. Watching.

I wasn’t crazy. I was just observant.

Kids are always scared about having monsters under their bed, but for my parents, my absolute conviction was too much. I begged them, I pleaded with them to believe me. But it was no good. They took me to a psychiatrist. Take these twice a day, she said. Take them with some water, she said. I complied, knowing it wouldn’t make the monster go away. This thing didn’t care how many pills I swallowed.

I was never able to get a good look at it. But here’s what I assumed at the time: it must have been very tall, as it often watched me for long periods through my second-floor bedroom window, with relative ease. It must have been thin, spindly and flexible, because it was able to compress itself into very small spaces. And it must have been very fast, because it was always able to escape my eyes. It was always able to hide itself, just as I turned my head.

Both of my parents worked during the day, and I would get home from school to an ‘empty’ house. It would stalk me especially hard then. The hairs on the back of my neck would prickle. I would feel it behind me. I’d spin around, but it would dart out of sight, just at that moment.

One evening, I snapped.

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goatllama asked:

Do you remember any of the 'trash talk' you and Richard Garfield exchanged during the Mirrodin/Phyrexia over-sized match?

I was role playing Phyrexia so I’m sure I was taunting him about the inevitability of my win. I don’t remember specifics.