• Ryan's Electricity Refund
  • Ryan Haywood(SortaMaliciousGaming)

(SortaMaliciousGaming - 07/28/2016 (37:13))

Ryan retells the story from Achievement Hunter’s birthday stream about his unexpected $13k refund from his electric company, this time to Meg on their streams!

Ryan: Oh, man, I just had a real good day with the electric company.
Meg: What’d you do?
Ryan: Well, I did nothing; I got called like last week by the, uh, power company and they’re like “Yeaah, turns out, heh, our mistake, someone forgot to bill you for a month, so we’re gonna be sending you a bill for thirteen hundred dollars(Meg gasps)–do you need to, like, pay for that with an installment plan or something?”
Meg: Oh my god!!
Ryan: I was like… .
Meg: Why is your electricity bill so high!?
Ryan: Ooh, no, no, it comes around, hold on. Uh, so, uh what happens is they then were like “yeah, you got this two meter thing,” uhm,
I was like “two meter thing? How do I have two meters? That doesn’t make any sense.”
“Yeah, you got commercial meter and residential; we just–we forgot–someone set up something wrong and, like, anyway,”
I was like “I don’t have commercial on my property, I–house.”
Meg: Right.
Ryan: They’re like “Y’know what? That does seem weird! We’ll get back to ya!”  So a week and a half goes by and they’re like “yeaah, we’ve been billin’ you for the wrong meter for a long time, (Meg: Oh my god!) we owe you thirteen thousand dollars.”
Meg: (gasps) Oh my god!! (Ryan laughs with her) Well that’s great that you’ve been paying it without fucking noticing.
Ryan: Uuuuh, look, it’s just been high since we moved in the house and we just assumed that we had a really shitty house! Like, “I guess it’s just incredibly–”(startled by game)
Meg: Energy inefficient?
Ryan: Yeah! And have been trying to fix that, but, uh. Turns out it’s just that they were charging me for some other house–or, building!
Meg: Well that’s cool that you get, like, free electricity for a good while!
Ryan: Oh, no, I was–they’re like (Meg: Oh, no?) “we could just keep that on a credit for ya!” and I was like “no, I think, for 13,000, I’ll just take a check!”
Meg: Yeah, “just give it back to me!”
Ryan: Yeah, nah, that’s the amount of money–that’s–it’s funny, but 13,000 is exactly the amount of money that I want a check; I don’t want to just give you credit for that. (Meg: Yeah! Well, what a dick…!)  ‘Cause who knows whose meter I’ll be paying for for the next couple years!
Meg: Right! That’s so shitty. 
Ryan: Welp! Honestly, I gotta say, despite–I mean, they made a little mix up and apparently it was, uh, there’s somebody who has a address that’s very similar to mine or something–I dunno how it happened–anyway! But, hey! They made it right! I gotta give it to them.
Meg: That’s good! Yeah, at least they admitted they were wrong.
Ryan: I do think it’s funny they noticed their own mistake–or, they noticed the mistake, and that they were trying to get me to pay them more money, and that cost them $13,000.
Meg: Yeah! (laughs) They were like “no, we’re gonna need that–wait a second… .”
Ryan: (laughs) I really wanted to ask if they needed to set up an installment plan or something? But.
Meg: Yeah, “you wanna put that in an installment plan, or…?”
Ryan: (laughs) Owning a house is fun!
Meg: (amused, but weary) Yeaah. I feel ya.
Ryan: I just took that money and threw it straight into my backyard.
Meg: Oooh, what’re you doing in your backyard~?
Ryan: Yeah, we got it redone. ‘Cause it has just been, like, a mudpit, so long. Great with dogs.
Meg: Your rattlesnake pit, you mean?
Ryan: Yeah, exactly.


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