BECHLOE - The one where they switch places. Chapter 1

“How’s the set coming along?” It was a simple question. Chloe didn’t expect an entire fight to come from it, but it did. This wasn’t the first time she fought with her best friend. They’ve fought over silly things, and serious things, but this was different. This was a stressed-out-of-her-mind DJ that was two minutes away from throwing a stapler at her face.

“I’ll get to it Chlo’!” Beca didn’t mean to sound so harsh. The redhead simply caught her at a bad time. She was just too stubborn at that moment to retract her arms and back down. She has been pressuring herself to get the producer something new to hear that, yeah, she did set aside her duties as captain. She just couldn’t explain to Chloe that she’s been spending more and more time trying to figure out her contribution to the music business rather than the acapella world. The redhead lives and breathes acapella that she wouldn’t handle Beca’s attention to be anywhere else right now.

“Let’s have a listen then,” Chloe challenged. Beca’s avoided their usual meetings over song selection and regular demos. Though, to call them meetings now was a little hurtful. The brunette used to excitedly come over with a new mix for Chloe to hear, and present her with several options, which ultimately were mixed and matched with the routines Chloe would describe to her. Now however, the brunette hid her work, and Chloe was starting to get sceptical if it even existed.

“I’m not done.” Beca wasn’t lying. She wasn’t done, or started, or even thought of. This week was about her music, her career, and her life.

“Not done, or done caring?” Chloe considers herself a fairly honest and open person. When hurt, when proud, when happy, when sad, her emotions and thoughts are visible to her audience. Though, being honest need not be confused with gullible, and she can tell when Beca’s lying, and had to remind the brunette of this. “You don’t think I know you’ve been a little checked out lately?” She challenged Beca to refute this.

Beca glared at Chloe, eyes screaming at the redhead to just back off. She wanted nothing more than to just tell her co-captain to leave. She did not have time for this right now. She needed to work, and between classes, the internship and Bellas’ rehearsals… “I’ll see you at rehearsal Chlo-“

Nope. Chloe wouldn’t be dismissed again. Beca had been running around, and avoiding her for too long. Now it was time to get the truth. “What are you doing!” It wasn’t even a question. Chloe planned to find out for herself as she walked over, but Beca was quick to slam her screen shut, be it pointless as she had nothing in her mixing software to reveal her secrets.

“Dude, can you just back off!” Beca stood up at that instance, forcing Chloe a few steps back. “I get you don’t understand boundaries, but this is my computer, and-“

“and this is OUR team!” Chloe pointed to a collage of the Bella’s. “You don’t get-“

“Get what?! How insane you are driving me over the worlds?!” Beca was now yelling, and drew a couple of the other Bellas to come in and check on the two. “I have work, I have a career to think about and-“

“The internship” Fat Amy inputted, trying to sound sincerely sympathetic.

“The what?” Chloe looked over to the Australian.

“Or was that not what you’re fighting about?”

Beca glared at Fat Amy with rage, forcing the blonde to turn away. She’s probably never looked this mad before at her friends. She just had one too many things build up to this moment where she wanted to run away.

“What internship?” Chloe returned to Beca for an answer.

“It’s none of your business… any of you!” Beca wanted everyone to back off, now. She looked across confused and hurt faces, and regretted losing her temper, but she couldn’t back down. She had every right to be mad at how they all decided to corner her, and had to get out of this house, with that thought… “I’m leaving.” She grabbed her laptop, walked out of her room and out the front door, slamming it shut on her way, only to realise she had nowhere to go.

The next morning

Red hair swayed with the twisting and turns of a sleeping beauty. Ocean blue eyes greeted the morning with a touch of a smile forming on rose-lips. A quick stretch of the arms, grateful for the rare but well received goodnight’s rest. Her steps out of bed were systematic, all the way to the mirro-


There was a shooting pain running down her back. She peeked open her eyes and looked up from the crossed arms she fell asleep on last night. Why was she in the library? That was strange, she never goes to the library. She looked around, and there were some students studying, and her with… Beca’s laptop? And…

“oh no…?”

The door swung open just as footsteps ran down the stairs. Redhead and Brunette met at the foot of the steps, thinking one united thought. “What did you do?!”


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