I seriously don’t know HOW I’ve gotten this many followers in just a little over 6 months… it’s insane really. I have NEVER reached this huge number on ANY of my blogs, old or new… except for Pippin now of course!! I’m just so honored to have so many of you following me and enjoying it as well!! (Or at least, that’s what I think =B )

I’m so glad to have met so many of you, and am able to call so many of you my friend now! This community is just such a good community to be around, as it’s just so warm and welcoming and I just really feel a part of something now ^^ Whether it’s IC or OOC interaction, really! So yes, let me just THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for letting me enjoy the time that I’m here, and making me feel so welcome! ^^ (If you’re not on here please, don’t think I don’t love you… I have just forgotten okay it’s hot in here and my brain might have been fried)

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for birth nerds only

We had a very textbook unmedicated Bradley birth with our son. I relaxed through contractions and rested between. J coached and massaged. Pushing was the worst, and took ages. The whole process was about 16 hours long. Afterwards I was very proud, and very tired, particularly because of some blood loss post-delivery.

We had the anti-Bradley birth with our daughter, though still unmedicated; relaxation was mostly not an option. I started having contractions an hour before Pip’s bedtime and hid out in the bathtub, trying to slow them down as on previous evenings that week — I was 36w0d. By the time Pippin was down for the night they were coming fast and getting hard to talk through. We headed for the hospital hoping things would peter out and we’d be sent home, with new neighbor friends coming to spend the night with P. 

At my first exam, though, I was 7 cm and I understood for the first time what people mean about labor not being hard work but rather a thing that happens to them. With my first labor J would use the image of riding a wave out to help me get through each contraction. This time, the waves were crashing and I was drowning and all I could do between onslaughts was try not to claw my way out of the surf using my poor, cussed-at husband as flotsam. It felt a little out of control.

Pushing was nearly involuntary and a huge relief. The whole birth was four hours – how long I spent on pushing alone with P and shorter than your average Peter Jackson movie. I’m not sure which is better — the standard and exhausting first-time labor or a speedster labor — though I know this one would have terrified me as a first time mom. I’ve definitely had a much easier physical recovery this time, probably because I was much less exhausted. 

Ultimately, I’m still grateful for the Bradley training because it helped me to recognize transition, relax between contractions (if not during!) and — most importantly — strengthened my confidence about going epidural-free. That’s the takeaway I’d most like to share: Bradley won’t be as helpful in the most speedster labors, but if you have one like mine — where things move so fast that an epidural isn’t even an option — you’ll be glad you’ve educated and steeled yourself for a unmedicated birth.

(Just a couple of burritos, hanging out at the hospital.)

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honestly like part of me just wants to make a Haldir blog bc minor characters like him are my frickin lifeblood but I also don’t think I know enough about LoTR as a story arc to handle it I’m so wrapped up in these gd dwarves over here 

and LORD KNOWS I’d make a blog for the whole damn company if I could frick u I could play Bifur idc if he doesn’t speak Westron I could do it frick u

and ofc I’ve thought about hobbits as well bc they are sweet and wonderful and Pippin is my son (tho Ori is my first son) 

…there are probably fewer characters in Tolkien that I wouldn’t try if given the opportunity than those I would 

and don’t even get me STARTED on the OCs I would make