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Theresa May slammed as man finally wins disability benefit - 2 days after dying
Retired HGV driver Geoffrey Elwell, 68, could barely cook, shower or walk without help - yet was given zero points in a humiliating PIP assessment
By Dan Bloom

Retired HGV driver and electrician Geoffrey had crippling chest and spinal injuries after his truck flipped in a crash that left him temporarily dead.

Carol, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, said he couldn’t walk long distances, cook or shower without her help and had for years received Disability Living Allowance.

Yet 10 days before Christmas last year, he was awarded zero points in a humiliating assessment for the new benefit Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

He appealed the decision in January – but three months later was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer.

Already diabetic and having suffered two heart attacks, 68-year-old Geoffrey moved to a hospice while he waited for a date for his appeal.

He died on June 21, two days before it was heard. Then on June 23 the appeal ruled his benefits should not just be awarded in full – but be backdated to January.

Everybody involved in his case can fuck off for me, from the dole twats in the job centre, the ones at the call centre, the doctors involved in the assessment - the lot

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South Park has some of the most lovable losers ever.

I will certainly be drawing more.

#justiceforPip though

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