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Puny Human!


Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warning: fluff

A/N: This was a drabble request for Castiel & Fallout 4. 

I haven’t decided yet, I mean the BOS have some really awesome power armor, but they are kind of douchey. The Railroad are kind of out there.” Dean laughs at you, shaking his head, “You want a beer?” He asked, getting up from the couch, you shake your head no, too focused on the game to look up. Dean chuckles, walking away towards the kitchen, but jumps back, as Castiel appears. “Jesus, Cas.” Dean mumbles, going into the kitchen. You look up from the game, smiling at the angel in the trench coat. He walks over to you, taking a seat next to you. Trying not to blush at the closeness, you focus back on the game.“What are you playing? And what is that on your arm?” Castiel taps the plastic Pip-Boy that you were wearing, laughing you hold it up to his face. “It’s a Pip-Boy, I can’t play Fallout 4 without it.” Castiel squints, but then smiles at how serious you sounded. You could feel his gaze on you, “Cas, stop staring. You wanna try?” Holding up the controller, he hesitates for a moment before taking it. You detach the Pip-Boy from your arm and motion for Cas hold out his left arm. His eyebrows frown, making you laugh, as you attach the Pip-Boy to the angel. You show him the basic functions and let him have at it. 

“This seems easy” Castiel leans forward, sitting at the edge of the couch. “Okay, so we are just looking for junk to take back to my settlement, so go into that building.” You smirk to yourself, knowingly leading the angel into a building full of Mutants.“Is it possible to switch weapons? I’d like an angel blade.” Castiel gives you a curious look, while you burst into a stifle laugh , “Sorry Cas, no angel blade’s in this game. But you have a  Gauss Rifle, it’s the best weapon in the game.” The angel takes in the information, nodding and firing a practice shot, a sly smile appears on his face,“This rifle seems efficient enough, I’m going inside.”Castiel turns his focus on the game, entering the building, you watch his face. The angel’s so focused, moving through the first floor of the building ,that when a harsh voice shouts, “PUNY HUMAN!” Castiel is startled, his eyes widen, looking at you. Blushing at how utterly adorable he looked, you laugh, patting his shoulder, “Mutants. Green big mutants” The angel’s eyes darken, a hint of aggressiveness flickers in those sea of blue eyes, as he makes his way from top to bottom, killing all mutants and collecting whatever you ask him to. After Castiel cleared out the whole building, he smiled in victory, setting the controller down and looking to you, “That was very entertaining. I can see why you like playing it.” He laughed, his nose scrunched up, as he pats his knee. Admiring the sight that was Castiel, you look down at your hands, “I’m glad you liked it. I love it, it helps me escape the craziness that is life with the Winchesters.” You hear Castiel chuckle and feel his arm slide around your shoulders, turning the shade of a Nuka Cherry Cola bottle, forcing your gaze up, the angel is smiling at you. “Well, if you do not mind. I’d like to escape with you more often.” A small gasp slipped out as Castiel brought his face closer to yours, his fingers moved through your hair. Reaching for his trench coat, the material feels oddly soft in your grasp, “Anytime, Castiel. Anytime.” Pulling him closer to you by his coat, the angel smirks, pressing his lips against yours. And when the two of you finally pull back, chuckling, you motion to the television, “I think you’re ready to help take down the Institution.” 

  • name/alias: pip/vanna/vinnie whatever
  • timezone: est
  • identifiers: uhhh infp, ravenclaw/horned serpent, gin enthusiast, bacon aficionado? 
  • favorite marauders headcanon: everything abt the wolves always
  • favorite plots: dirty awful things, bloodbaths, twisted families, well-manicured monsters, unlikeliest of friends, broken beasts, sympathetic psychopaths, casual murder
  • traits of a great site: all y’all folks <3 and welcoming new people! and new ideas! and new things! and inclusivity and cooperative world-building, flexibility, present staff, freedom! and #the aesthetic bc i’m shallow
  • personal goals for the site: changing it up!!! as far as plotting with characters/ideas i typically haven’t before tbh, and also wolfpack DOMINATION muahahaha no but seriously
  • top it off with a gif!

Some Sanctuary shots feat. the sauna that took some creative building to get anywhere near how I wanted it lmao, the sauna oven did not work how I wanted it to lmao. Now that i think of it I know how it might but ehhh let it go it’s fine. It’s based on my family’s summer cottage sauna!. ^u^

From this we can conclude that I like 1) yellow, 2) candles, 3) plants, and 4) hanging lights <3

Should anyone be interested in the mods in action here, drop me a note and I’ll make a list. ^u^

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molly anne I live for your call out posts on classic literature please do this more often

I wanted to say I’m coming for Pip from Great Expectations next, but then I remembered Rochester from Jane Eyre. He better get stretched and ready..