Why I hate naruhina.

I did a post yesterday called “top 7 reason to hate the Naruto ending” In the post I stated that the ending had shitty pairings, which I said I would explain in later rants… Well here it goes… 

Lets start with Naruhina.

The reason why I don’t like NaruHina is let me state firstly and importantly “Its not because of sasunaru/narusaku” ((even though I believe those pairings make alot more sense.))
Its because NaruHina is one sided filler…

Don’t get me wrong, I really believed at one stage NaruHina was a good couple, but sadly it failed in the Pein arc…
Before I explain the Pein arc, lets start with Hinata’s part in the manga ((No anime fillers allowed, because that is not canon, and we all know Studio Pierrot view on accurate points))
Hinata in the manga was introduced around the same time as the other secondary characters. It was obvious that she had some sort of feelings for Naruto..
As the manga went on, you would see Hinata’s obvious but small attempts in getting Naruto’s attention ((Allowing him to cheat off her, cheering for him, giving him meds)), good development….
HOWEVER, It was always one sided…Naruto had never shown any interest towards Hinata..Yes that was fine back then because you just needed Hinata to confess all her feelings, and that is when Naruto can realise and confess his back…

Now lets go to the pein Arc…
She confesses her feelings to Naruto, stating ‘I love you’…You expected Naruto to return those feelings after the massive battle he had between him and pein……..NOPE…………He completely forgets her, leaves her in some ditch for other people to heal her, and gets a hug from sakura instead ((more worried about sakura btw))
Hinata is seen in the manga after the pein arc, but only with her team mates.. Naruto was around as well, but does not even notice or care about hinata.. Only towards the end, when NEJI DIES AND TELLS NARUTO TO CARE FOR HINATA, HE SOMEWHAT NOTICES! I say somewhat because even in the f**king movie it took them half way for him to fully notice her, AND it was only because of a guilt trip, which alot of those guilt trip scenes were filler!!

The fact that it took them a whole manga series, AND HALF OF A MOVIE FOR NARUTO TO NOTICE HINATA! All it shows me is that naruto has no feelings and does not care for her at all!
The only reason Naruto is even with Hinata is because he was guilt tripped by some magic goo.. ((Which btw the goo was bullshitting, because half those scenes the goo was showing wasnt true..))

You may reply with
“He didnt notice her because he was slow. And if you seen the movie, she was there for hi—”

If naruto can take notice of sasuke, sakura, kakashi and iruka strong feelings for him, how can he not take notice of a girl confessing her LOVE!!
And to the fans that claim ‘Hinata was always there for him’”PFFFTTTTT” What manga were you reading?? Obviously not reading naruto, because any part of hinata watching naruto from afar, was just filler!! They had to add that shit in because they needed moments for the fans ((which shows how much little material this ship had)).. The only one that encouraged naruto at the start of the manga was IRUKA!!!

This is the first chapters to the series…
Quick questions…..WHERE IS HINATA!?!!

If you re read the manga ((PLEASE RE READ NARUHINA FANS))
You will notice that hinata isn’t in the manga that much, which gives hardly, if ANY moments with naruhina.. And if there is any its ALL ONE SIDED!!! The only canon moments from both sides were all fillers from studio pierrot…

This is why naruhina does not work.. Naruto was just not interested in Hinata at all… And making this pairing all suddenly, just seems so forced….((I am just waiting for the chapter that hinata walks in on naruto sleeping with sasuke)). 
Dont get me wrong, I did believe at a stage that naruhina could of worked, but obviously kishi didnt care much for that pairing and forgot about it….. Until the last bit where he forced it in ((by killing neji of course)).. 

My last rants on naruhina…
If you need filler/change the original material for your pairing to work, then dont bother, because you wont fool anyone to thinking it was true from the start.

I believe naruhina fans only like the pairing because…
Massive Hinata fans
Fans of fillers and haven’t read the manga properly…
….I cannot see any other reason for liking this pairing…

Next I am going to do SaiIno… Sasusaku will be last..

If you are a naruhina fan and want to disprove my points… Go nuts! Prove me wrong…. If you reply with “In episode 245″ which is some filler, I will just ignore you. 

Ever since the Higanbana Raid two years ago, the biggest ghoul groups and societies all over Seoul have decided to establish a peace covenant amongst themselves, in order to achieve unity against their common enemy. Though they cannot set their differences aside and the unity is tenuous at best, there has been a lull in ghoul-versus-ghoul conflicts throughout the city, thanks to the MUNERA.

Honour bound by blood.

Munera is the name give to the gladiatorial event created in 2015 in order to solidify the joint partnership of Eos Group and the Gourmet, to which Pierrot members attend in secret. Owl Café members are obliged to attend in order to show their loyalty to the Seoulite ghouls, and as an exchange for the promise that Eos and Gourmet will not fight within the Café’s territory. Neutral ghouls are either invited or cast as fighters. Last year, the event was held within the desolate ruins of the old Aogiri headquarters in Seoul, organised by the Eos Group.

This year, the Gourmet organisers have arranged it to occur at an undisclosed location on the island of Ganghwado. Held in an underground fighting arena, participants are forced to fight for their freedom. Leaders sit closest to the fighting pit; spectators will be given faceless cloth masks and must stand in order to catch a glimpse of the action. One-on-one fights are said to have been arranged by the organisers of the Gourmet.

For an entire week, it is forbidden among spectators to fight. Any blood shed outside of the arena will be punishable by death or torture. 


The fighters are either neutral ghouls, half-ghouls or humans ( BESTIARII ; singular : bestiarus ) or members of the ghoul factions ( VENATORES ; singular : venator ). Those who are members of ghoul factions can appeal to their leaders to be excused from fighting ( Abraxas for Eos, Main Organisers for Gourmet, and Oh Se Mi for the Owl Café ). Pierrot members, by default and in secret, get in contact with the organiser for this year’s Munera, and help keep it concealed from prying Doves. As such, Pierrot members are also excused from fighting.

Bestiarii are sent vague invitations to the games. They are either abducted or blackmailed. Additionally, human bestiarii will be given quinque-like weapons in order to be able to put up a fight. Venatores have more of a choice, as they have the advantage of being part of a group.

Some neutral ghouls and most affiliated ghouls are, however, sent invitations to spectate. The bestiarii will find their saving grace among these spectators: if enough bet on them and their odds, they will be spared, and invited to watch the bloodbath.

Both bestiarus and venatores will be kept in single, separate, underground, prison-like cells until it is their turn to fight. Those who lose and have been chosen to be Auctioned will be beaten (save for their faces) and fed until the Auction, then clothed (to hide any injuries) for the main event. All fights begin at 6 PM, and end at 12 MN. Before then, spectators are allowed to roam the island or visit the fighters in order to give them supplies, food, drink and clothes ( if they so wish ). They are also provided accommodation on one of the island’s hotels, under the protection of the Gourmet.  

The rules are simple.

      Those who win and survive go free, and do so with honour.

      Those who lose and survive will have their fate in the hands of the winner: to
      be eaten, or have lives at stake in the Gourmet’s Auction on
      the final day of the event.

     Those who refuse to fight upon stepping foot into the arena will automatically be Auctioned
    during the final day of the event.

It doesn’t matter who your opponent is. 
Do you want to survive or not?

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Members of the faculty are giving feedback on our films and one of them was like: is the idea that Pierrot might be gay? Because I’m gay and I wasn’t offended by it

So glad I did not offend a gay man, seeing as how I am definitely a heterosexual. My film is totally not about my experiences or anything