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anonymous asked:

why jhh are you doing it to Gillian? Is that your hate and disrespect are so great? Those pics were only on Tumblr, don't even at twitter and now bc your blog is popular will be everywhere. You must be so proud of yourself. The vacation was too short?

Vacation is always too short, you know. I don’t understand what the problem is, though. Those pictures are really adorable, we blog and reblog paparazzi pictures of David and Téa with their children since they’re born and no one has nothing to say about that. Why would it be different for Gillian? Because it never happened before? Well, it happened now, and it’ll happen again. I’ve seen pictures of her ass in a bathing suit posted on blogs you probably find very respectable and who are supposedly very fond of Gillian. Those are a lot better and respectable. 

So no, there’s no disrespect or hate coming from me while posting those pictures, I just don’t see the problem. We should all take a deep breath and stop acting like Gillian was made of sugar.