Glenn Gould in Rapture

“What’s going on here, I can only guess, but here’s what you’re about to see: In the video below, the great musician Glenn Gould, supreme interpreter of Bach, is sitting at his living room piano on a low, low chair, his nose close to the keys. He’s at his Canadian country house in his bathrobe.

Through the window, you catch snatches of his back yard. It’s a windy day and he’s got a coffee cup sitting on the piano top. He’s working on a Bach partita, not just playing it, but singing along in his swinging baritone. As he plays, he gets so totally, totally lost in the music that suddenly (1:57 from the top), smack in the middle of a passage, with no warning, for no apparent reason, his left hand flips up, touches his head; he stands up, and walks in what looks like a trance to the window. There’s an eerie silence. Then, in the quiet, you hear the Bach leaking out of him. He’s still playing it, but in his head, he’s scatting the beats. Then he turns, wanders back, sits down, and his fingers pick up right where his voice left off, but now with new energy, like he’s found a switch and switched it.

What just happened? I’m not sure. But I think this is a rare vision of what it’s like to be so in your head you leave your body, or at least the moving parts of your body, totally behind. There is a name for this, from psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, but first, just watch. And don’t miss the walk-to-the-window part …

Glenn Gould was a complicated man. He didn’t like to practice; instead he’d prepare for concerts mentally, running the piece over and over, playing with imaginary fingers. When he was a little baby, it was said that instead of crying, he would hum. He had perfect pitch and could read music before he could read words. So perhaps what you see in this video is just — for him — his way of “playing.” He could switch seamlessly from fingering the piano to a purely virtual music-making; he could move fluently from real to not. Or maybe what we see him doing is something we all can do — but geniuses get there more often — reach a state of total absorption. Gould in his living room, for some reason, reminds me of Michael Jordan playing basketball or Etta James singing the blues; there’s a concentration, a zoning in, that’s so deep it feels special, like a kind of ecstasy.

The ‘Flow State’

Athletes, of course, call this “being in the zone.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced MEE-high, CHEECH-sent-mee-high) calls it “the flow state.” When you are in it,writes neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, “attention is focused on a limited perceptual field that receives your full concentration and complete investment. Action and awareness merge.”

You get so deeply into your head, you lose track of everything except what you’re doing. There was a surgeon, Csikszentmihalyi says, who wasn’t aware that the roof of his operating room had collapsed until he was done with the surgery. In this state, “what you think becomes what you do,” Levitin writes. We “get wonderfully, blissfully lost in an activity, losing all track of time, of ourselves, our problems.”

How one gets there — that’s still a mystery. Practice is important. Tenacity matters. Talent helps. When you find your “flow,” your brain changes. Dopamine and noradrenaline kick in, GABA neurons get suppressed; sex, hunger, thirst matter less, you are free to play more deeply with stream-of-conscious associations; you are chemically released and can now roam far and wide. Yes, you have no idea where you are or how this is happening; but that it’s happening must be one of the most wonderful experiences ever. When I watch Glenn Gould walking back to his piano, carried there by an 18th-century fugue, I see a man transported, a man not lost, but found, a man in a state of grace. If there is a heaven, Glenn Gould at that moment is very close.”

- Robert Krulwich / NPR


Good morning everyone. Is there a better way to start the day than listening to Spanish guitar music? I doubt it.

Isaac Albéniz

Córdoba [arr. guitar]

Albeniz was one of the greatest pianists in history, and while he initially gained popularity from his salon ditties, he solidified his place in the repertoire with fantastic suites that showed a mix of impressionism and nationalism. His greatest achievement in those categories as to be the four books of Iberia, one of the most difficult piano pieces in the standard repertoire. However, this piece comes from an early piano suite, Chants d’Espagne, and it gives off Albeniz’s impression of one of his favorite cities in the country. Córdoba is, at its core, a city of rich cultural history, and holds the Mosque-Cathedral, one of the greatest achievements of Moorish architecture

Want to be a part of a pop/punk band?

 I’m looking to start a pop/punk band. I’m looking for a drummer, a bassist, a  guitarist (both acoustic and electric if possible), a keyboardist/pianist, and a  singer.


  • Must live in Chicago, IL
  • Age of 14-17
  • Serious about making music
  • Has to own their instruments

 How to apply:

 Make a video of you playing your instrument of choice and email it to me  <kfscovergirl@gmail.com>. I will contact you via email if you will be in the band  or not. You can either cover a song or audition with your own original song  (preferably of the pop/punk genre). 


 If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email  me <kfscovergirl@gmail.com>. 

 Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys :D

 UPDATE: I know I can’t be too picky soooo… FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!!!

UPDATE: We found a singer

I learned the song Drown by bring me the horizon on the piano today and I was really excited because I’m not musically inclined at all and for me to learn a song is a big deal to me y'know?? I was really proud of myself and I told my mom about it and she goes, “why, like you’re going to be a musician or something?” And ugh now I’m all //-: like no I’m not going to be a pianist or anything but at least I learned something new and productive. I hate parents sometimes)-’: WHY CANT YA JUST BE HAPPY/PROUD FOR ME LIKE A NORMAL PARENT

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ps. as a pianist who can totally play victor's piano solo from corpse bride + some of the duet, i can't stop imagining pianist miles, it fits him so well. + the duet with both of them would just be perf miles smiling a little bit as he puts phoenix's hand back on his wrist slay me

(❁´▽`❁)ノ))。₀: *゜

Camp Life Part 10

  Part 9

“This piece, you’ve improved more than anyone could,” Mr. Reid said walking around.

 “Thank you,” You said, hoping that it was a compliment.

 “I knew that you would do great on this. I do hope you come back next year, that is if you don’t win the final show,” Mr. Reid said smiling at you as you packed up your bag.

 “I would be coming back either way,” You said smiling. You knew that it was true. You loved it here too much to just leave it in your rear view mirror.

 “Well, I look forward to our encounters in the future. You’re very talented,” Mr. Reid said smiling. You froze in shock. Here was one of the best pianist in history and he was telling you that you were talented. That was going to stick with you for the rest of your life.

 “Thank you Mr. Reid,” You said smiling.

 “Now go. I’m sure you have some friends that are waiting,” He said before walking off into his office. You rushed to finish packing and then rushed into the dining hall where the others were waiting.

 “Where have you been?” Krissy asked as you say down.

 “Sorry I was working on my piece,” You said smiling.

 “Oh I love this piece,” Jess said smiling. She took the piece out of your hands and started to flip through it.

 “Whos’ hand writing is that?” Krissy asked.

 “That would  be mine,” Ashton said from behind you.

 “Oh. It’s lovely handwriting,” Jess said, shocked.

 “Thanks,” Ashton laughed as he sat down next to you.

 “Ashton, I didn’t know you sat down here,” Tiffany said walking up to you and the others.

 “I just thought that it would be nice to sit with some friends,” Ashton said smiling at you and then looking at Michael as he walked up. “I also didn’t know that Michael sat here.”

 You laughed and then got up, heading over to the buffet. You grabbed a basket of fries and froze as you focused on what Mr. Reid had told you.

 “Are you only going to eat fries?” Ashton asked from behind you.

 “I’m not very hungry, and I’m going for a swim later,” You said moving down the buffet to grab a water bottle.

 “Can I join you for this swim?” Ashton asked you. You laughed and headed back to the table when you saw Calum and Luke sitting there.

 “I didn’t know we were all sitting here,” You said sitting in the spot that you were in earlier.

 “We pulled up some chairs,” Luke said smiling.

 “They are a bit uncomfortable,” Calum said shifting his weight. You laughed and grabbed a fry.

 “We should probably be going soon,” Tiffany said standing up.

 “What? You guys just got here,” Jess said looking at Tiffany.

 “She’s right. I want to get a swim in,” You said eating another fry.

 “And we have some other things to do. I’ll see you at lunch though,” Tiffany said before she and Michael walked off.

 “I should probably go soon too,” You said getting up. You took another bite of a fry and then walked over to the trash can. You started to walk out of the dining hall entrance and down the steps.

 “Were you going to leave without me?” Ashton asked with the other boys following him.

 “Yeah I was. I have to go to the cabin, change, and then do a couple laps before classes start again,” You said nodding.

 “Would you like me to join you?” Ashton asked with a smirk.

 “Yeah Blue,” Calum said smiling. Calum, Luke, and you froze. You looked at Calum and then turned forward and started to walk again.  

 “What did you say?” Ashton asked.

 “Nothing. I said (Y/N),” Calum said before walking away.

 “Anyway, I need to get to the lake to do my swim so I can be done so I can practice for the final show,” You said before turning around and walking to your cabin, closing and locking the door before Ashton and Luke could walk in. You leaned up against the door and took a deep breath, letting yourself believe that everything was going to be alright. Which was a lie.


totally wasn’t going to post this. decided to post a small filler. feel like i haven’t posted this one enough and everyone has just lost interest, including me. so i’m going to start working on it more. just stick with me. thank you if you have so far. 

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“There are no small hands, only small minds.” - the quote my piano teacher keeps on saying to me that is actually said by another Russian pianist whom she forgot the name of. 

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is playing with 14 notes per bar in treble and 8 notes per bar in bass tough?

fight me


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July 31, 1918 birth of American pianist and composer Hank Jones.


Heres a little free improv i did mixing some Tango with Ragtime. I hope you like it?