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Table Read for the Finale of the Office.

My highlights are at:
4:05 - Original cast photo 
4:16 - Introduction of the cast
7:16 - The lost Matrix Prank that was never shot
1:06:27 - Jenna and John 
1:13:38 - Jim’s penultimate talking head
1:14:04 - Dwight’s final talking head
1:15:49 - Jim’s final talking head
1:16:02 - Pam’s final talking head

I’ve been emotional, cried and laughed many times over the course of this show…but I didn’t think the table read would get me as it did.

I’m rewatching The Office (as one does in stressful times) And it’s the episode when the Stamford branch merges with Scranton. Karen accidentally insults Phyllis’s perfume and Stanley says, “I don’t know who these new people think they are. I’ve been sitting downwind of Phyllis’s stinky perfumes for years. Never said a word.” And then suddenly I’m all in my feels because OMG he respected her so much! This is a man who shoots from the hip all the time, but he cared enough to spare Phyllis’s feelings about her nasty perfume. I’m done. They’re too perfect.

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