*phyllis vance


Table Read for the Finale of the Office.

My highlights are at:
4:05 - Original cast photo 
4:16 - Introduction of the cast
7:16 - The lost Matrix Prank that was never shot
1:06:27 - Jenna and John 
1:13:38 - Jim’s penultimate talking head
1:14:04 - Dwight’s final talking head
1:15:49 - Jim’s final talking head
1:16:02 - Pam’s final talking head

I’ve been emotional, cried and laughed many times over the course of this show…but I didn’t think the table read would get me as it did.

advice from the office

  • find humor in everything like michael scott
  • follow your heart like pam beesley
  • learn to balance work and play like jim halpert
  • be determined like dwight schrute 
  • be strong in your faith like angela martin
  • admit your faults like ryan howard
  • love with all you have like andy bernard 
  • find your inner child like kevin malone
  • keep secrets like creed bratton
  • learn when to be silent like toby flenderson
  • be kind like phyllis vance
  • have the confidence of meredith palmer
  • be proud like oscar martinez
  • appreciate your family like stanley hudson
  • be passionate like kelly capoor
The Signs as Characters from The Office
  • Aries: Stanley Hudson
  • Taurus: Oscar Martinez
  • Gemini: Angela Martin
  • Cancer: Phyllis Vance
  • Leo: Andy Bernard
  • Virgo: Jim Halpert
  • Libra: Erin Hannon
  • Scorpio: Dwight Schrute
  • Sagittarius: Darryl Philbin
  • Capricorn: Kevin Malone
  • Aquarius: Michael Scott
  • Pisces: Pam Halpert