I just had a thought about phan

Back in 2009, they were so beautifully gay. Flirting and not caring. The gay level was rising and rising. Then 2012 happened and the gay level plummeted to an all time low. After that, every year since then the gay level has been rising. Now 2016 has rolled around, and not only have they gotten back to the 2009 level of being cute and not caring what anyone thinks, but as of a few weeks ago they’ve passed it. They’re the gayest they’ve ever been and I fucking love it. I can’t wait to see what this new level brings. Let the golden era of phan begin.

Another thought about Phan

Here’s something nice to think about. Dan and Phil are best friends. They’ve been living together for more than five years. Even from the small portion of their lives that they share, we can tell that they are inseparably close.

Now just think about some of the things that go on in their lives that they don’t share with us…


-Dan hugging Phil as tight as he can when he comes back from a vacation

-Phil inching closer to Dan during a scary movie, and Dan not minding. Dan still doesn’t mind when Phil burst his face into him during a jump scare

-All the fucking eye contact that must occur daily

-Dan/Phil being worried or upset about something, and being comforted by their best friend

-Dan and Phil laughing at a stupid joke when they’re alone, and leaning into one another and touching and shit because they don’t care

-When Dan and Phil first met at the train station, and Phil being so excited that he hugged dan and lifted him up off his feet

-Dan getting immensely happy when Phil reaches a new milestone of viewers on YouTube and hugging him in his excitement

-Phil being self conscious about something stupid, and Dan becoming the best fucking Defense Squad anyone could ask for…. and then hugging Phil

-Phil encouraging young dan to make a YouTube channel because he knows it’ll be great

-Even before Dan has many subscribers, Phil telling Dan just how great his videos are and how he needs to keep trying

-just lots of beautiful hugs and mmmmm

Yo phandom just wondering

do u guys actually think that phan is real??

reblog if you think it is

like if you think it isn’t

im curious as hell to see how this turns out woo


Dan can literally bring Phil into any conversation, even if it has nothing to do with him…