YO YO YO YO! So as most of you all know I am about to head out of town for my OTRA show! I will be gone today through Wednesday. I will still be mobile, so you will see me on the dash still reblogging and text rping as always, so I just wanted to make sure all of my lovely partners know that I am NOT ignoring you, I am just away from the computer!


I will be live posting from my trip with stupid videos, photos, etc. So if you would like to track my trip and concert photos/vids, please track the ’krisgoesOTRA’ tag! The link is now provided in my description box on my page as well as in my navigation too :-) I will miss you guys and you are as always, dabomb.com

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tagged everyone i have current drafts or recent drafts with but this applies to all my lovely baes 

pearlypezz ;;

        It was quite a lovely day and Louise was in one of those moods where she wants to spend the rest of the day under the sun with a satisfying vanilla ice cream on a cone by her hand, together with her best friend, Cyrus. It’s no like that Cyrus prefers to be inside his room, alone with his laptop but since he signed himself up to be her best friend, he has no choice than to give in to her requests since she doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants. She dragged Cyrus down to the beach since from what she heard there is small amusement park like around, and what she heard was true. There were a few rides, booths, and mini games. It could not be denied that Louise was excited about it. So excited that she started to ramble on and on about how much loves rides, cotton candies, and mini games where she can win a fuzzy animal, but she stopped when she realized that Cyrus’ is completely zoned out. She stood in front of him and waved. “ Earth to Cyrus, hello ?? Is my friend Cyrus still there ?! “ she questioned as she continued to wave her hand. “ I know you don’t want to be here with me, but can you please at least pretend you do ? “