Imagine #9

Imagine #9

Anonymous asked: Hello! I’ve been thinking about this request for a while and if you’re not too busy or anything can you please write it? Basically, Peter likes Y/N but he doesn’t want to and tries to stop, until one day he can’t take it anymore and finds the reader and takes her something private and kisses her and she’s confused, but then he confesses and says “This is everything I didn’t say" and then lots of fluff? Love your blog btw xx

Pairing - Peter Pan x Reader

Warning - None. Just fluff.

A/N : I’m so sorry to be this late in writing this but there were some personal problems!

Well hope you like it!



A name that Peter couldn’t erase from his mind. You were like a ghost to him, everywhere. He didn’t understand or didn’t want to that why was he feeling like this towards his only lost girl.

When you laughed or smiled, Peter’s heart swelled and when you were sad, his heart shattered. But, what was this feeling?

“ Hey Pan!” You said cheerfully and sat down beside him. As you did, your shoulders brushed a little and Peter felt sparks from that simple touch.

He furrowed his eyebrows,trying to forget about it, but failed when you lightly touched his hand.

“ Peter, You okay? You look pale.” You asked him.

“ Yes I am” he said rather harshly and got up from the log, going far away from you. His mind told that this was wrong, but his heart that never showed any affection, this time told him otherwise.

You saw him go away. You can say that you were sad. From living here in Neverland from a very long time, you have developed feelings for him, but you were too scared to tell him.

Thinking he doesn’t like you back in the same way.

But, you were wrong.


Peter was sitting on the highest branch of a tree, looking at the setting sun.

All this time, while he was away, he was thinking that whatever he feels towards you is true or not.

Whenever you touched him, he felt butterflies dancing frantically in his stomach, whenever you smiled at him, he felt that he was the happiest person alive to see such a beautiful thing.

Indeed he was in love with you.

Love. A very strong and dangerous word for Peter. A word that he is running away from, in all these years. A word that makes you weak.

But, this time, Peter wanted to be weak, he didn’t wanted to run away anymore. He didn’t wanted to lose you and the king of Neverland was going to surprise you today.

It was almost time to sleep now, dinner was over and the lost boys were in their tents. Only, you were the when still out, waiting for Peter to come.

You didn’t had to wait long as he came in the camp after a few minutes. He looked around, checking whether any boy is still out.

When, he found none, he walked towards you and held out a hand in front of him, in order for you to take it.

You looked at him, confusion etched on your face from the weird behaviour of Peter. But, not wanting to anger him, you took his hand and let him lead you.

Soon, you both reached at the very top of the hill. Peter led you inside a dark cave and you suddenly felt scared.

’ Where was he taking you?’ You thought while walking deeper in the cave.

Then you saw a flash of light coming from the end and as you exited, you gasped.

Flowers were spread all around and butterflies were flying one to the other. It was like a completely different part of the world.

There was a small lake, with fishes inside. You were surprised that you didn’t know about this place.

But, you were more surprised when Peter suddenly turned you around and kissed you directly on the lips.

As the initial shock subsided, you slowly kissed him back. At this moment you both felt fireworks. Cliché? But, its the truth. He pulled back, and you felt yourself blushing hardly. But, you were still confused that why he kissed you?

“ Why?” Was only the word that felt appropriate at that time.

“ This is everything, I didn’t say, Y/N. I never told you. This whole time, I was trying to not fall in this. I was not ready to accept my love for you. But, I wasn’t able to take it anymore. Whenever I see you smile, its like a beam of light in my dark world, whenever I see you sad, I want to just vanish the thing that caused you to be. I love you Y/N, to the moon and back. More than anything in this world.” You felt tears streaming down your cheeks.

You sniffed and smiled softly at him.

“ I love you too Peter, I always have” Peter smiled brighter than the sun on a sunny day.

He laughed and picked you up, swirling you in circles. You laughed too at his childish behaviour. Feeling happy and content by being in the arms of the love of your life. Finally.

When, he put you down. This time you didn’t hesitate to kiss him and this was just the start.


Hope you liked it! I have exams from 2nd August so I will complete the rest of the requests and place them in the queue. Thank you for being so patient!

Imagine: Peter Pan falls for his new lost girl.  But, she is cursed.

Ever since she came to Neverland Y/N has been avoiding me.  Even when I talk directly to her she won’t answer me or even look at me.  It shouldn’t bother me, she’s most likely just scared.  Her entire life has changed after all.  But it really does bother me I am the Neverland’s ruler.  She should respect me.  

Right in the middle of my internal rant Felix approaches me.  “I have good news and bad news.  What do you want to hear first?”

I continue staring at Y/N as I answer, “Bad news first.”

“Well bad news is, I just found out Y/N is cursed.”  That got my attention.

“What do you mean cursed?”

“Sit back down and I’ll tell you.”  I realized I had just jumped out of my set.  So I slowly sat down glancing at Y/N.  As usual she did not react to my outburst.  “Y/N, was cursed as a child she can’t see or hear the people who lover her.”

“That doesn’t make sense.  She has never been able to see me and it’s not like I love her.  If anything she shouldn’t be able to see you two are much closer.”

“Peter, the curse is what it is.  There is no denying it, besides what we have is a friendship.”

“I have never even talked to the girl before.”  My head was spinning.  I walked over to Y/N and looked at her really looked at her.  She was beautiful there was no denying it.  I thought back to when I first saw her what could have made me love her so much that she wouldn’t even of had time to see me.


Felix was bringing a girl from a passing ship, it appeared as if she had been thrown overboard.  I can clearly see them talking and laughing from the top of a hill where I decided to wait.  I make a mental note to tell Felix he can no longer talk to the girl.  The way they are so close together is sickening.  The girl keeps laughing at something Felix did.  I look closer and realize that he fell and slid a few feet down the hill she laughs so hard she nearly loses her balance as well.  However she soon catches herself and helps Felix up.  They reach the top soon after and I quickly realize she is ignoring me.


I still can’t figure out what happened to make me feel this way but I do realize I love her.  I walk back to Felix, “Come on, grab Y/N and let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”  Felix stands up.
“We are going to break this stupid curse.”

A toned drawing of Tinkerbell for my new sketchbook. I hope to have it all ready for #gencon this year!

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