Ikea Run Headcannon -p. parker

october 2nd, 2017

prompt: going to ikea with peter - headcanons

word count: 900-ish? (short for me )): )

warnings: swearing for sure & fluff?? grumpy peter if that’s a thing??

a/n: this has probably already been done before but here’s my take on this prompt!! also this is college peter with college reader just an fyi, enjoy :) feedback is welcomed and much appreciated!! sorry if this isn’t the best, this is my first headcanon and it’s quite late at night when i’ve posted this oops

pairing: college!peter parker x reader


  • you were only going to ikea for one little insignificant item
  • (spoiler: it was a coffee table bc peter somehow destroyed the only other one you two had yiKES)
  • you figured you might as well drag bring peter along bc he was your platonic roommate, and he should have a say in what kind of coffee table you two had in your living room, right?
  • it wasn’t bc you had developed feelings for peter and wanted to spend some one-on-one time with him, right?
  • anyways, peter was being grumpy in the subway ride on the way to ikea since he had originally planned on having a lazy day indoors
  • he was so grumpy to the point where he refused to hold on to the handles to keep him upright
  • instead he would cross his arms across his chest with his hands in lil fists
  • every time the train would stop or start too harshly, peter would nearly fall on top of you
  • you would give him a lil glare but in secret you really loved it bc his eyes would go super wide and he’d immediately grasp onto you to make sure you were okay
  • peter wasn’t actually all that grumpy though after a while, he was just really deep in thought about how fuckin cute his roommate looked in his pullover that they didn’t think peter would notice had been stolen from his laundry
  • when you guys got off the subway, peter wasn’t acting grumpy anymore and he offered out his arm for you to hold onto so you wouldn’t get lost 
  • you gladly accepted :))))
  • finally y’all made it to ikea and it was sUpEr crowded so peter puts his hand over yours to keep you on his arm
  • you died before you could even say anything
  • you and peter started wandering the aisles of ikea
  • peter was enjoying himself a lot more than you originally thought
  • he would drag you by the hand into the bedroom and office sections and he would script out lil scenarios for you two to act out
  • “oh y/n look at this one!! i’ll be an old-fashioned mobster and you owe me money” he then sits in the giant swivel chair behind the huge wooden desk while you play along
  • *swivels around dramatically with his hands interlocked* “i told you already, i don’t let no stragglers off the hook so easily. where’s my money pal??”
  • “i don’t know man, i got bills up to my elbows to pay here! please, i got a family to take care of!”
  • these don’t last too long because peter either breaks out laughing or sees something else he wants to check out and drags the both of you towards it
  • what was originally only supposed to be a two hour trip at most ended up lasting for much longer than that
  • peter was having so much of a good time just exploring the store in all its glory
  • you couldn’t help but let your heart melt at the sight of peter so carefree and happy
  • he was for sure like a puppy, especially with those big brown eyes of his 
  • you two had ended up in the mattress section
  • both of you were laying on the same mattress together when a few horrible realizations hit you:
    • a) you two hadn’t picked out a coffee table yet 
    • b) you were falling more for peter
    • c) you two were completely fucking lost in ikea 
  • you had sat up immediately in panic so peter was like “whoa what’s wrong?”
  • you turned to peter with the most horrified expression on your face
  •  “i forgot the yarn peter”
  • peter is MORE than confused bc why would you need to bring yarn to ikea??
  • “peter, we’re gonna get lost and die!”
  •  “what?! no we’re not, why would you think that?”
  • “because ikea is a literal maze and we’re never gonna find a way out without the yarn that i forgot!!” 
  • peter’s face kinda drops from the sudden realization that ikea is, in fact, structured to be a maze 
  • he’s trying not to panic but his face says it all 
  • he’s trying to think of solutions in his head if they did end up getting lost inside ikea
  • his phone was nearly dead though
  • oh wait i can just ask karen inside the suit to help- 
  • he realized that he was dumb enough to leave the Spider suit at home
    • in his defense, he didn’t think they’d be spending almost all day at ikea
  • “we’ll be fine, let’s go get that coffee table now, yeah?”
  • you just nodded and peter offered his hand out since he saw how stressed you were over the littlest inconvenience
  • peter was about to get mind-fucked when he realized how important that ‘little inconvenience’ would actually be 

a/n: if you made it this far into the reading, than thank you! i wanna make a part 2 to this headcanon, so let me know what your thoughts are! 

It was weird as hell seeing CGI Tarkin in Rogue One but as wrong as his voice is, his occasionally off appearance and how odd the concept is, it honestly made me squeal to see Peter again it was just an amazing feeling.