peppertoni-pizzazz asked:

Since you already said what you think about Windows 10, do you think there are some improvements that could be made or no?

Well, there’s always room for improvement, where you want there to be room or not. Here’s some changes I’d like for them to add:

-The ability to group apps in folders, like you could in the Windows 7 start menu.

-The ability to uninstall (or at least hide via ‘Turn Windows Features off’) some of the built-in apps: I know I’m not going to use the Xbox app and a few others

-The ability to automatically set your computer in ‘battery saver mode’, or at least have it remember if you were using it before charging and then re-activate it once you stop charging, no matter how much battery you have left.

-Battery life improvements in general.

-Combine the PC Settings and Control panel into one program that doesn’t lose the capability of either one

-Fix some built-in programs (like the Event Viewer and Computer Management) so they properly scale (i.e. not blurry) when your screen is magnified

That’s all I can think of right now.

ode-to-campus asked:

D, H, J, M, W

  • D:Favourite food - Peppertoni Pizzaz
  • H:Favourite book - I cant read so :/
  • J:Favourite movie - theres too many movies and my mind refuses to think of any
  • M:Random Fact about me - In kindergarten I had my own little gang called the Mighty Tigers and me and a bunch of other kids would run around the playground and we had a rivalry with another gang called the power rangers
  • W:Favourite superhero - i’ll go back to my og fav as a small child and say Spiderman

(i know im like 3 days late with this but ykno)