Gossip Girl Confession: The last episode of Gossip girl, was the most rushed last episode ever. I wish the 6th season, had more episode and was a little spread out. 

Random Gossip Girl Survey [ Reblog and answer :) ! ]

1. Who did you think Gossip Girl was before you watched the finale? 


2. Who was your favorite character of Gossip Girl? 

-Blair Waldorf, Queen B slays. 

3Top 3 favorite ships? 

-First Chair, Second Derena, Third, Nair. I don’t know how i can love Blair with Chuck and Nate but i do. lol

4. Favorite season of Gossip Girl?

-Probably Season 2, even choosing a specific season is real hard.

5. A character you wish you saw more of throughout the seasons? 

-Probably Georgina or Vanessa towards the end of the series.