S(ish)SS: When the Moon, Ch 13

His pulse is rapid against my cheek and I’m reminded of Granny Ashpet, the cougar who fell in love with a sparrow. I wonder if the devotion of a wild thing frightens Peeta. If he sought to tame a pretty dove and got a hawk instead; a venomous copperhead where he wanted a peep-frog or a wolf instead of a doe.

All at once I want to apologize for being so fierce and wild and frightening. Peeta is the very definition of nurture: a baker’s son who creates beautiful things with his strong hands, who feasts birds and Seam children on the finest sweets and whose touch is compassion itself, and I am a feral beast. A misguided lynx who chose this gentle, perfect human boy for her mate and brings him the choicest portions of her kills – meat and feather and fur and bone – as presents.

If his aunt wasn’t a butcher I would’ve given him the bucket of deer’s blood and the snow-packed organs to boot.

I try to pull away, mortified by these crude manifestations of a love that he can’t possibly want, and twist in his arms like the wild thing that I am, but Peeta only snugs me tighter against him and rocks me a little from side to side. “Shh, little songbird,” he soothes. “Why are you so horrified by your feelings? Do you really have no idea how precious they are?”

some of my favorite accounts...

I’ve never really done this on here, but there are a lot of really great accounts on here. I love you all but here are a couple that just come to mind.

ps this is the people from Tumblr for the most part, not too many Twitter mutuals on here but I love you all too ❤️


seasalticecream32 asked:

Hey love! I'd be so happy if you could write some genderfluid Sherlock and super accepting Molly. Please? Your writing is wonderful.

 I’ve written myself round in circles for weeks now, and this is what I’ve come up with. I hope its what you wanted…

   Do you know it? The hush in the morning as the day holds its breath, anticipation ringing in the silence as the world sleeps on and you wait, patiently, to see where the tumble will take you? The sheets wrap their heavy weight around you, comfort and warmth in their cotton grip. You can forget who you are in the first shaft of sunlight; names and roles and jobs leave their meanings behind. It is just you, your lover, and the promise of a new day.

  Eyes open, and in that first moment they are cosmic – vast and sprawling, unbounded possibilities and all life captured in the swirling blue-green-grey of first sight. Soft and slumberous, a shared glimpse of recognition – oh, there you are. But who am I? So the scan begins, pulsing flashes of exploration and awareness, almost timorous yet infinitely bold. How does the fit feel today, love?

  Is today a day where he is him? Sharp eyes, quick thoughts and the flash of adventure? Raised on one elbow, his gaze so cocky I might long to wipe it off, if I only knew how… Fingers through hair, teasing already tangled curls into further disarray… My name, from his lips, a purr so enticing I would fly to the moon if he asked for some dust.

  Maybe, for this day, they are here? Every moment a puzzle to solve, a string of data to be learned, filed, and categorized. They said once that in ordering the chaos, they come closest to knowing themselves. Is the peace is over, a helter-skelter dash in search of the pattern beginning?  I’ll orbit their planet, stardust in their wake.  

  Sweetest are the mornings when she peeks out, desperately searching against a reaction that I will never give.  In her tentative glances, a seeking – do you know who I am, can I be who that is? Send your hand across space, bring your body to mine. In my freely given caress, read a truth gently shared – here is trust, here is love.

  I know it now – your dawn, and the knowledge it brings. Never push away sleep, love, never fight the starlit dark. You are still that one person, my person, my love; no matter how your skin fits or the words that you choose. For if you are the universe, then I am the watcher – this bed of ours will witness each dawning, each day.

truthisademurelady asked:

Henry and Lucas, Victorian London AU.

Probably not what you were looking for, but…

Henry rubbed his eyes, hoping the world would right itself once he opened them again. Head wounds were tricky–he wouldn’t have thought that blow to the head severe enough for hallucinations, and yet he was surrounded by the impossible nonetheless. Perhaps he had a bleed. He needed to borrow a phone and call Abe, and ask him to be on standby at the East River, just in case

Behind him, someone–Lucas, most likely; Jo’d forbade Henry from visiting the Lockharts’ apartment again, so of course Henry went anyway and dragged Lucas along–groaned in pain, then said, “Whoa? Where are we?”

Reluctantly, Henry uncovered his eyes. The world hadn’t corrected itself. He was still in an alley, lying on filthy cobblestones, looking at a London that he hadn’t seen in years. “I–”

“Excuse me! Is everything all right?” a man asked, rushing toward the alley. “I heard a commotion. Do you gentlemen need a doctor?”

Yes, they most likely did need a doctor, but not one from this era. “That won’t be necessary,” Henry replied, and glanced over to the man. “I’m a physi–”

Their eyes met, and Henry froze. He knew those eyes, the hair, the mustache. He remembered the clothes, the hat, the shoes.

The man tilted his head, puzzled, and studied Henry. “You look oddly familiar,” he said, giving Henry a small smile. “My apologies, but I’m afraid I cannot recall who you–” Recognition must have hit him then. He paled, and stared at Henry, mouth gaping, then took a step back. “My God. You–”

“Holy shit,” Lucas whispered, and nudged Henry’s arm. “That guy looks and sounds just like–”

“Me,” Henry finished. “That’s because he is me.”

kitten name!!!

hey guys!! my sister and i narrowed our new kitten’s potential name down to two: rosalina 🌟 and saria!🍃 we love them both for different reasons, so it’s hard to choose. we were curious to know what others think, so let us know – which name do you like best? (bonus points if you know the inspirations behind the names) (it’s kind of obvious but) (still)


Eyyy, it’s Meet the Aro Day!  We’re supposed to post five facts about ourselves, for visibility and to put some lovely faces to our community <3

1) I’m bisexual greyromantic.  I’ve toyed with some other labels on the spectrum that might apply to how I feel (including lith and quoi), but ultimately I felt more comfortable going with a more ambiguous label since how I feel is a complicated pain in the ass. xD

2) Ethnically/culturally I am Jewish, and despite not being religious, I consider it an important part of my identity.

3) Irl I’m a singer and actor with a mildly useless theater degree XD I also love cosplay, drawing, and writing- basically I am buried face-first in some project at all times XD

4) I am just a bit obsessed with pretty much everything Tolkien (if the shirt didn’t give it away)

5) I live with a friend/roommate and our kitten Toothless, who we just got a few days ago <3