Tommy x Reader

Request By @toxic-vibez

Warnings: smutty, jealous Tommy

Tommy waited impatiently for you to get back to the humongous house. He’d never once had any self-doubt when it came to you, except for today. You’d gotten up ridiculously early and slid out of bed, attempting to keep quiet and not wake Tommy, but he watched your rigmarole of getting ready in silence.


He didn’t say a word over breakfast, waiting for you to explain what your plans for the day were, receiving nothing more than a kiss on the cheek and a quick goodbye as you hurried outside to wait for someone.


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Michael x Reader

Requested By @justaclichewhitegirl

Michael trailed off mid-sentence and his cousins followed his gaze to you, a small boy tugging at your hand as he wondered around with wide eyes, gazing back at you as you spoke quietly with him.


“Come on Michael leave her be she probably has a good man at home.” Arthur chuckled.

They watched as he walked up to you, stopping when you pulled your son close and shared a knowing look with Michael, the sight drawing his cousins over.


“(Y/N).” Michael muttered and glanced down to the boy who was looking between the two of you.


“Henr…” He scoffed and slowly went to crouch down to look at the boy who was the spit of him.


“Michael.” He corrected and smiled at the boy.


“You want to introduce us Michael?” Tommy asked wearily, unsure if you were a friend or not.

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If you haven’t noticed, peakyblinded has a sidebar section of blogs we recommend following. Considering there are a lot of glorious peaky blogs out there, we would like to add a few more in order to make that f**king neighborhood a little more respectable.

What We’re Looking For

  • Blogs that:
    • Make Peaky Blinders edits, often
      • However, making edits is not necessary for consideration. 
    • Reblog (NON RE-POSTED) Peaky content, often
    • Participate in Peaky discussions or answer lots of asks
    • The blog does not have to be 100% Peaky, but primarily-Peaky is what we’re looking for


  • Promotion to 6k+ followers
  • Our undying love & admiration

What To Do

  • Reply (please do not send asks) to this post with why you think your blog, or another blog you find deserving, should be considered.
  • We will give your/their blog a look, and if we’d like to add you to the list, we’ll let you know!

***if you are currently on this list and would like to be removed, please let us know***