*paws at face*

My cat looks pissed 90% of the time but he is the biggest cuddly catbutt ever. Like he literally loves everybody who pets him. And also hold your hand and put his paws on your face when you cuddle with him.

- This has almost gotten to a non mm blog, but I honestly love just talking with you all, and yet I still feel like im wasting you guys’ time>-<

“Tom and the Ginger” - Digital Oil Painting

“Have you got a kiss for me, my darling?”

Tom was being his sweet self, as usual, but the kitten had other ideas.

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emoji reviews: domestic cat

a classic. has nice posture, alert and happy, 4/5

an interesting new take. very small and cute, has a :3 face, 5/5

not a big fan of the usual thick bold lines, but otherwise a good cat, 3/5

don’t really like this one. odd shape, but points added for not being orange, 3/5

a breath of fresh air. nice coloring, seems excited, 4/5

interesting. minimalist, but a bit plain, 4/5

very small, not unlike google’s. a good cat, 5/5

black, good color choice. a bit pudgy, has a :| face, 5/5

looks more like a chihuahua than a cat. still good, 2/5

a sleek cat. it seems determined and strong, 4/5

shaking up the format, not facing sideways! nice paws, :3 face, 6/5 best cat

an enjoyable, neutral cat. decent anatomy, good shapes, 4/5

A Scientific Study On Why Dogs Are The Best

- Their tails go swoosh swoosh

- Their little puppy “arf arf!” at strange objects that makes them fall backwards

- No sense of personal space

- Never ending adoration

- When they don’t have tails their whole body wiggles

- Everything is worth celebrating

- Puppy breath!

- That pit pat pit pat pit pat happy dance they do with their front paws when they’re excited

- They throw major shade at your enemies

- They’re an eco-friendly electric blanket 

- Their “grmmmmmmmm” when they are asleep and you disturb them

- Puppy kisses

- Their bunny hops in grass that’s higher than their heads

- When they do the splish splash in wading pools 

- The “arf arf” and butt wiggle they do when they want you to chase them

- They follow you everywhere


- Puppy eyes

- Paws in your face when they want your attention

- A never-ending wealth of happiness and soft furry warm hugs and unconditional acceptance