FYI..latest information from PW regarding High Life.

Film Description: takes place beyond the solar system in a future that seems like the present. About a group of skilled criminals who, in a bid to escape their long sentences or capital punishment, except a likely fatal government space mission to find alternative energy sources. They find themselves in the most unimaginable situation after a storm of cosmic rays hit the ship. The film follows the character of Monte a few years after the missions launch as he raises his daughter, Willow, in complete isolation on the empty spacecraft as it heads towards its final destination, a black hole. He fathered Willow against his will after his sperm was used inseminate another convict in space as part of the experiment. In the process of raising her, however, he comes to experience real love for the first time in his life.

I’m not holding my breath that production will actually begin in January. But what I really love is that Lars Eidinger has been added to the cast.

“Ad un certo punto bisogna saper andar via. Io sono il tipo che vuol sempre restare fino all’ultimo, fino a che la festa non è finita, finché c’è vita c’è speranza, fino a che non mi dici chiaramente che è ora di andare. Invece dovrei imparare a sparire, a un certo punto, perché tanto alle persone piace sentire la mancanza di qualcuno, più della sua presenza. Fanno così: dicono che vorrebbero qualcuno che non se ne vada mai, poi lo trovano e sai a chi pensano? A chi non c’è.“

– Charles Bukowski.