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Within His Mind pt. 4 (Final)

A/N: Oh my goodness gracious, I’ve finished my first fic on tumblr. *proudly pats self on back* :D Please note that my first language is actually not English, so pretty please excuse any grammatical or spelling errors found within this fic. I do, however, want to get better with it. So any tips are welcome in my inbox!

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,125

Warnings: None.

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cut man // daredevil

there’s a price to be paid for division and isolation. democracy cannot flourish amid hate. justice cannot take root amid rage. we must dissent from the indifference. we must dissent from the apathy. we must dissent from the   f  e  a  r   .


#17challenge: favourite era - pretty u (although tbh i love all the eras) // insp.

A letter from Ucchi to Kotori

To Minami Kotori-sama,

This is my first time writing a letter. I can’t help but feel a bit weird…! Even though I’m sure I won’t be able to write well but I will still write according to my thoughts. Can I write this well……
It was 2010 when we first met!! It’s already been 5 years!! We actually spent so much time together, I’m really surprised! From the start, I’ve been thinking “Minami Kotori… What kind of child would she be like?”

“I’m the one that has to give Kotori a character!” I held that thought in my heart & made a decision. To give Kotori a lot of charm & make her shine etc. That would be my job as a Seiyuu… something like that. To let everyone see that “Out of the 9 members, she wouldn’t lose to anyone & that no one else but me can potray” I wanted to play a Kotori like that. Love Live! requires me to make a lot of appearances & I was very reluctant at first. Won’t I ruin your image? I was very afraid of that. Dancing too. “Can I dance it well?” I was always worrying about that. It was at these moments that you stayed by me & gave me energy.

I’m not fighting a lone battle. There was always “Minami Kotori”, this character, by my side. I will keep fighting. The most important thing is to have confidence! It doesn’t matter if it’s singing or dancing, I’ve got to give it my all to play as you. As a seiyuu, I’ve never had such a happy experience! Just like this, together, shining as one. And the most amazing thing is the “Live” of Love Live!
Really, you can call it the fruit of our labour! As seiyuu, we’re always working hard & moving towards that goal. To be able to meet this role “Minami Kotori”, I’m really happy. If I missed meeting you even by just a little bit, your seiyuu could have been some other person… Now that I think about it, I have to express my gratitude properly for being able to meet you. Also, I’d like to compliment myself for trying my best all this while to portray you… To be able to be Minami Kotori’s seiyuu (This experience) It will be my lifetime’s treasure. What do you think? To have me chosen as your seiyuu, did you feel that this experience is a really happy one too?

If we’re the same, if our feelings are mutual, then I’d be too happy. From here on, I will continue to try my best to not embarrass you! Love Live! has really granted all kinds of wishes. Do you remember? I once said this to everyone at the first event that “One day, (Love Live!) would become something everyone can be proud of!”. From then, I’ve been working really hard together with Kotori. Up until now, we’ve received so much love from so many people. I’m really happy… From here on, let’s let Love Live! get even more recognition from everyone. Let’s carry everyone’s love & keep on fighting!

To the cutest & my most beloved Minami Kotori-sama,
Uchida Aya

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