I know episode 4 makes Nathan seem like an evil person, but I think there’s more to him than that.

First of all his happiness when seeing max in Rachel’s clothes and mistaking max for her. He seems almost joyful in this Situation in ep3.

Also his monologue after warren beats him up (“everybody hates me”), makes him seem vulnerable and lonely.

And then you see him also passed out on a photo with Rachel.

I have this theory, that Nathan had a secret crush on Rachel. And however he had to get Rachel as jeffersons next victim. We don’t know what happened during the “photoshoot”, but I ended up with a passed out nathan. Maybe Rachel died After Nathan lost consciousness. And that’s why it could no possible that he still wants to believe she is alive.

Also it could be possible that Jefferson did something to nate, Took his phone And wrote Chloe.

Library Pick Up Lines – Jackson Whittemore Prompt

Prompt: hello :D I was wondering if I could request a Jackson Whittemore imagine, please? Maybe he’s in detention and during it, he meets a flustered reader - although she isn’t in detention, she’s running errands for the teacher. I would really appreciate it. x

Note: This is my first Jackson prompt and I changed it up just a little bit. I actually work at a library so this was so much fun to write. Anyways, I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I loved writing it.. 

I walked into the library with my last errand for the day. I’m an office aide so my last period is usually running errands around school for the secretary and principal. It involves going to classes to have teachers sign some last minute forms, passing down messages or memos, and flyers that needed to be passed out to the students before the final bell rang. I didn’t mind it one bit. I like helping others. Plus, this was an easy A and would look great for my college applications.

As I made my way to the front desk where Mr. Harris was talking to the students that had dentition, I took off my backpack and tucked it in a bottom cabinet behind the front desk with my purse as I volunteer at the library everyday after school. I grabbed the form Mr. Harris needed to sign and return back to the main office before he left for the day.

“Oh and one last thing,” Mr. Harris said as I walked towards him. “You’ll help Y/N put all of these books back on the shelf in their proper places,” Mr. Harris motioned towards the overloaded carts filled with books. “The carts must be empty before you leave.” 

I look at the students sitting down at the tables and noticed they were all in my grade. I noticed Scott and Stiles sitting together with Allison. Erica was by herself, and Matt, Danny, and Jackson were on another table. My eyes landed on Jackson as I saw him in a deep conversation with Danny and Matt. I’ve always thought he was gorgeous. His brown hair was short and clean cut. I’ve always wanted to run my fingers through his hair because it always looked so soft and shiny. He had a cute little nose with barely visible freckles spreading across his nose and high cheekbones. He had an impressive jawline with a killer smile. Lastly, his crystal blue irises were my favorite. They were absolutely breathtaking. If I could, I would look into his eyes and get lost for hours.

To say I had a crush on him is an understatement. I’ve known him my entire life, but guys like him didn’t notice or talk to girls like me. Beautiful people herd together as I once overheard Stiles say. I wasn’t considered popular, nor was I a cheerleader, and judging by the fact I’ve never been asked out on a date had me thinking I wasn’t as pretty or beautiful as most girls. Besides, pretty boys like Jackson are always taken and wouldn’t give girls like me the time of day.

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Liliana Week: Baby Lili Meets Her Hero.

Good friend, Mistess of Death, came for drinks tonight, Lili Fan girled all over her.

You should have seen it. Lili’s eyes lit up with a frenzied fangirl glee, and she started squealing praises almost to fast to follow. “Omgomgomgomgomg! I’m like your biggest fan ever! I love your work soooooooo much! So you take apprentices? Interns? Volunteers? We would make such an awesome team! You reap, I reanimate! We could be zombie apocalypse sisters! Omgomgomgomg!” Then she just let out a twenty second squeak and passed out.

Summary of the last week: Winthrop, wa: old west cred Tonasket, WA: town loves the passing cyclists. Met mayor, camped behind city hall, met some cyclists going west, cool dude(ttes). Got recommended a warmshowers contact in sandpoint, ID After Sherman pass: out of the cascades, flat dry territory, orchards, irrigation, bees Ione, WA: camped on pend oreille river, great spot! Starting to need a shower… rivers in the high cascades are freezing. Sandpoint, ID: 2nd state line crossing! Awesome warmshowers hosts, the Harder family. Sandpoint is cool, good ski town, lots o cool ski bum types around! Resting up and exploring for a day, then off to Montana! So far: 800 or so miles 3 flats 4 bee stings Gummy bears everyday

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I’m sorry, but at this point, I can barely bring myself to even feel angry. 

Just.  It’s like the Jlockers are trying to start a drinking contest and we’re kicking back a whole bottle of vodka like it’s water, daring them to top that, and watching them pass out after one pint of lite beer. 

Their tea is so weak, it’s laughable.

okay but i almost wish danny wasn’t there to hold laura back bc i would probably pay to see tiny ball of rage rush carmilla and barrel thru the damn caution tape and take her down- and we obviously know laura wouldn’t hit carmilla bc come on now, but i feel like she’d tackle carmilla down (only bc she caught her off guard) and then just sit there and carmilla would just explode w laughter and then i’d pass out probably

Tomorrow is my birthday! I have taken tomorrow and the day after off, and Jack and I are doing Things but I don’t know what they are?? I have been told that tomorrow morning he is making me a semi-full English breakfast (bless his socks, he couldn’t get mushrooms or baked beans?) with a mimosa. 

So…. this should be really great. I have the best dude.

It Will Pass.

majorstallmadge requested: can you imagine wolfgang squirming in pain and looking at kala and saying “how can you withstand all this freacking pain and stand there like your uterus is not trying to murder you???”

“Fucking sh-aghhhh! Kala!” Wolfgang groaned out his discomfort as he sat down on Kala’s couch trying to maintain his composure. “क्या आप इसे महसूस कर सकते हैं?” Can you feel it?

“Klar fühle ich es.” Of course I feel it. Kala held back a giggle from her desk as Wolfie curled up into the fetal position. “I’m just used to the feeling, I have a tolerance. It will pass.”

“It will pass?!” Wolfgang scoffed out in the German accent that Kala found so adorable. “Es wird vorbeigehen….” he mumbled. I have had my fair share of pain but how can you stand there so calm? Your own body is trying to kill you.” He groaned again, unable to find a comfortable position. Kala looked back at him from her studies and she just couldn’t leave him there, she had to comfort him. She walked over and stroked his soft blonde hair away from his eyes before placing a gentle kiss on his temple.

“Just breathe,” she said as she placed a hand on him in comfort. “Close your eyes,” she kissed him on the cheek, “and breathe,” then again on the corner of his lips. Wolfgang did as he was told and began to feel a bit of relief.

Deine Lippen sind magisch….” he said with his famous charming smirk.

Kala laughed, “I do not have magic in my lips, and don’t try to distract me!” She tried to get up and walk away but Wolfgang sat up and grabbed her by the waist, causing her to squeal and giggle when she bounced onto the soft material right next to him.

“On the contrary, I believe you were distracting me!” He kissed her face while she laughed, “and I definitely approve of your method.” He kissed her again on the lips a bit slower and felt her smile.

Kala sighed as she lay under him. “Alright,” she wrapped her arms around his neck, “I will distract you for a little while, my demon.” Wolfgang smiled and kissed her again, and they didn’t notice when, but the clenching pain of Kala’s cramps had disappeared altogether.

I apologize if the German and Hindi are not accurate, I tried to find accurate translations. Request a drabble here :) Thanks to darkmistandodddreams for the German!

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we meet again huehuehue! >:33 My request shall that Gajeel can actually sing good and ends up making a song about Levy huehuehue (improvise it just came outta ma head :33)

We meet again indeed -u-

Ta da~!

Sorry I didn’t get it out yesterday, I didn’t get a lot of sleep the previous night because I had to wake up at 5 am to catch a plane, so I passed out a little earlier than usual

(I’m really sorry, I made you wait on your last request too god I’m terrible I’m sorry)

Since you asked for a song and one of the latest ft chapters had a cute cover of these two in a band, I had to use the image as inspiration for your request. I hope this meets your expectations, have a good one!

Sweet Dreams

This is really random and I wrote it more to get myself out of the funk I’ve fallen into with the next Nothing Wrong prompt. Based off of this. Cullen and Elora fluff below!

Word Count: 1515

           Keeping his foot on the ground, Cullen rocked the hammock slowly. The sun was high in the sky but the trees were giving them more than enough shade to keep them out of the heat. On top of that, there was a gentle breeze rustling through the leaves that prevented the air from getting too hot. Elora was passed out on top of him, her head nestled in the crook of his neck as she slept. He wasn’t sure how long she had been asleep but he wasn’t going to try to check and run the risk of waking her up.

           It had been a long day, although he hadn’t been party to most of it. There had been a lot of screaming and tears and it was only half way done. Thankfully, Elora wasn’t the only one napping and they were both hoping that that would cure the screaming at the very least.

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Byron: Dex and Natalie are still showering. So we should get a head start.

Tinsley: Whats.(huffing).the…challenge today.

Byron: You gotta keep up first.

Tinsley: I don’t think I’ve ran since college…oh god this burns.

Byron: It’s alright, you’ll live.

Tinsley: And if I don’t? If… I.(puffing). pass out right now.

Byron: I’ll…give you CPR or something, you’d like that wouldn’t you.

Tinsley: Oh god.

Byron: I’ll take that as a yes.

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yEAH THE PSYCHO PASS MOVIE IS OUT you can watch it on kissanime and that site even has a mobile version in case you wanna watch it on your phone 😘



ao-de-shizukana )

>☉ ☽ ☿ ♀ ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♆ ♇ ☉ ☽ ☿ ♀ ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♆ ♇ ☉ ☽ ☿ ♀ ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♆

     Reyn was snoring while laying on Shulk’s bed. He had been hanging out with the smaller homs before he had passed out on the male’s bed.

☉ ☽ ☿ ♀ ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♆ ♇ ☉ ☽ ☿ ♀ ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♆ ♇ ☉ ☽ ☿ ♀ ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♆

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HEY!!!! grantaire who shuts himself away for a few weeks (not bc he's upset!!!! i am not here to talk about sad grantaire. maybe later but not right now) maybe bc he's focusing on a certain piece of art he's making or because he recently bought a lot of books and he's just like "i'm gonna read ALL OF THESE RIGHT NOW" and eventually when someone goes to check on him, they find him in a pillow fort and it turns into the amis watching cartoons and braiding each other's hair

At first everyone was worried because it was almost 2 weeks since they last saw him and OHMYGOD he’s not answering his phone he’s probably dead

Enjolras and the others go ahead on a small field trip to his apartment and of course Chetta has a key and they find him passed out in a pillow fort surrounded by books and they’re Just “okay he’s alive, but PILLOW FORT”

So they all cuddle around R and silently watch cartoons while he naps and when he wakes up he gets boyfriend kisses and platonic cuddles and tea and cartoons and everything is good

Repressed memories are an odd thing. They manifest in our daily lives, in ways we may realize and in ways we may not.

The hallucination Stiles witnessed was just that. A repressed, and maybe even altered, memory. (Lydia’s memory was altered, remember?) 

In S2 we are blessed with a heart clenching scene were, high on wolfsbane, Stiles hallucinates his drunken father telling him it was Stiles’ fault Claudia died. Now, this can be one of two things. Another memory (maybe not so repressed) where his father, a severe alcoholic after his mother’s death, spouts things. I don’t know if you’ve been drunk, but when I am I spout random shit. One time I watched a tv show until I passed out and the whole time I was awake, talked about how stupid the show was. Sober, that show is one of my favorites. That’s what happens. Stiles remembers this while high/drunk.

The other option is that it was triggered. Triggers don’t always make sense, sometimes they make total sense. For example, I go into full panic attack, trembling, hard to breath, sobbing, irrational, panic attack when I am around children 2 and under crying. Up until recently, I had no idea why. It stopped me from having my dream job as a preschool teacher. Stiles witnesses his mother blaming him for her dying, a very, VERY traumatic thing for a child, and then she attacks him. It makes sense that this memory would be repressed (dread doctors or not). When dealing with trauma, repression can take place in any age. Children or adults. And when it is triggered you experience pieces of it, not usually the full thing. Stiles, if he was triggered in S2, doesn’t experience the full memory, just the part that really kills him and his mind comes up t with a way for it to visually manifest by showing him an image of his drunk father.

Either scenario, Stiles blames himself. Up until now, we believed that guilt to be irrational. How could a child who sat with his mother everyday she was in the hospital up to her last breath, blame himself for her death. Even as a teen, he knew it was the disease. It was irrational, and even Stiles knew it. And then that little subconscious 10 year old Stiles starts whispering, “She’s dead because of you,” and there is nothing Stiles can do about it, because its subconscious. 

Now JD and the writers may just be blowing shit out of their asses, and they don’t make the connection between anything. However, this is for you, as fans, to keep sane, and to make sense of the confusion.