Had some ideas for couple costumes and I couldn’t resist drawing them oh my God

In order we have @honiibree‘s/ @pon3boi-mod ‘s Sugar Rush with Cerise as Beauty and the Beast, @secretiveflowers‘s Guardian Blade and Lilyfeather as Howl and Sophie, and lastly @theponyelementalist‘s Spirit Weaver and Neon Flight as Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s monster! 

Hayden: You think I’m gorgeous.

Finn: What? Pfft, I don’t think you’re gorgeous.

Hayden:  *singing* You think I’m gorgeous, you want to kiss me… You want to hug me…

Finn: Doctor Munro is more attractive, I rather kiss him.

Hayden: *still singing* You want to love me… You want to hug me… You want to smooch me… You want to…

Finn: *stares intensely at her*

HayFinn: *lean into each other*

Finn: *takes a bite of a Snickers bar*

I may have gotten on the Discord when everyone is like asleep or away,

but good talks about which songs the keions would pick at karaoke from Jacob led to me asking who would be the rap god of the group, and then

and I legit laughed out loud. Quite hard.

So basically, join the Discord


What if he remembers that time instead?

Poor Touka…of course she would be angry after becoming all emotional lol …i guess?…..but seriously her disappointment though lol xD

(Touka: Come back when you remember my real name, stupid kaneki….*drops tear*)