things i anticipate for the rooby v3 finale:

- pain

- thats it, im only preparing for pain

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Florist! AU

He came in every month at the same time, halfway through the afternoon of the fifteenth, or the sixteenth if the former fell on a Sunday, to order a dozen roses to be sent to a woman called Leia Organa. At first, Rey couldn’t help but wonder just what the hell his girlfriend did to make him so loyal, to inspire such adoration that he had to spend twenty bucks a month in order to appease her. When the woman came in, pulling up a pair of sunglasses to balance them atop her head, and fixed Rey with a knowing smile, the thought of her having been Ben Solo’s girlfriend flew out the window. 

“Are you Rey?” Leia asked, Rey having seen her name when it’d rang up on the screen after her purchase of a water. Not a flower person, clearly, given the way she was sniffling. 

“Uh, yes,” Rey offered her a smile, wanting to cover up her name tag, wondering how it was that this mystery woman was looking for her without Rey having ever met her before in her life. “How can I help you?” 

Leia’s smile was apologetic at first, though there was a hint of humor in her eyes. A strange, odd combination, Rey thought, but who was she to judge? “This is going to sound incredibly unorthodox, but, the next time my son  Ben Solo comes in, please ask him out?” 

Uhh, what? 

Before she could respond Leia had pressed on, her words coming fast now. “He keeps buying me flowers to give him a reason to come to see you. He likes to try and hide it, but I know my son. And I’m sorry,if you have no interest in him, but if you do–he’s too shy to ask you.” 

Yeah. She was pretty sure they’d said a dozen words to one another aside from business transactions, and her cheeks burned at the thought. “Uh. How do you know he–.” 

“I just do. Trust me. I’m allergic to pollen; he wouldn’t have done this unless he was looking to impress someone, and you’re by far the prettiest girl here.” 

Right. She’d take that as a compliment, she supposed, and thanked Leia for her suggestion, watching her go with a smile. What the fuck  had that been about? 

The next time Ben came in, though, she scribbled her number and a smiley face on the back of his receipt, wondering whether he’d take the hint, or if Leia would have a couple more months to suffer before Rey got it through his head that she meant it. 

guys this is absolutely unrelated to anything at all but i’m going to SCREAM i got a JOB i might be MOVING SOON I’M SO EXCITED AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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What if he remembers that time instead?

Poor Touka…of course she would be angry after becoming all emotional lol …i guess?…..but seriously her disappointment though lol xD

(Touka: Come back when you remember my real name, stupid kaneki….*drops tear*)

This Day in 1D History - August 24


  • blogger meet and greet/press conference with Zilo and Narry
  • This is Us US press conference with Zilo and Narry
  • *Grease voice* TELL ME MORE TELL ME MORE


  • backstage business (feat. Packer Donald Driver!)
  • Where We Are Tour concert – Arlington, USA