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Hi... Can you recommend any fics similar to "Oblivious" By: roughgamequidditch? Thanks.

Um try these:

A helping hand By: 4SnowWolf - T, 23 chapters - Hermione Granger is forced to consent to have a live-in body guard as strange things are going on in the wizarding world. Are there really Death Eaters at large? And what will happen, should she find out, who her protector is?

Silver & Gold by fungumunguss - M, WIP -  After an unusual accident, Draco Malfoy awakes to discover his wand glowing blue and a foreboding stranger in a long black cloak with the hood covering his face to greet him. The stranger whisks Draco away unveiling that he has been chosen by the oldest of magic to serve as an Unspeakable. He is given a number as his identity and once he is deemed ready he goes on missions to defeat the darkness that rises. Soon he is given a partner. As they work together to defeat the evil their identities are unknown to each other until his partner is hit and her hood falls off, revealing herself to be none other than Hermione Granger herself who is supposed to be dead. In shock Draco’s own hood falls off revealing who he is. The villain escapes and the pair have to go into hiding so their superior does not figure out that they know who the other is. In hiding they decide to work together to stop the evil from destroying the wizarding world. Can they defeat the darkness that rises and overcome their mutual hatred? Or will they succumb to the bubbling anger that lies just beneath their surfaces?

- Lisa


fic rec friday — ain't’ no sunshine (when you’re gone) by flotationdevice

Illya has been called away for a mission, and Gaby is categorically not moping.
No less than 9000 words of Gaby moping, structured loosely around the five stages of grief.

This is a stunning piece featuring Gaby coming to terms with just how much she wants Illya in her life. Just lovely. Go read!