Tracer got separated from Widowmaker and can’t find her anywhere… so she made a bunch of signs to help Amélie find her.

Tracer: Help, I’m lost!

Hey guys, I’m looking for a Widowmaker RP partner and thought this would be a cool way to find one. If anyone is interested please let me know also I’m not the best at drawing so sorry for any mistakes. Also, if someone draws a response to this you will literally be my favorite person.

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Sleepover headcanon: Nicky and Erik adopting a little girl and visiting Andreil together with her. Little Emily starts to decorate the cats with everything around that she can find and Neil starts laughing when he sees King Fluffkins with a sock on top of his head. The glare that the cat shots him could rival Andrew's. Nicky can't stop taking pictures. Erik is happy to see his family so happy. Andrew is glad that for once the topic isn't Exy.


Andrew would never admit it but he would give his life for that little girl within five hours of knowing her.

Sick Day


“Achoo!” Rin sneezed loudly; the sound echoing through the hallways of the Sector five apartment complex. She had used all her strength in order to walk all the way from her hut to the apartment in order to visit Yugo, but didn’t have any winter clothes; the cold air of the blizzard causing her to be very weak and get a cold rather quickly. She needed help and very quickly. Thus, the girl managed to craw to Yugo’s apartment door and knock on it weakly.

“Yugo…N-Need…H-help…Achoo!” Rin let out another loud sneeze; her condition really starting to worsen.

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So how do you think Ray would react, when he suddenly finds out, what to think about losing Mick, just thinking cause more pain, than when he lost Anna?I need a fanfic of Ray discovering his feelings

I didn’t set out to write a equal to Partners Means… with this, but…

AtomWave happened, because last night affected me more than I realized apparently.


Losing Kendra had mostly felt…inevitable.

Which Ray knew he should maybe feel bad about, that as much as he’d thought he loved her, he’d also expected it to not work out, for something to end things. He’d only clung to it because, for those two years in the 50s, they’d been out of options.

That loss, though, had been familiar, being rejected, losing someone because they wanted someone else. There had been plenty of girls in Ray’s life, including Felicity, who’d left him, and he’d survived it.

But he’d only ever known true loss when he lost Anna.

She hadn’t chose to leave him, she’d been taken, and that ached every time he thought of her, because he knew if only they’d walked down a different street, or moved to a different city, any number of possibilities and different choices, he’d be happy with her right now.

He used to feel that way a lot, wondering over the what ifs of having her in his life still. It was part of why he created the Atom suit. Years had passed since then, and he’d moved on, recovered, found hope that he could love again, but there was a permanent cleft in his heart where something had been gouged out, and he knew, deep down, that he couldn’t survive losing any more of himself.

When he and Mick first slept together, it had been rushed and unplanned, an eruption of teeth, rough hands, and grinding hips the second the door to Mick’s bunk shut behind them. There was no tenderness or finesse, just clothes being ripped away, and harsh, panting breaths, until they were sticky and sweaty and spent, and Ray realized what he’d just allowed to happen.

He felt guilty, like clearly he was the one taking advantage of Mick here, because Mick was the one who’d lost somebody recently, who needed comfort, who’d been seeking a connection, even though he didn’t know how to outright ask for it. Mick was the one who eventually offered one tiny show of tenderness that otherwise had been lacking between them. He kissed Ray, soft and quiet and gentle in the afterglow.

Ray panicked. He wasn’t proud of it, but that’s what happened once he had time to think about what the development between them meant. They didn’t talk about it. They didn’t do it again. They had moments where they were alone, and Mick would try, however subtly, to gauge Ray’s interest for another go, but he never pushed, and Ray didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what he wanted. Eventually, Mick started to pull away.

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