*partition playing in the background*

Emperor Hux/Kylo Amidala fic

Cross posted on AO3. Absolutely self indulgent filth. @cracktheglasses ‘s fault.


Amidala draws up the veil, sliding it back. It glides over Amidala’s black hair, sinking low, to the curve of his neck. Without it, nothing hides the asymmetry of his face. He is not beautiful. He is artless. With his dark eyes and long nose and pointy, askew chin. And his lewd, red mouth.

It twists now, lips moving, drawing back over a row of uneven teeth.

“Emperor,” Amidala says, voice over-enunciated, respectless. “Are you here to stare or fuck?”

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So, what if Bitty was just chillin’ in the kitchen, Partition playing in the background and everything, then it gets to the French part and he’s stumbling over the words because France, and Jack just starts singing it flawlessly from the couch or some shit. Bitty of course immediately begs Jack to teach him, but even when he has it down, if they’re in the same room and it’s playing, he lets Jack sing it.