If we have obamacare of a form of universal healthcare, then why do we need to fund planned parenthood?

Since women could go nearly anywhere else to recover an abortion with the help of universal healthcare

You guuuuuuyssss.

I want so badly to not get pissed off at Mormons I disagree with, but it’s really hard living in Utah and NOT being continuously angry and/or bitter about the power the church has over people, especially in politics in the state.

Planned Parenthood of Utah made some hilarious condoms to be handed out at a Mormon-related symposium where pretty much the ideologies and doctrine of the religion are spoken on and debated about.

The Mormon church uses the letters CTR as a slogan of sorts. It stands for “Choose the Right” and it’s on necklaces, rings, key chains, etc.

This is what PP created:

That is the exact logo/drawing the church uses and people are SO butthurt about it.

All kinds of trademark scholars commenting on the infringement aspect of these and how it’s so terrible to use a logo that children are familiar with on condoms.


Guess what, Mormons? Your kids are having sex anyway. Teach them it’s okay to use condoms, because even if God will hate them for having premarital sex (after all, it’s a sin SECOND ONLY TO MURDER) at least they won’t get any STIs.

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Crush that admits they don't want to have kids? Like parenthood never appealed to them but they explain that if they did want a kid they'd adopt bc there's tons of orphans who need a parent.

Osomatsu: SO RELIEVED! He never had plans on making a family with someone and has no issues at all with you not wanting to have a baby. He wouldn’t be keen on the idea of adopting a kid but wouldn’t mind if you adopted a teenager.

Karamatu: He’s not disappointed nor is he relieved. He would always want to go along with what his Karamatsu (girl?boy?person?) wanted.  He’s open to the idea of starting a family but is secretly glad he won’t have to worry about it for a while.

Choromatsu: He’s a little sad. He kinda wanted to have a family but is happy to hear that you’ve considered adoption. He would still love the kids even if they weren’t blood, but respects your decision and would not pressure you to do anything you didn’t want to.

Ichimatsu: Glad to hear that kids are not foreseeable in your future together. Since he’s not to keen on human children to begin with, he asks you if you would want to have a family where the kids are cats, and if you could adopt some together.

Jyushimatsu: Very sad. He’s wanted to be a dad, but hopes that you can adopt somewhere along the road. It’s not a deal breaker for him, but he would be a little upset for a while after receiving the news.

Todomatsu: Could go either way. No kids would mean more time spent with you (and more money for pachinko), but now he wouldn’t have a mini me to dress up (he is THAT parent). Either way, he is just happy that it’s not an issue that will break you guys up, and will still love you either way.

~Mod Totoko

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Is there anything you wish would happen in the rp fandom?


I have always wished someone made a lombax OC that was just one of Ratchet’s clones from size matters. Because I really came to love those poor babs and idk.

I just want Ratchet to go over and have some parenthood threads. Because in my AU, he sort of adopted them, became really attached to then and gave every single last one of them a name and a body that didn’t look fucked up. Instead of, ya know, selling them as slaves toys.


Elizabeth Warren just went on an epic twitter rant against Trump and his VP pick Mike Pence. 

In 2011, Pence led the charge to defund Planned Parenthood

Last year, he also famously signed a “Religious Freedom Restoration Act" that would have let businesses refuse services to gay customers on religious grounds.

The protesters have this sign out every Saturday. They put it in the center of the field where they protest, and it’s probably the biggest sign they have. I pretty much always ignore the sign because I know that it isn’t true, so I had never really noticed the source at the bottom even though I’d seen it so many times.

When I saw the sign again today I finally noticed the source at the bottom; The American College of Pediatricians. I assumed that it was a bullshit organization because pro lifers have shown me time and time again to expect this of them, but I still asked my volunteer friend next to me if she knew anything about this group. “Oh yeah,” she said, “it’s a hate group.”

I didn’t see that coming, although maybe I should have.

When I got home, I decided to look it up myself and see what I could find out about this group, since abortion causing breast cancer is one of the most popular lies I’ve heard from pro lifers. I found plenty of information about this group, so let’s start from the top.

1.) “The American College of Pediatricians is a small group of socially conservative healthcare professionals in the US. The group was founded in 2002 by a group of pediatricians, including Joseph Zanga, a past president of the  American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), as a protest against the AAP’s support for adoption for gay couples.” source

2.) The organization is recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group, primarily for it’s viciously anti LGBT views.  source

3.) The organization has been called out multiple times by medical professionals who’s studies were being misused and misinterpreted by the group. source

4.) The group is a favorite source of many wonderful right wing websites, such as Breitbart, which rely on it’s official sounding name alone. These publications like to ignore the fact that the group consists of anywhere from 60 to 200 members while the American Academy of Pediatrics, which ACPeds often criticizes for being too politically correct, has upwards of 64,000 members. source source

So let’s review; The American College of Pediatricians is a sham group of whiney medical (un)professionals who’s hatred of LGBT people is so strong, they decided to ignore science (and their Hippocratic oath) and form a literal hate group that is beloved by bigoted brainwashed zealots all over the country, despite it’s meager numbers and laughable “facts”.

What I want you guys to take from this is to never, ever take a pro life resource at face value. “The American College of Pediatricians” sounds pretty professional and legitimate, right? In the past, before I learned how shamelessly deceptive the pro life movement is, I would have taken the source at face value and let myself be tricked. That’s what they want. This is hardly the only phony resource they rely on (The Elliot Institute, anyone?) Do not trust their resources, and call out their ridiculous sourcing every chance you get. Do not ever let them get away with shit like this.