“The quantum properties of the unproton meant it only half-existed. The periodic table doubled, as ”.5" could be added to each atomic number.

Element #47.5: Sequestrium (Pq)
The original mirror, this metal naturally forms portals to a backward universe that is oddly vampire-free.

Element #79.5: Doradium (Do)
This soft, yellow metal blocks out telepathy. Paranoid kings wore crowns of it, or bluffed using mere gold.

Element #86.5 Treachery (Ty)
This gas is dangerously radioactive, but only in parallel realities. A staple of interdimensional warfare.“


2x08 “Crossroad Blues” // 11x15 “Beyond the Mat”
Demon Deals

I was really surprised when I realized that Aleks Paunovic, who played the wrestler Gunnar Lawless in 11x15 “Beyond the Mat”, had been on Supernatural before. The show has used many actors multiple times in different roles, but him I definitely hadn’t remembered to have been on the show prior the S11 episode. :) Funnily enough, even though this is hardly intentional, the two episodes he appeared in connect pretty well with one another as both of these episodes are centered around demon deals and the aftermath of making them.

Back in S2 the episode heavily foreshadowed Dean selling his soul and going to Hell - dying in fact, like Aleks Paunovic’s character says about his former colleague here, “way too young”. In S11 we see that very experience come back into play when Dean tries to help Gunnar Lawless and tells him that he has been in his shoes, sold his soul too, was desperate too, but still believes that despite having made mistakes before, people can do the right thing.

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Do you believe in the theory of tourney of ashford about Sansa's suitors? Is there a possibility of a marriage between Jon and Sansa?

0%. Jon and Sansa are not, in any way, shape or form, going to be romantic or get married in show or book canon. (And this isn’t an attack on J*nsa; I feel this strongly about Tyrion and Aegon being True Targaryens™, that Jon is somehow Ashara Dayne’s son or Stannis is truly Azor Ahai. These theories are all total bogus imho.)

Let’s start by taking a look at the theory, yeah? The idea is that Sansa has a parallel to Lady Ashford from her tourney and her suitors line up via last names and houses. Lady Ashford’s suitors were:

  1. Lyonel Baratheon
  2. Leo Tyrell
  3. Tybolt Lannister
  4. Humfrey Hardyng
  5. Prince Valarr Targaryen

And Sansa’s, as of ADWD, are/were:

  1. Joffrey Baratheon
  2. Willas Tyrell
  3. Tyrion Lannister
  4. Harry Hardyng

It lines up pretty damn well. So yeah, I think this theory has merit, especially with the addition of House Hardyng into the mix. But I think “Aegon” will be Sansa’s Targaryen suitor instead of Jon.

Why? It’s very simple.

If this theory rings true, putting Jon as the Targaryen suitor already doesn’t make sense. His name is Jon Snow. Not Jon Targaryen, despite the latter (likely) being his true name. We see Joffrey Baratheon on the list, not Joffrey Waters, even though the bastard name would be his actual title. See my point? This is a list made of men corresponding to certain houses, whether or not they are the true heirs. Jon is a bastard in the eyes of Westeros and has no affiliation with House Targaryen. He cannot take the role of the Targaryen suitor because his name, in the eyes of everyone (including the reader), is Jon Snow. Just as Joffrey is listed as a Baratheon, even though we know the truth.

The only possible male to take the final suitor’s role is Aegon. This fits with the above pattern because he has the Targaryen name, even though I’m convinced he’s not a true Targaryen. 

The funniest thing about this theory is that even if Jon was somehow to be the Targaryen champion, Lady Ashford didn’t marry any of those five suitors anyway. So…??? What’s the point of all this if it’s supposed to prove Jon and Sansa get married? Hint: it doesn’t. Because they’re not going to.

Another thing to point out is the fate of the final two suitors:

  1. Humfrey Hardying was wounded in a fight in a Trial of the Seven during the tourney and died of his wounds
  2. Valarr Targaryen ended up dying from the Great Spring Sickness

This leads me to believe that Harry is going to die during Alayne’s tourney and Aegon’s gonna catch Greyscale (ironically from Jon Connington). So like…if you want Jon to be the Targaryen suitor, don’t. That’d just mark him for death. Again. (And Lord knows we don’t want that.)

Besides, and this is another huge point for me personally, I don’t think Jon will have a happy ending. His spirit is filled with self-sacrifice. Self-sacrifice + heroism + massive battle = dead protagonist. More specifically, a protagonist that dies saving the world. That doesn’t lead to J*nsa marriage. 

Another point, and slightly off-topic…who won the tourney if the champions were defeated? This is a bit of a stretch, but given the information we have on the tourney from Dunk and Egg, it’s safe to say that Duncan the Tall was the champion of the people, despite no actual connection to Lady Ashford herself.

So many come to see me die, thought Dunk bitterly, but he wronged them. A few steps farther on, a woman called out, “Good fortune to you.” An old man stepped up to take his hand and said, “May the gods give you strength, ser.” Then a begging brother in a tattered brown robe said a blessing on his sword, and a maid kissed his cheek. They are for me. “Why?” he asked Pate. “What am I to them?” 

“A knight who remembered his vows,” the smith said.

Does this not make you think of Sandor Clegane? The people praised Dunk after he defended a puppeteer girl: specifically a begging brother and a maid. Elder Brother and Sansa, perhaps? The two most influential characters in Sandor’s story? Some more information to further the irony: Dunk, aside from Sandor Clegane himself, is the only known member of the Kingsguard to serve that was never actually knighted. He’s not a knight. Don’t call him ser. I’M JUST REALLY INTO THIS PARALLEL.

But I digress. Point is, Jon’s not gonna be Sansa’s Targaryen suitor. (Sorry I totally info-vomited.) I hope this answers your question!

The universe we live in may not be the only one out there. In fact, our universe could be just one of an infinite number of universes making up a “multiverse.”

Though the concept may seem crazy , there’s good physics behind it. And there’s not just one way to get to a multiverse — numerous physics theories independently point to such a conclusion. In fact, some experts think the existence of hidden universes is more likely than not.

Here are the five most plausible scientific theories suggesting we live in a multiverse:

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#5 for the kiss meme, canon Ford/parallel Fiddleford

List can be found here.
5. A kiss that was never given:
594 words.

Ford sat on the edge of the bed, his six fingers fumbling with the hem of his coat…what was left of his coat. This dimension’s Fiddleford was nice enough to lend him the guest room, but Ford wasn’t going to sleep any time soon. He had too much going on. There was too much happening and maybe too fast but he knew the faster the better.

The faster he could get rid of Cipher, the better every dimension would be.

But he wasn’t focusing on that.

When he looked at this Fiddleford, seeing what happened in this dimension and seeing what could have been, he could feel…something. It might have been regret. It had to be regret.

He could feel it eating away from him.

All he could see was his own Fiddleford. The day that his Fiddleford stormed out on him…No, he stormed out because of him.

He dragged a hand down his face. It was all his fault, he could see that now. He could see everything now and this Fiddleford proved that he could have fixed this. He could have fixed everything and he was too big-headed to realize. He could have stayed.

There was a knock on the door making Ford jump. “Hey, you still awake in there?”

“Uh…Yes, sorry.”

“There’s no reason for you to be sorry,” the dimension’s Fiddleford walked into the room. “I just wanted to see if you still had the same habit of my own Ford.”

Stanford chuckled. “Yeah, I probably do.”

“I haven’t seen too many other Stanfords, but the ones I’ve had, you’re all the same. You boys need to learn to sleep.”

“Well since you know half of that problem, you realize how hard it is for us to get to sleep.” Ford didn’t look up from his hands. That feeling creeping up again. So many regrets.

“But you’re safe here, I promise.”

Ford was startled when he noticed how close Fiddleford got but he still didn’t look up at the other man. Hands were placed on his shoulders and he glanced up at the other’s face.

There was only the light from outside the window shining into the room and Ford saw everything.

He looked so much like his Fiddleford Stanford noticed. A few more laugh lines, a little more greying in his hair, but still the same handsome face that Ford remembered years ago.

The memory was now tainted with the fearful expression.

The hands were now running through his hair and he clenched his jaw as he felt the tears fall. His hands gripping the knees of his pants.

The last memory he had of his Fiddleford was his back as he walked out of the lab, out of his house, and out of his life.

Ford heard soft words and felt soft kisses on his jaw. The hands rubbing soothing circles on his back.

He didn’t go after his Fiddleford. Even when he found out everything was a lie, Ford never went to find Fiddleford. He ruined everything.

“It’s okay, darlin,” the hands were now on his cheeks wiping away the tears as they fell. This Fiddleford had a small smile as he looked at Ford with a loving expression he hasn’t seen in so long.

“I’m so sorry,” Ford cried harder looking at what could have happened. What should have happened, but he ruined everything.

He felt lips touch his and he let it happen. Ford could only think of his Fiddleford and how he hoped his lips were just as soft.