(🐈) When Iza woke up it was dark and he was still tied up. Trying to move around he felt something or someone on his back. The feline was still in a light daze, unsure of who it actually was. Shizu-chan?” He asked since the blond was the only person he know that would actually spoon him but taking in the scent it was actually Sin but unfortunately Iza could tell he was pressed firmly against the wolf and he could tell his butt was on the poor wolf’s crotch. Oh.. Sin-chan.. Iza wasn’t exactly concerned if it was the wolf. Though a thought crossed his mind, ‘When did he get here? And how long was I out for?’ Adjusting his eyes he could see that he was in some sort of box smelling wood. An ear turned towards Sin, he was sleeping. Why was he sleeping and why isn’t he waking up? 

Then Iza remember what Naomi did and growled. He could still feel a sting on his neck from where she used the needle. 

Iza wiggled and tried to wake up Sinzuo, trying not to move his lower half, Sin-can wake up please.” He sounded almost desperate and impatient he didn’t know how long they were spooning for but he didn’t want to be touching the wolf anymore than he needed too. The feline didn’t want his arms bound together and seeing that they appeared to be in a box there was no way he could get to his legs and untie them. Sin was warm and Iza would give him props for that because he did feel cold. Why was it cold? Sin-chaaaan.” He started meowing trying to get the wolf to wake up, even going as far as to use his feet to hit Sin in his shin, not hard but it was more like a tap. Honestly Iza hoped he would wake up sometime soon.


Wading through the hazy high
Looking up towards city skies
Stubborn problems, life’s inflictions
Melt away at your conviction
I am yours and you are mine
Forever tangled, intertwined
Across the stars
Between the sheets
Clutching hands through neon streets
Midnight fights and sunrise kisses
Nightmares fought by daydream wishes
When I look into your eyes
I know that I’m in paradise

Copyright a-poetic-elsewhere.tumblr.com


“Dead Horse” by Guns N’ Roses

Use Your Illusion I (1991)