User arisu_2201 at Twitter posted this picture of an ad that says that the figures of Licht and Hyde will be produced by Bellissimo (Medicos)! No further information as of yet, but I’ll post it here when I find it! Oh my gosh so hyped!! I hope this is real!!! *^*

Ok but Avatar (the last airbender) AU where Scanlan is the avatar??

Made with the help of the lovely @gnomemother

  • Vex and Vax are firebenders born to a woman from the earth nation and a fire nation governor. They openly spoke out against the war and were about to be imprisoned. They ran away in the night instead, stealing fire nation secrets to take to the earth kingdom.
  • Pike is a waterbender from the northern water tribe. They taught her to heal with her bending but refused to teach her to fight so she ran away and left to go work as a sailor on the earth nation islands (and destroyed people with her bending)
  • Grog was an earth nation villager living under fire nation rule. The fire nation soldiers and their leader Kevdak nearly killed him for using his earthbending to save an old man and he was left on the beach to die. Pike’s ship came into harbor and she found him and used her bending to heal him. They’ve traveled together ever since.
  • Keyleth is an air nomad in training to become one of the temple leaders. She is currently traveling to work a diplomat for the air temples. She meets Percy during a diplomatic mission to the earth kingdom and he convinces her that they could use an airbender of her skill in the war effort.
  • Percy was the son of an earth nation lord until the fire nation came. His entire family was killed in the initial attack and he barely escaped with his life. Once he recovered, he began working as an inventor for the earth nation army making weapons for the war
  • Scanlan is the avatar (he’s really much older than he looks). He was born to the air nomads and caused a shit ton of trouble as a kid. Overwhelmed by the responsibility of being the avatar, he ran away as a teenager and joined Dr. Dranzel’s band of musicians. He traveled with them for several years before he heard of the attacks on the air nomads and realized his responsibility in ending the war. He left the troupe to find bending masters and take down the fire nation. He’s not really a very good bender tbh, he could never focus on advanced techniques, but what he lacks in discipline he makes up for in creativity and quick thinking
  • Unlike Aang the just straight up kill the Fire Lord/Lady at the end. None of that mercy shit.
  • Bonus: Lord and Lady Briarwood as the Fire Lord/Lady, Kima and Allura as Kyoshi Warriors, Zahra as princess Yue, Tiberius as Iroh, and Shaun Gilmore as a (infinitely more charming) cabbage salesman