”It takes courage to accept that you were wrong, because it goes against the things you’ve built up until now. If you regret it, you have no time to stop here! Let’s go, Kuro! Let’s face it together!“ 

〝You aren’t alone! There are things you can do!〞

With a single dagger, Vax can deal the same damage as a powerful swing of Grog’s hammer. Despite this, Vax is a fragile person. His delicate bones break easily when subject to crushing blows of their increasingly powerful enemies. His skin, pale and soft, can be cut by anything from knives to debris to teeth and claws. Even his armor, embedded with the power of the gods, sacrifices extra protection for his ability to gracefully maneuver the battlefield. Vax can’t take a hit, so Grog takes them for him. He steps in front of their enemies, standing tall and proud, pulling their attention away from Vax so that he can do his part in safety. Grog’s skin, thick and calloused, barely feels it when their enemies cut and slash it. His muscles, large and defined, can absorb the damage of powerful blows. In battle, it’s Grog’s responsibility to make sure Vax stays safe.

Despite his size, Grog is just as capable of being hurt. He’d never been very good at reading other people (or reading in general), and there are many people in the world who are willing to use his obliviousness against him. Merchants would swindle him of his money or people would insult his intelligence. Worse, the people who were supposed to be his family could try to force him to be the heartless killer that he isn’t, rejecting him because, despite his flawed conscience, he still manages to be ten times the man that Kevdak was. Vax works to protect Grog from these less obvious threats, he has experience with manipulation in his life, both with his father and the people he met on the streets. He casually guides Grog away from the shadier merchants and toward ones who look more trustworthy. Even though Grog knows it, Vax reassures him that he’s better than his old herd, that his new family could never abandon him like that, that his biological family doesn’t define him, genetics be damned.

The differences that once divided them now help them to balance each other out. They offer one another a kind of security that they have never experienced before, not even with Vex or Pike. And when they settle down together at night, Grog curled around Vax, in the mansion or the castle or out under the stars, they can rest just a bit easier knowing that they have each other


Your Daily Hiatus Pick-Me-Up ⚓ [Day 107]

  • Aomine:So are you gonna be sleeping on the couch for a while?
  • Kuroko:No, no. Akashi-kun will calm down by morning.
  • Aomine:Why is he so mad at you?
  • Kuroko:Akashi-kun has these things in his body called..
  • Kuroko:Expectations.

"  My  name  is  Shirota  Mahiru.  

I'm  16  years  old.

I  think  life  should  be  simple,  I  hate  complications.

So  I  grabbed  the  cat...  I'll  call  you...  K  U  R  O  ! 

 Now,  you  can  call  my  name...  

Whenever  you  N  E  E  D      M      E  .  "- Mahiru Shirota



More coming soon…

otakuzombie16  asked:

22 for the kiss me me plz :3

Pairing: Kuro/Mahiru
Fandom: Servamp
Rating : SFW

Notes: Thank you for waiting so long, sorry this took so long lmfao. Holidays do that to a girl, oopsie. Also please nobody send anymore of these in, i’ve got quite a few! thank you thank you!

22. More than one kiss

Mahiru didn’t know how long he had been gazing at Kuro, entranced by the pursing movement of his lips as he sucked in string after string of ramen until Kuro coughed and his eyes glanced upwards to see that Kuro was watching him back.

Startled, Mahiru turned away before Kuro could question him and scrambled from the room. Heading towards the bedroom, he flushed at how his body had begun heating up with arousal after realising he really wanted to feel those lips moving against his own.

Flopping onto the bottom edge of the bed, he threw himself backwards, stretching his arms above his head and sighed heavily. It was then that the door squeaked open and Kuro’s head peered in.

“Mahiru,” Kuro began but it was clear from his tone that he was nervous about asking. “Are you OK?”

Propping up onto his elbows, Mahiru looked past Kuro and answered, “I’m fine. I’m just on edge over the whole Tsubaki, vampire war.” It wasn’t a lie but it wasn’t the real reason either. Kuro picked up on this too easily and swept into the room, shutting the door behind him.

Slumping down onto the bed beside him, Kuro looked off towards a wall and Mahiru gave him a tiny glance from the corner of his eyes. Straightening up, he bunched his fists in his lap and dropped his head heavily towards his chest.

The simplest thing was just to come clean, right?

“I mean. Ah…” He began to fidget and then before the words could slip out, he was pushed down. The feel of delicate, soft lips pressured his own and for a moment, Mahiru was lost to the shock. His eyes had clenched shut of their own accord and he felt lightheaded.

Kuro was kissing him.

Kuro’s hands were tightened around his own. Their hips were close enough that the weight of Kuro’s jacket was pressing down on his stomach that had been bared by the fall and when he went to spread his legs apart, Kuro’s knees locked them in place from their position on the edge.

Then Kuro’s hands dragged down his arms, moved either side of them and he pulled away. “You’re too obvious Mahiru. You’ll get attacked by anybody acting like that,” Kuro said in a tone that forced Mahiru’s shell shocked expression to contort with anger.

“What do you mean atta–!” 

Kuro kissed Mahiru again and this time, Mahiru lifted up into it. Shamelessly, Mahiru held his arms around Kuro’s neck and moaned softly. It was magnificent. Heavenly. New

Unable to do much more than kiss back, Mahiru tightened his arms, tilted his head and kissed with more fierceness, more passion and it was exquisite. Kuro tore away, a moan trailing between them and Mahiru took the moment to inhaled sharply before he dragged Kuro into another kiss. 

 This time he kept his eyes open and it was the best thing he had ever done. Kuro’s eyes were alight with emotions. His pale cheeks were warm with colour. But most of all, like this, watching each other with such intimacy threading them together, it made Mahiru feel like they could fall in love.