a weird kid who was bullied all throughout school because he was chubby and wore funny clothes and his family was really poor and so he figured out how to use humor to avoid getting beaten up

another kid who was an athlete and won a senior superlative for most attractive and probably had a lot of friends but still had a lot of insecurities and was shy and didn’t really like sharing himself with other people

and somehow these two wildly different people from completely different worlds end up opposite of each other on a television show and are so grossly cute together and supportive of each other that you’d never guess how unlikely of a pair they are

cockles is already its own fan fiction

Cypriot Terracotta Jug,  Cypro-Archaic I, c. 750-600 BC

With an unknown mythological creature.

The astonishing figure shows a compact body with small hooves, one of a pair of wings, and a human face. The iconographical source is Near Eastern, possibly one of the human-headed composite creatures that figure prominently on readily portable seals. During the period of Assyrian control of Cyprus (c. 707–612 BC) such influence are particularly likely.

Pairing: Shizuo/Izaya
Theme: the argument

“Then take what’s yours and get out!”

It was rare for Izaya to raise his voice. Izaya was the one who usually remained cool, calm, and collected. Izaya was the one who was silent as Shizuo yelled and threw things, waited for him to calm down so he could quietly resolve the issue at hand. Izaya was the one who remained mellow.

But this time, he was the one who yelled; this time, instead of Shizuo walking out, he was going to kick him out.

The argument had started over an old, familiar topic: Izaya’s work. Shizuo didn’t like it for obvious reasons: hurting people, the entire sketchy nature, Izaya being in danger, Shizuo getting dragged into things. Izaya explained that he was very good at keeping his personal and business life separated, but Shizuo snapped that the yakuza wouldn’t give a shit that Izaya was off work at eleven; if they could, they’d find their apartment and kill both of them.

Izaya explained he didn’t make Shizuo be his bodyguard. Shizuo snapped I’m your fuckin’ boyfriend, I’m supposed to let you just go and nearly die?!

Izaya explained he never involved Shizuo or sold information about him. Shizuo snapped that it didn’t matter; just by being with Izaya, he was in danger.

Izaya explained Shizuo had no obligation to stay and Shizuo snapped that he loved him too much to leave.

Shizuo stared at him, breathless and speechless. Izaya remained firm in his resolve AS he continued to glare at him from his position, standing by his desk. It took a few moments but Shizuo strode forward and Izaya’s fingers curled, yet didn’t try to reach into his pocket for a knife. Shizuo was mad, but Shizuo wouldn’t hurt him.

A flicker of surprise disturbed his features as Shizuo picked him up easily. At this point, Izaya was reaching for his knife out of reflex, brow still knit as Shizuo was carrying them do the door.

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Like you said,” Shizuo said dryly.

“Taking what’s mine and leaving.”

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Sesoo!! :)

SeSoo is actually a very precious pairing. They don’t have a lot of “moments,” persay, but they do show that they care about each other. Honestly, from what I’ve noticed, Sehun treats Kyungsoo with a lot more care than he does most of the other members. Not only that, but I notice that he also treats him with a lot of respect. Not to say that Sehun doesn’t respect his other bandmates, but we all know how Sehun is, lol. 

Sehun is one of the VERY few members that he allows to just casually touch him. Such as putting his arm around him, or a hand on his neck, etc. And, he’s also one of the very few members that Kyungsoo seems to be very comfortable making physical contact with. I mean, he does with all the members but there’s only a few he initiates quite often and seems at ease with doing so. Not sure if that makes sense.

Kyungsoo also goes out with Sehun (and chanyeol but whatever) quite often! so , they do spend quite of bit of time bts with each other. I would say that they are quite close but more in a friendly way. Sehun really seems to care and respect Kyungsoo , and Kyungsoo seems to really care for Sehun, also. 

They don’t have moments that often, but  they had quite a few in ‘13/’14! 

just a bonus gif of ksoo playing with Sehun’s hand : )

UPDATED! - Chapter 12!

Warm Nights & Firelight - by Oubliette14

  • Rating: Mature
  • Pairing: Captain Swan
  • Timeline: Modern AU
  • Length: 87,539 words

When in the wake of a messy breakup Emma makes the impulsive decision to return home to her parent’s ranch in the Rockies, she certainly doesn’t expect to find a strange Irish guy living in what was once her apartment over the garage, and she definitely doesn’t imagine that the home she couldn’t wait to be rid of five long years ago would be the very place her heart begins to heal.

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My bittersweet feelings come out as rage against Maks. I know it takes two to make a reltionship work, but he's an easy target, and Meryl is just too adorably sweet for me to blame her.

I understand where you’re coming from nonny. I don’t have rage towards maks, but I am frustrated. Frustrated that he blatantly changed his character in the past few months. For example, I remember vividly maks saying numerous times he would never comment publicly on who he is dating or his love life. Even when he was being paired in the media to multiple women at one time, he still acted cheeky and coy and kept his mouth shut. Now he’s with peta and keeps taking about how they’re dating and so on. 😒 I also remember a maks during season 18 and after that was more carefree, who looked like he had taken 10 years off his life because he was relaxed and enjoying things. Now I see someone who has gained those 10 years back plus about 5 more. I don’t see the same person anymore.

These are my personal opinions. If you disagree that’s fine. You do you. These are just some of the reasons why I have become less present here on tumblr. I came to terms with the fact that maks and Meryl weren’t together back at Christmas/New Years with all those pics, but kept holding onto hope. These past few months have been very bittersweet seeing all the old “one year ago” posts as I was here from the beginning for all of that and now it no longer holds the same special place in my heart and doesn’t give me the same joy and excitement.

everyone knows snl is scripted right?

did everyone miss minho saying he liked innocent/pure women which is gross btw?

or hardy har har it’s hilarious for a tall woman to get with a shorter guy (key)

or oh maaaan it’s so funny that taemin got stuck with all the “ugly” women

it wasn’t an impromptu thing. it was set up so that they’d each get paired off with a “desirable” woman except for taemin.

the whole bit was sexist and gross. at least be consistent if you’re gonna get mad.

Plug a pair of regular earbud headphones into the main audio port on your computer and just work like that for a while. Listen very carefully.

There is faint static, and it changes depending on what you’re doing with your computer.

Those are the signals that you and your programs are creating.

Gold’s Sex Shop

Anon wanted to see something of Rumbelle running a sex shop together. This is what I came up with. I am pretty dang proud of how it came out. Enjoy! And I’m sorry it took so long XD

It all started with an antique pair of lingerie (if you could even call lingerie antique, which Mr. Gold did not) which Ruby Lucas brought in. Admittedly, he was about to turn her away before Belle French stepped in. She’d been in the shop that day, looking over the teaset she always debated about buying, before announcing that she’d been reading up on these things (seriously why was she reading up on these things?!) and was able to confirm that they were genuine and unused. This, somehow, started a snowball effect in the little town of Storybrooke and soon enough Gold found the back room of his shop filled with a myriad of not only lingerie but also collars and a myriad of other things he’d rather not admit he kept. But in his shop was also Belle, who’d taken mercy on the him and decided to help catalouge the oddities and assist the customers when they came in for…that.

“I’m Ruby’s friend I’ve read up alot on this stuff.” She sold him once a she arranged a display of a myriad of silk scarves. “Besides, I chipped that cup. The least I can do is help you with this stuff.”

And all he could do was nod in agreement as she zipped around, arranging things he’d never thought the citizens of Storybrooke would ever be interested in when it came to the bedroom. Toys he never thought would be used by them. He always figured that would be it. She’d arrange things he’d rather not consider productive to his shop (Antique lingerie and retro dildos his arse. honestly how could any of these things be considered valuable? And why were some made of glass?!) and go back to whatever it was she liked to do. Back to her normal life. But she didn’t, and before he knew it, she was cataloging not just the sexual commodities, but his entire shop. Not that he minded, but he couldn’t help but grumble a little. He had a reputation to uphold, of course. Classy sex commodities or not.

“I know my shop, dearie.” He said from his spot at the counter, tinkering away at an old pocket watch.

“I know you do.” She said pleasantly. Her tone was always pleasant. Warm. Welcoming.

“Then why do you insist on poking your nose into it?”

“I chipped your cup. It’s the least I can do.”

“It’s just a cup.”

“Of course it is.”

Oh but he did love it when she swept into his shop in his color. Her usual array of blue and green skirts and dresses suited her fine, but never did Mr. Gold think she looked better than draped in yellows and golds. His colors. He liked it. Made the town think twice before touching her. Made it known that somehow, as wrong and unofficial as it may be, that the dragon of the pawn shop was hoarding the lovely maiden all to himself. Over a bloody chipped cup that was quickly becoming his favorite thing in the shop. Well, besides Belle herself.

Today Gold decided the woman was trying to kill him, breezing in adorned in a short but flowy yellow and gold dress with sleeves that fell off her shoulders. It wouldn’t have been so bad save for its complete lack of a back. Honestly, had she been plotting this?

“Good morning Mr. Gold.” She chimed, depositing a bag from Granny’s on the counter along with a coffee mug. “Is an egg biscuit okay today?”

“I suppose it’ll have to be.” Belle rolled her eyes, sipping her own coffee. “I’ve told you before I’m perfectly capable of getting my own breakfast. I may have a limp, dearie but I’m not an invalid.”

Belle only hummed in response. “Yes Mr. Gold. My mistake. Tomorrow I’ll get a bacon biscuit.”

“See that you do.”

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The problem with shipping a specific f/f pairing is that everyone you follow ships ALL the f/f pairings and then something happens in the other fandom and you can barely find your otp on your dash for days!

Note: I know I've been spamming the shit out everyone's dash over Renee Young. And sorry for the spam. But I'm not sorry for what I'm saying. Not saying you have to like Renee, but if you hate the fact that I like her, you can unfollow me because I am not going to change my opinion my MY blog. Now, I'm not going to unfollow people for disliking Renee because I don't do that. Now, if you have a problem with me pairing Renee with Dean please do me a favor and unfollow me.

Thank you. :3

Note: I’m asking nicely here. You don’t have to follow me if you don’t like speaking about Renee or pairing her with Dean.

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Ahh, xiuhan. I knew this was coming haha. 

I like to believe that Minseok and LuHan have always been quite close? That’s only because they seem to have some type of chemistry for each other,a nd I think that as soon as it came apparent to them , they instantly became quite close. Some people just tend to ~click~ like that. That’s what I think happened with them. “xiuhan” has always been there. it’s just a ship that blew up out of nowhere and now it’s like one of the top pairings in the exoshipsphere haha..

They talk about each other often in interviews, are always hanging out, and even with the group they sometimes tend to stick to each other. Honest opinion, i feel as if they were the closest friends in Exo out of anyone else. But, that’s kind of debatable as I personally feel as if they had something more than a friendship going on. I’m not saying they were together because that is something only they know, but through my observations of them throughout time, i noticed that their actions change every now and then.

XIUMIN: Do I seem like a prankster? LUHAN: Yes. I get the feeling that you prank a lot. It’s very funny. XIUMIN: I’m only like that to you. Because Luhan is precious to me.(laughs) ]

It ranges from very friendly interactions to almost couple interactions. And its almost as if sometimes they tried to not do it at times. I think that they knew what they had between them but were quite worried/afraid, and so at times they seemed to have hesitation between them. It never really lasted long though, because in the next minute they’re back to their normal ways! ahah. 

I also noticed that they communicated with each other with their eyes and through hand gestures. Now, communicating with someone with your eyes and being able to have a very understandable conversation with that person with just that is very hard to do. You have to have a very deep connection with that person. It’s mostly reserved to couples, to my knowledge. Sometimes, friends that have been friends for years and year. But, mostly lovers. I really wish i had a gif of that , but i do not !

With that said, the way they look at each other is … wow. tbh, I really have no words for it? Like, you just see it and know that there is something there? I really can’t explain it. 

overall, their relationship can be very debatable. Are they friends or more? I don’t know, only they do, but i sometimes think that they did have something at some point whatever it was.